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15 September 2006

Community Celebration - Redfern Park Saturday 16th September 2006 / The Redfern Waterloo SEPP & Built Environment Plan (BEP) / Department of Planning – Local Major Projects / Expression of Interest called for Pedestrian & Cycle Bridge / RWA Board Profiles Updated / Redfern Waterloo Design Study Consultation - until 5th October 2006 / Poplar Trees Go / September Issue of South Sydney Herald / In the Media / Department of Aboriginal Affairs and Redfern / ReconciliACTION in Parliament – 20th September 2006 / Senate Inquiry into Stolen Wages - Submissions Close 29th September 2006 / Exhibition of work by Gordon Syron - Saturday 16th September 2006 / History Week 16-24 September 06 Local Events / Have your say in current Consultations / - Redfern Park Draft Plan of Management and Draft Masterplan - until 20 September 2006 / - Draft Companion Animals Policy - until 27 September 2006 / - City’s Cycling Strategy on Exhibition - until 30th September 2006 / Future Lord Mayor Community Forums / REDWatch Summary of RWA Built Environment Plan Planning Changes

In This Update

Community Celebration - Redfern Park Saturday 16th September 2006

The Redfern Waterloo SEPP & Built Environment Plan (BEP)

Department of Planning – Local Major Projects

Expression of Interest called for Pedestrian & Cycle Bridge

RWA Board Profiles Updated

Redfern Waterloo Design Study Consultation - until 5th October 2006.

Poplar Trees Go

September Issue of South Sydney Herald

In the Media

Department of Aboriginal Affairs and Redfern

ReconciliACTION in Parliament – 20th September 2006

Senate Inquiry into Stolen Wages - Submissions Close 29th September 2006

Exhibition of work by Gordon Syron - Saturday 16th September 2006

History Week 16-24 September 06 Local Events

Have your say in current Consultations

- Redfern Park Draft Plan of Management and Draft Masterplan - until 20 September 2006

- Draft Companion Animals Policy - until 27 September 2006

- City’s Cycling Strategy on Exhibition - until 30th September 2006

Future Lord Mayor Community Forums

REDWatch Summary of RWA Built Environment Plan Planning Changes

Coming Events (entered on the REDWatch website)

Community Celebration - Redfern Park Saturday 16th September 2006

The City of Sydney and South Sydney District Rugby League Football Club are holding a community celebration to recognise the cultural and sporting history of Redfern Park on Saturday 16 September 2006 from 11am to 2pm at Redfern Park, Chalmers Street Redfern.

The draft Masterplan and draft Plan of Management for Redfern Park will be available to view at the celebration. Submissions on the these Plans close 20th September 2006.

Activities and entertainment at Redfern Park will include:

·         Mikey Robins as the presenter
·         see Souths legends and current players pass the ball through the ages
·         meet players from the current Souths team
·         fun for the kids with Charlie the Rabbit and face painting
·         welcome to Country and Smoking Ceremony by local Indigenous people
·         bid at the auction for a seat from the old grandstand
·         learn about the history of Souths
·         learn about the history of the park
·         view the draft Masterplan and draft Plan of Management for the new park
·         food from Indigenous and local caterers available
·         live local band, entertainment and much, much more! 

For more information contact: Julie Grimson, Manager, Community Engagement Tel: 02 9265 9086 Email:

The Redfern Waterloo SEPP & Built Environment Plan (BEP)

On August 30, 2006, a State Environmental Planning Policy (SEPP) was gazetted for specified sites in the Redfern-Waterloo area. This gives legal effect to the RWA’s built Environment Plan (BEP). The SEPP maps have now all been posted on the Department of planning website. The maps are in black and white so they are much easier to use to explain what the RWA BEP has proposed. Each of the maps is 3 Mb so if you are on dial up it will take time. The maps can be downloaded from the Department of Planning Website: Zoning (3 MB PDF file) Building Heights (3 MB PDF file) Floor Space Ratio (3 MB PDF file) Heritage Map (3 MB PDF file) and a copy of the Gazetted SEPP (PDF 398 Kb file).

