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Community Facilities Review - Cred Community Planning - Now in GHD Social Impact Assessment Scoping

The SMDA appointed Cred Community Planning as consultants to undertake a Redfern Waterloo Community Facilities Review for themselves and Housing NSW for the preparation of a Social Infrastructure Plan. In announcing CRED's appointment to undertake the study in July 2011 the RWA said "Cred Community Planning has discussed community facility needs with a number of residents at three of RWA's BEP 2 Community Information Sessions and at two community barbeques” - These sessions in February and March 2011 were the only opportunities for community input that REDWatch is aware of. Workshops were held with Government and Non Government Agencies in July 2011. In January 2012 we here advised by the SMDA that the community facilities planning process has now been integrated with the Social Impact Assessment process to ensure that the two processes undertake an integrated approach and that as such there is no report, not even in final draft form, as a consequence of this action above.
Community Facilities Review - Cred Community Planning
In June 2011 Cred Community Planning undertook sessions with Government and Non Government Organisations regarding the SMDA & Housing NSW Redfern Waterloo Community Facilities Review. Below are the draft summaries circulated after the workshops. They give some indication of the issues raised by agencies in their consultations. There were no similar consultations with residents, residents who serve on the management committees of local agencies or resident groups such as REDWatch that we are aware of. In the absence of a report on the Facilities Review the draft summaries below are one of the few indication of the concerns raised by those who were consulted. In Housing NSW's Masterplan workshops there seems to be an assumption that some "one stop shop" facilities will best suit the needs of the community. Presumably Housing NSW, who was one of the originators of the study with the RWA, have access to the initial work on the Facilities Review which will now be covered in the Social Impact Scoping and Assessment being undertaken for the SMDA by GHD.