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Explorer Street Eveleigh Rezoning taken over by State Government

The public housing at Explorer Street Eveleigh is on a list of sites announced on 5th December 2022 where the Department of Planning will take over rezoning control from Local Councils. It is the only site on the is in the City of Sydney LGA. The story was initially dropped to the Daily Telegraph behind a paywall.


The NSW Government will further boost housing supply by unlocking an extra 70 000 new homes across NSW, under the $73.5 million Rezoning Pathways Program.

Premier Dominic Perrottet said the Government will initiate 10 land rezonings, the majority in Western Sydney, to pave the way for these 70 000 new homes.

“Working with councils, rezoning is one important lever that we are pulling to get the ball rolling on more housing supply across our state,” Mr Perrottet said.

“We are throwing everything at getting more houses built so more people get keys in doors and can realise their dream of owning a home.

“We are focusing our efforts on some of the fastest growing areas in Western Sydney to help more families get into homes sooner.”

Minister for Planning and Minister for Homes Anthony Roberts said the Rezoning Pathways Program is part of the Government’s $2.8 billion Housing Package.

“We’re creating a pipeline for tens of thousands more homes, giving more people in NSW the opportunity to put a roof over their heads,” Mr Roberts said.

“This is all about accelerating the rezoning of key housing areas to make more land development-ready for new homes.”

Under the program, the NSW Government will assess select State or regionally significant planning proposals, or lead the rezoning work from start to finish, with all land to be rezoned by 2024.

Mr Roberts said the program includes a pilot process for proponents proposing more than 1,000 homes in metropolitan areas or over 300 in regional areas that could be assessed by the NSW Government.

“We want projects that can make a difference to our housing supply quickly, which is why we are seeking nominations for proposals that are well advanced with a planning proposal able to be submitted within two months, Mr Roberts said.

The NSW Government will lead the work to unlock new homes in:

  • Broadmeadow, Newcastle;
  • Camellia-Rosehill;
  • Explorer Street, Eveleigh;
  • Macquarie Park Stage 1;
  • Orchard Hills;
  • Parramatta North’s University and Northern sites; and
  • Riverstone East Stage 3.

The NSW Government will also be responsible for assessing planning proposals that could pave the way for new housing in:

  • Appin;
  • Gilead; and
  • North Appin.

For more information, visit www.planning.nsw.gov.au/rezoning-pathways


The Daily Telegraph Story was NSW Government to rezone 10 areas to fast track approvals for 70,000 new homes

The Land and Housing Corporation site has not been updated yet for Explorer Street Eveleigh is https://www.dpie.nsw.gov.au/land-and-housing-corporation/greater-sydney/eveleigh