As with the Draft BEP, REDWatch have produced a summary of the changes proposed by the RWA for each state significant area. We have provided the summary at the foot of this email and it can also be downloaded as a 22Kb PDF file from REDWatch Summary of RWA BEP (Stage One) Planning Changes. REDWatch has also created an expanded contents list for the final plan and matched it up with the smaller sized RWA PDF files so you can find the file that has what you are looking for more easily. There is also a text based web version of the report which links to the various maps in the report. These can be found at .

Department of Planning – Local Major Projects

If you have an interest in Development proposals around the area you might occasionally look at the City of Sydney website Development Applications or more recently at the RWA’s Development Proposals on Exhibition websites. If a development is planned next door to your residence that goes through one of these you should get a delivered notice about it not long after the application goes in. These days you also have to keep an eye on the Department of Planning’s Register of Major Projects for any development over $5 million in the RWA state significant area. These proposals can be quite well advanced before they have to notify their neighbours.

It is here you will find the details of the recently lodged Aboriginal Housing Company’s proposal for the Pemulwuy project when it is processed by the Department of Planning. The AHC’s proposal was not the first however from the RWA’s Eveleigh Street precinct to get to the department of Planning.

A Mixed Commercial & Residential Development has been proposed for the old factory at 159 - 163 Cleveland Street (corner Hart Street) Redfern (Reference MP 06_0218) was the first. Approval is being sought to redevelop the site and construct a 4-5 level mixed-use building comprising basement parking, lower level retail/commercial and upper level residential units. Details of the initial proposal can be downloaded from Major Projects Application (390KB PDF) & Preliminary Environmental Assessment (1.7MB PDF). As the first of the higher developments proposed for along Cleveland Street there is concern from Chippendale residents that the new controls will potentially create a visual wall looking from Chippendale up the hill to Redfern.

The other local major project on which there is now a lot of information on the Department’s website is the Sydney Broadcast Property Pty Ltd / Chanel 7 Production studio and office complex (Reference MP 06_0149). The proposal, which has been well publicised by the RWA, is to construct a production studio and office complex including publishing and media management at the Australia Technology Park on the site known as site H within Zone C of the Australian Technology Park. The proposal is for an 11 storey tower building (and part 4 storey equivalent associated low rise building) with basement parking for approximately 700 cars. There are now in excess of 50 documents up on the Department of Planning Website. Click here to view list of documents.

This is also where CUB site watchers go (MP 06_0171). Three documents have been added recently for this application Solar Access Clarification Statement (12Kb PDF), Schedule 2 - Land Titles (21Kb PDF), CUB Site Rezoning Chronology (33Kb PDF).

As the processes for Major Projects are new and very different to either the Council or RWA processes you might find downloading the following information booklet on Major Projects (Part 3A Projects) helpful (PDF file 210Kb / RTF file 33Kb).

Expression of Interest called for Pedestrian & Cycle Bridge

The RWA’s tender page has had its first listing. The site says:

Expression of  Interest - Architectural and Engineering Services Consortium Design of Pedestrian and Cycle Bridge. The Redfern-Waterloo Authority (RWA) seeks expressions of interest from consortia containing suitably qualified architectural and engineering services consultants for the design and documentation of a pedestrian and cycle bridge spanning the rail corridor between Australian Technology Park and North Eveleigh. The consortium shall be required to engage and manage all required consultants necessary for the design of the pedestrian and cycle bridge. Click here for the EOI. For further EOI information contact Jack Borozan on 02 9202 9126 or email EOI close 2.00pm Monday 2 October 2006.

RWA Board Profiles Updated

Following the announcement of the appointment of Ann Weldon and Warren Mundine to the RWA board, the RWA have updated the details of the RWA Board members. If you go to you will be able to read about the new Board Members as well as those who have been entrusted with Redfern Waterloo’s future for some time. There continues to be concern that the RWA Board is largely made up of people on the Government payroll with little independent or community representation.

Warren Mundine recently visited the Aboriginal Housing Company for a briefing on the Pemulwuy project. The visit was supposed to happen prior to his appointment but was delayed until after his appointment to the RWA Board. This makes him the only current RWA Board member other than the RWA CEO Robert Domm to have visited the AHC and been briefed first hand on the AHC project. Previously Marcia Ella Duncan, when she was on the RWA board had been briefed by the AHC on the project.

Redfern Waterloo Design Study Consultation - until 5th October 2006.

