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Draft Metro Strategy Exhibition - extended until 28 June 2013

Here REDWatch has provided links to key documents necessary to understand the Draft Metro Strategy and its implications for Redfern Waterloo.

Metro Strategy Document Overview

Implications for Inner City Sydney

The Draft Metro Strategy becomes the Regional Growth Plan for Sydney under the proposed New Planning System. Under the new system the Regional Growth plans set out detailed advice for Subregional Delivery Plans. To get a quick idea of the implications of the Draft Metro Strategy for the inner city region is to read the  Metro Strategy Priorities for Central Subregion - Draft Metro Strategy 2031 (1.6MB PDF). Some additional information can also be found in Inner Sydney "Balanced Growth" Maps - Draft Metro Strategy (6.4 MB PDF). You can see the details of the proposed subregions in the Metro Strategy in the Subregions Section (0.7MB PDF) of the Draft Metro Strategy.

What is said about the Redfern - Waterloo Area

There are only two specific mentions of our area in the Draft Metro Strategy. According to the document "the work of the NSW Government in Redfern-Waterloo is addressing social exclusion upfront to make an area more viable for urban renewal” (p34 footnote 8). The Priorities for Central Subregion include support for strategic renewal in the highly accessible Central to Eveleigh corridor (p84).

The New Planning System for NSW (White Paper) Implications

As mentioned above the Draft Metro Strategy becomes the Regional Growth Plan for Sydney under the proposed New Planning System. The major problem however is that the Draft Metro Strategy is being exhibited prior to the new planning system being in place. Under the new system there is supposed to be a legislated Community Participation Charter, and the "community is involved in the setting of the priorities and targets for the growth for the region, including planning for major infrastructure". The Draft Metro Strategy is being exhibited before this new community participation in strategic planning has been put in place.

It is important then in commenting on the Draft Metro Strategy that you understand what the White Paper "A New Planning System for NSW" says about Community Participation and Regional Growth Plans. Below are links to two chapters dealing with these matters

If the Government is serious about community involvement in strategic planning it needs to withdraw the current Draft Metro Strategy and re-exhibit it with much fanfare when the New Planning System for NSW is in place.

When making a submission on the Draft Metro Strategy REDWatch suggests you request such a re-exhibition under the new planning system. Also we suggest any comments made about the Draft Metro Strategy also be submitted under the exhibition on the New Planning System.

REDWatch Online Petition

REDWatch has launced an online petition / submission to allow people to easily protest the ongoing exhibition and to ask for it to be re-exhibited under the New Planning System. You can sign this petition at Please Exhibit Metro Strategy for Sydney under the New Planning System!.

Draft Metro Strategy Exhibition Documents

The Draft Metro Strategy is currently on exhibition and extended until 28 JUne 2013 - see media release. You can find the official exhibition site and background documents at http://strategies.planning.nsw.gov.au/MetropolitanStrategyforSydney.aspx. The Draft Metro Strategy is downloadable in sections from The Metro Strategy Download page.

Draft Metro Strategy Submissions

If you wish to make a formal submission, you can fill in the submission template and send it to the Department by:

Email metrostrategy@planning.nsw.gov.au

Post  Draft Metropolitan Strategy for Sydney
          Department of Planning & Infrastructure
          GPO Box 39
          Sydney NSW 2001

White paper on A New Planning System for NSW

Remember also to send any comments regarding the Metro Strategy that relate to the White Paper on A New Planning System for NSW by:

  • Sending an online submission (including attachments)
  • Using the online feedback tool to submit comments on specific sections or chapters of the White Paper 
  • Posting a submission to New Planning System, GPO Box 39, Sydney NSW 2001.


REDWatch will make a submission on the Metro Strategy. If you have any suggestions about what should be included in the REDWatch submission please email them to mail@redwatch.org.au.

Updated by REDWatch - 17 June 2013