Growth targets inner city

If you live on a major transport corridor and are close to the city your area will likely be targeted to absorb the extra homes and jobs for Sydney’s growth under the Draft Metropolitan Strategy for Sydney to 2031. The Metro Strategy is to be Sydney’s regional plan. All sub-regional and local plans in the New Planning System for NSW have to be consistent with it. Geoff Turnbull looks at the issues in the July 2013 issue of the South Sydney Herald.


Global Sydney Metro Strategy (Supplied)

Global Sydney Metro Strategy (Supplied)

The Strategy defines nine City Shapers – some directly impact the inner city. Global Sydney (see diagram) is one shaper – it sets priorities for different parts of the city to keep it Australia’s number-one city. Part of this shaper is to “investigate the regeneration potential of areas such as Town Hall to Central, Central to City Road and Central to Eveleigh”.

Another shaper is the Global Economic Corridor that sweeps its arc and priorities from Macquarie Park to Botany going through the city. Other shapers include the Parramatta Road and Anzac Parade corridors which set priorities for development along these key arterials impacting on suburbs such as Surry Hills. [See the SSH website for an article on compensation and compulsory land acquisition relevant to the new tram line.]

The Draft Metro Strategy gives an idea of what change is planned citywide. It is on exhibition until June 28, pre-empting the New Planning System and its community participation in strategic planning. If that worries you, say so on REDWatch’s online petition on

This item ran with a companion peice on the New Planning System for NSW which you can find under Planning – a new approach?

Source: South Sydney Herald June 2013 - Growth targets inner city