The final stage of the City of Sydney’s urban design study has now commenced. A draft report is now available for inspection and public comment. This report incorporates the information presented in the first and second community meetings, the public comments received from the meetings and proposed controls and guidelines for the City of Sydney’s new City Plan. The report can be downloaded in parts from the City of Sydney website at Waterloo and Redfern Draft Urban Design Report or can be inspected locally at the Redfern Service Centre or the Waterloo library.

The report shows existing controls, actual heights and FSRs, as well as the proposed new controls for all of Redfern Waterloo east of the railway line. It also looks at trying to define and maintain the uniqueness of different parts of Redfern Waterloo.

Of particular interest in the lead up to Stage Two of the RWA Built Environment Plan, is that the draft report also covers Department of Housing land. It uses land around the Matavai and Turanga tower blocks to show how increased housing densities could be achieved on some DoH land (page 106-7). With Phase 2 of the RWA’s BEP Plan looking at exactly this issue the Draft Urban Design Report provides some useful information for the community as well as the RWA.

The Draft Urban Design Report for the study is on public exhibition for viewing and comment until 5 October 2006.

Poplar Trees Go

The City of Sydney started removing all poplar trees from the western side of Abercrombie Street Darlington on 15th September following notification to affected residents.

September Issue of South Sydney Herald

If you have not seen the September issue of the South Sydney Herald you can download the 4 MB Pdf from the REDWatch website from this link SSH September 2006. We have also taken some of the articles that are likely to be of most interest to Redfern Waterloo readers and put them on the REDWatch in the Media section so you can read them as web pages without downloading the PDF file.

Major articles in the September issue includes a report of the visit of the UN Special Rapporteur puzzled over obstacles to Pemulwuy Project, an article on the 10th August protest in support of the Block in Pemulwuy lives, say hundreds who attend Block protest and a look at the future of the famous steam train in The 3801 train leaves Redfern. Other articles include Sartor releases final development plans for Redfern-Waterloo and a reply to last month’s article on Redfern Police and Aboriginal policing by LAC Commander Catherine Burn in Redfern police officers are committed to serve and protect the Aboriginal community. Other articles looks at inner city open space such as the now safe Marian park "Underutilised" parks - a common refrain and a report on this years Marg Barry lecture on the areas history and a coming history week tour are covered in Celebrating the Real Redfern. A report of consultation around the recent CUB site meeting Consultation going through the motions in Chippendale and a report on Trevor Davies’ fitness and weight loss programme in Paperboy puts on three kilos after one month of gruelling training are also in the SSH. Finally there is an obituary for long time Darlington resident EDNA TURVEY 1925 - 2006. If you have any stories about Edna, Barrie McMahon would like to hear them and there is a plan to do something local in the next few weeks to remember Edna. If you are interested you can also contact Barry.

In the Media

Elizabeth Farrelly has been busy with two articles on local issues recently. One Lost: another opportunity for excitement covers the latest on the CUB site while the other No favours for Aboriginal developer contrasts the Aboriginal Housing Company’s problems with other developers. The AHC article has upset local MP Kristina Keneally as it contains a number of inaccuracies concerning her. Ms Keneally replied to Ms Farrelly’s article in the letters page of the SMH Errors of fact. Following the Member for Heffron’s visit to the Aboriginal Housing Company she issued a media release Statement on the Block and the Aboriginal Housing Company concerning the visit and drawing attention to her letter.

In recent politician emails both current local members have made comments about the RWA BEP: Kristina Keneally Comments on the RWA BEP, Clover Moores comments on the RWA Built Environment Plan. In Kristina Keneally’s email she also announced that Alexandra Park Community School is one of the latest schools to join the Schools in Partnership (SiP) initiative Alexandria Park Community School in Partnership.

Finally we notice that the Minister for Redfern Waterloo and Planning Frank Sartor looks like he himself has been declared State Significant within the ALP by Premier Iemma. It appears he is too busy with state significant work to face a rank and file preselection in his own seat Cracks begin to shatter Labor's dream of orderly preselections. The Minister is responsible for removing decisions from elected officials through out the state and for over riding community concerns in favour of what is perceived as broader “state interests” and yet he is not going to be subject to the same rank and file scrutiny as other party members. Since the RWA started we have been asking for the Minister to have the four meetings a year he promised with the people in Redfern Waterloo. With him being too busy to even spend time in his own seat what chance does Redfern Waterloo have that Frank will come and listen four times a year to another group of people he is supposed to have responsibility for.

Department of Aboriginal Affairs and Redfern

Milton Orkopoulos, Minister for Aboriginal Affairs and his Director General had a rough time at Budget Estimates in front of General Purpose Standing Committee number 2 on 28th August 2006. The Minister was asked a number of questions about the issues concerning Redfern and The Block. The Minister appears to know nothing about The Block issues and does not see it as being something he should know about or be asked questions about. The Redfern parts of the transcript are well worth the read - Transcript 28/08/2006 Aboriginal Affairs, (PDF 977 Kb). Can someone tell us then what exactly does DAA do and why not in Redfern?

ReconciliACTION in Parliament – 20th September 2006

Since 1997, the New South Wales Parliament has several times recommitted itself to the national process of Reconciliation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians.

The next in a series of public Reconciliation events in State Parliament House in 2006 is being held on Wednesday 20th September at State Parliament House Theatrette, Macquarie St, Sydney from 5.45 – 7.30 pm.

ReconciliACTION, a Network of Indigenous and non-Indigenous young people is telling stories from the Freedom Ride which retraced the path of the 1965 Freedom Ride and will focus on current issues in two of the communities they visited - Dubbo and Redfern.

The forum will be chaired by ReconciliACTION members involved in the Freedom Ride 2005, Leticia Anderson and Glen Crump. Speakers at the event will include:

•           Michael Mundine Chief Executive of the Aboriginal Housing Company, Redfern

•           Ben Spies-Butcher, Secretary of REDWatch, a Redfern resident action group

The forum is open to all and is organised by the ReconciliACTION with the assistance the President of the Legislative Council, Dr Meredith Burgmann, Linda Burney MP, Aboriginal Affairs Minister Milton Orkopoulos, and opposition spokesperson for Aboriginal affairs Brad Hazzard.

In Redfern, the last stop on the Freedom Ride, recent changes to planning law threaten to stop an award winning Aboriginal Housing plan from proceeding. ReconciliACTION was involved in a recent gathering in support of Aboriginal Housing on the Block and has invited the Aboriginal Housing Company and REDWatch to talk about the threat to this important Aboriginal development.

In Dubbo, the announcement to close the Gordon Housing Estate has caused concern amongst a number of residents about their future. Freedom Ride 2005 met with many people working in the Dubbo community, and we have invited representatives to speak about the issues they face as a result of the announcement.

Contacts: ANTaR NSW: Anne Byrne, President, 9747 2878
NSW Reconciliation Council:
ReconciliACTION Youth Network: Renee Williamson 9219 0704,

Senate Inquiry into Stolen Wages - Submissions Close 29th September 2006

Submissions are being accepted to the Senate Inquiry into Aboriginal Stolen Wages until 29th September 2006. Details on the inquiry and submissions can be found at Please encourage people to put in submissions. Even if you do not have any direct information to contribute, you may still be able to help others put in a submission or have an opinion on the last of the terms of reference about ‘setting the record straight’. Submissions do not have to be elaborate a simple letter will do.

Exhibition of work by Gordon Syron - Saturday 16th September 2006

Where the Wildflowers once Grew  & The Black Fairies Series by Gordon Syron A Pioneer in Aboriginal Art on Saturday September 16, 2006 12.00pm – 2.00pm at the Tony Mundine Elouera (to come with peace) Gym corner of Eveleigh & Vine Sts with Surprise Guest Speaker. Refreshments provided - No alcohol For further information contact Gordon Syron 0421 031 392.

History Week 16-24 September 06 Local Events

Early days: local government in Redfern: Exhibition – 16-24 September

View a pictorial exhibition illustrating the beginnings of the Redfern municipality at Waterloo Library, 770 Elizabeth Street, Waterloo. Open Monday, Wednesday and Friday: 10am to 6pm
Tuesday and Thursday: 10am to 7pm Saturday: 9am to 4pm. Closed Sunday.

Redfern: Local Government Local History - Saturday 16 September at 2.00pm to 3:30pm

Councillor Phillip Black discusses the early history and local government in Redfern at Waterloo Library, Level 1, 770 Elizabeth Street, Waterloo. Free but Bookings Essential. Contact Waterloo Library on 9288 5688. Transport Bus 343 from Circular Quay via Central or 355 from Newtown.

Redfern-Nothing to be scared of – 19 and 24 September 2006 10.30am

Redfern's reputation precedes it; not always in a good way. This walk illustrates the layers of history that have contributed to make up the Redfern community over 150 years and dispels the myths of Redfern's rough reputation. Meet at Godden Mackay Logan, 78 George Street Cost: $10 Bookings essential (15 people).Organised by Godden Mackay Logan 93194811, (see also Celebrating the Real Redfern in SSH).

Eveleigh/Darlington National Trust of Australia (NSW) guided tour – 21st September 2006 10-00am – 3pm (Note earlier time and other changes)

The Guided Tour will be conducted by professional experts on railways and the Trust’s Urban Conservation Area. The Tour will include a talk on the Eveleigh Workshops and the Built Environment of Darlington Urban Conservation Area listed by the National Trust.

This is an opportunity not to be missed, given proposals for major new development.

Clothing - Appropriate footwear and clothing is requested to ensure safety - closed in shoes and no loose clothing. Meet: Courtyard next to the National Innovation Centre, Australian Technology Park, Cornwallis Street Redfern

Morning Tours: 10:30am-12:30pm - conducted by a guide of the 3801 Committee and the National Trust’s Industrial Heritage Officer Tony Brassil. Lunch-break: 12:30-1:30pm / Afternoon Tour: 1:30-3:00pm - conducted by the Deputy Conservation Director of the National Trust Graham Quint Cost: $20 Enquiries: 9258 0161  - Bookings essential

“Callan Park – A Place of Sanctuary for Country and City” – Forum 2pm Sunday 24th September

Callan Park has seen many troubled people from the Redfern Waterloo area over the years as well as people from around the state so some people might be interested in the forum Friends of Callan Park are arranging for History Week. Country people were among the first 44 patients moved into Callan Park House in 1876. Learn about country and city people's continuing needs for this great place - and community engagement with its recent history. Speakers include Meredith Walker a specialist heritage consultant who will raise some of the issues to do with people's associations with Callan Park; Alan Brown the chair of Rural Affairs Committee, NSW Farmers’ Association, discusses mental health issues in rural NSW and; Hall Greenland, President Friends of Callan Park, talks about the future of Callan Park. Venue:  NSW Writers’ Centre – enter site at main gates at intersection of Cecily and Darling Streets, Rozelle and follow small green signs to the NSW Writers’  Centre. Delicious homemade afternoon tea on the verandah afterwards. Cost: $6.00. Please book on 0413.733.218 or

Many other events are organised for History Week. For information pick up a brochure from a Council one stop shop, neighbour centres or library or visit

Have your say in current Consultations

Below we have re-listed the various Plans and Consultations currently looking for community input:

- Redfern Park Draft Plan of Management and Draft Masterplan - until 20 September 2006

The proposed plans can be viewed at the Town Hall One Stop Shop, the Redfern Neighbourhood Service Centre, Redfern Community Centre, the Waterloo Library and the Erskineville Neighbourhood Centre. More information can be found on the council website at Redfern Park Draft Plan of Management & Draft Master Plan. The documents can also be downloaded from the City of Sydney Website from the links below - but be warned some of the documents are quite large and will take a while if you are on dial up.

Redfern Park Plan of Management & Tree Management Plan | PDF 2.7Mb; 1. Master Plan | PDF 2.6Mb;  2. Aerial Perspective | PDF 1.3Mb; 3. Park Perspective + Stand Plans | PDF 1.1Mb; 4. Park Structure Materials | PDF 1.2Mb; 5. Grandstand Comparison Study | PDF 1.8Mb.

Written submissions accepted up until 5.00pm on 20 September 2006 addressed to: Redfern Park Draft Plan of Management, GPO Box 1591, Sydney NSW 2001.

- Draft Companion Animals Policy - until 27 September 2006

City of Sydney has prepared a draft Companion Animals Policy that aims to promote responsible pet ownership through community education, improved facilities, and equitable access to public parks for all residents.

The purpose of this policy is to:

  • promote harmony and equitable access to parks and gardens
  • promote the rights and responsibilities of animals and their owners in balance with the rights and responsibilities of others in the community
  • encourage and reinforce responsible animal ownership, particularly in relation to picking up waste and having control at all times
  • establish guidelines for identifying sufficient, suitable off-leash parks for dog exercise
  • promote companion animal ownership through education and information using sanctions as a last resort
  • educate non-pet owners and children on animal behaviour and how to interact with other people’s pets
  • educate general community about benefits of pet ownership, particularly in relation to physical and emotional health of pet owners.

It is estimated that companion animal ownership saves Australia about $2 billion a year in healthcare costs.

The documents are on public exhibition until 27 September 2006 and you are invited to comment on the draft Companion Animals Policy. Copies can be viewed at Council One Stop Shops and Neighbourhood Service Centres or downloaded from 

- City’s Cycling Strategy on Exhibition - until 30th September 2006

The City's Draft Cycle Strategy, on public exhibition until 30 September, aims to achieve an effective and accessible cycle network, with major routes less than a five minute easy ride from every residence (no more than 1.5-2 kilometres). This coordinated network will be backed up by action on other local streets to improve cycling safety and convenience, and will complement the Roads and Traffic Authority's (RTA) regional routes and recreational routes, such as the Sydney Harbour Cycleway and Alexandra Canal.

The plan includes strategies for greater community awareness about the benefits of cycling, improved network maintenance, better bicycle route signage and new "end of trip" facilities, such as parking, storage, change and shower facilities. Developed with the help of bike groups including Bicycle NSW, BIKEast and BikeSydney, the strategy sets out the City's commitment over the next 10 years and builds on recent street upgrades and initiatives to encourage greater cycling participation. The Strategy sets a target of increasing current cycle rates from two percent of trips in Sydney to five per cent in 2011 and 10 per cent by 2016. Through these plans, the City hopes to reduce pollution and traffic congestion, decrease accidents, and improve the health of residents and visitors through increased physical activity.

The City's current capital works budget includes $1.25M to implement the Strategy, with a further $750,000 each year for the next three years. Additional funding will also be provided for cycling facilities through the City's street upgrade programs. Full implementation of the strategy depends on the RTA completing regional cycle routes, and the City will be working cooperatively with the State Government to achieve the effective network envisaged by the plan. Full details of the Draft Cycle Strategy and maps of the Cycleways can be found at

As we mentioned a couple of RWIUs ago some Chippendale residents and business owners have developed a proposal for a green pedestrian and cycle route through Chippendale for some time. If you missed that article also have a look at the The Parkway + the City’s draft cycle strategy which might be worth a mention in your submission.

Future Lord Mayor Community Forums

Inner West: Camperdown, Chippendale, Darlington, Erskineville, Newtown & MacDonaldtown - Monday 25 September 6 - 8.30pm Venue: Brown Street Community Hall, 8-10 Brown St (rear of Newtown Library)

Inner South: Redfern, Waterloo, Eveleigh - Monday 30 October 6 - 8.30pm Venue: Redfern Town Hall, 73 Pitt Street, Redfern

REDWatch Summary of RWA Built Environment Plan Planning Changes


Floor Space Ratios (FSR) are the proportion of floor space allowed compared to land area, so 2:1 indicates twice as much floor space as land area. Height restrictions indicate the maximum allowable heights. Height and FSR interact so at a FSR of 2:1, a building of 4 storeys might only cover half the land area, depending on the design and other development requirements. Comparisons are made between pre-existing planning controls and the RWA’s changes gazetted on 30 August 2006.

Prepared by Geoff Turnbull for REDWatch 15/09/2006. For more information:

Australian Technology Park

Current ATP Master Plan to be revised to increase FSR from 1.2:1 to 2:1 with maximum heights increasing from 9 to 12 storeys. RWA estimate final ATP floor space will increase by 20% to 200,000 square metres providing 5,000-8,000 jobs. Approximately four times the current size. Plan provides for foot and bicycle bridges to North Eveleigh near the station and the Contemporary Performing arts centre. Zoned as Business Park with some Public Recreation mainly along Henderson road.     

North Eveleigh

Currently disused railway land between Wilson St and the railway line. A Contemporary Performing Arts facility in the middle of the site is being created from the old Carriage Workshop with a FSR of 1:1 (residential of 0.5:1) at existing heights. On the western end the RWA propose a predominantly residential development with mixed business and residential closer to Redfern station. These parts of the site have a FSR of  2:1 with residential of 2:1 in the west and 1:1 in the east. Heights to range from existing to 10 storeys, with a 16 storey iconic building towards Redfern Station. Similar height frontages to existing buildings along Wilson St by using the existing cutting on railway land. Now includes indicative open space, heritage listing and transport impacts. Zoned as Business Zone – Mixed use with a small Special Purposes – Infrastructure in the south west corner.

South Eveleigh

Currently railway land to north west of ATP will provide for further ATP expansion with 2:1 FSR and 4 to 12 storey heights.  Zoned as Business Park and Special Purpose – Infrastructure. No zoning changes proposed for adjoining private and DoH Residential Zone – Medium Density or for the Recreation Zone – Public Recreation.

Eveleigh Street

Currently private land bounded by Cleveland, Abercrombie, Vine, Louis, Lawson and the railway line. The draft plan divided this area into northerly and southerly portions but the final plan created a further division in the southern portion east of Eveleigh St. This in effect reduced the residential FSR for the AHC’s Gadigal Apartments if the put them all on the Block. In the south west, which includes the Block, maximum heights increase from 2-3 storeys to 3 storeys while FSR increases from 1:1 to 1.5:1 for mixed development but reduces residential from 1:1 to 0.75:1. In the south east heights go from 2-3 storeys to 5 storeys and FSR goes from 1:1 to 2:1 with a 1:1 residential limit. The draft Public Recreation zoning proposed which covered some private land has been withdrawn but City Council owns Pemulwuy Park. In the north heights increase from 3-4 storeys to 3-5 storeys while FSRs increase from 1.5:1 to 3:1 for mixed with a maximum 1:1 for purely residential. Zoned as Business – Mixed Use.

Redfern Railway Station

Plans for a new Redfern railway station are being developed and are expected to be made available by the RWA later in 2006. Station would probably not be finished before 2010. Bus train interchange is to be addressed in planning for Redfern station.

Gibbons - Regent Streets

This area bounded to the north by Lawson Square and to the south by Margaret St is to be developed as the commercial core of Redfern with maximum heights changing from 4 storeys to 2-18 storeys and FSR going from 2:1 and 3:1 to 7:1 (slightly lower than developments permitted around Central railway station). Three areas for buildings rising to 18 storeys and one of up to 14 storeys off podiums of 2-5 storeys are created.  Marian Park is to be preserved as a park. A civic space is created between the station and Gibbons St. No solution to the impact of regional traffic on connections between Redfern and Regent Streets and the station. Some work done on wind and traffic impacts and possible light changes. Fatter buildings give same development yield as draft plan. Zoning is to be Business Zone – Commercial Core with Recreation Zone – Public recreation in Marian Park.   

Former Rachel Forster Hospital

This site is to be zoned as Medium Density Residential with maximum heights of 3 to 6 storeys and a FSR of 2:1. Proceeds of the sale are to go towards a new community health centre at the former court house and police station.     

Former Redfern Police Station & Court House

These buildings will become a new community health centre replacing the existing centre at Rachel Forster and that previously planned for Lawson Street. The court house is to remain at its existing height and the old police station can be replaced with a maximum 3 to 6 storey building. The FSR for the whole site is 1.3:1. The site is to be zoned as Business Zone – Local Centre.

Former Redfern Public School

The Indigenous Land Corporation has purchased this for a National Indigenous Development Centre for Aboriginal cultural, social and sporting excellence. The eastern side is to be zoned as Special Purposes – Community and the western side as Recreation Zone – Private Recreation. The Salvation Army site is zoned Business Zone mixed use. Heritage school buildings to stay at existing height with new developments allowed up to 4 storeys with a FSR of 2:1.  Residential development on site is to be limited to accommodation ancillary to business, educational and recreational purposes.

Stage Two of the Built Environment Plan

Subject to the government’s undertakings to public tenants the primary focus of the proposed Stage Two of the Built Environment Plan will be the development of proposals to:

·          revitalise public housing stock
·          improve the associated public domain
·          reduce the concentration of public housing
·          increase the local population to establish a more sustainable social mix
·          facilitate the provision of affordable housing, including a shared equity model of home ownership.