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Media Articles on Redfern Waterloo

This is a selection of major news items about Redfern Waterloo from various media outlets. The AHC also has a good selection of the stories about the Block in their media news section at You can get up to date news by setting up a Google News alert at News Alerts will not pick up local media and some mainstream media stories which do not appear on a news website, where possible we put these stories on our website to provide wide access to the stories.
Plans for Waterloo and Alexandria to create more than 15,000 jobs
This is the text of the media release from City of Sydney Council of 28 July 2021 regarding the Botany Road Precinct and the North Alexandria Precinct Planning Proposals.
Waterloo South Gateway Determination Released
As the Council proposal was the one submitted for the determination, it is the modified Council proposal that will go to public exhibition before the end of the 2021. The determination requires specific changes and study updates be made by DPIE to the Council proposal prior to its exhibition. At the time of the Gateway it is not clear when this work will be finalised or when exhibition will take place.
Minister Stokes issued the Gateway determination for Waterloo South on 23 June but it was only released publically on 29 June at 6pm. Below is the media release issued by the Minister. The story was released early to the Sydney Morning Herald. LAHC, Council and some community representatives were breifed about the decision prior to the public release.
Housing 2041 Policy Media Release from Minister for Water, Property and Housing
This is the text of the media release issued by Minister for Water, Property and Housing Melinda Pavey on 5 May 2021 on the release of the Housing 2041 strategy and an initial two-year action plan to deliver improved outcomes immediately and into the future by focusing on housing supply, diversity, affordability and resilience.
REDWatch Submission on the Redfern North Eveleigh Strategic Vision
This is the text of the REDWatch submission of 26 April 2021 on the Transport for NSW (TfNSW) Redfern North Eveleigh Strategic Vision.
Groundswell Local agency input to Independent Advisory Group on Waterloo South Planning Proposal
On 8 April 2021 11am local Groundswell agency representatives (Geoff Turnbull REDWatch, Claire McAteer ISV and Michael Mackenzie Shreenan Counterpoint) met online with the Waterloo South Independent Advisory Group (IAG) regarding Waterloo South. The agencies also responded to requests from the IAG regarding the consultation timeline for previous engagement on the Waterloo Visioning, Options, Preferred Master Plan prior to the Council proposal and LAHC's decision to only progress the southern precinct. Some Groundswell agencies also supplied written submissions to the IAG. On 8 April the IAG had separate 25 minute meetings with representatives from Groundswell, The NAB's Waterloo Redevelopment Group, The Waterloo Public Housing Action Group and representatives from the Aboriginal community. Below are the talking Points that the local Groundswell agencies managed to fit into its 8 minute presentation to the IAG.
Redfern North Eveleigh Strategic Vision on Exhibition until 23 April 2021
Transport for NSW (TfNSW) has released its Strategic Vision (PDF, 12.05 MB) to guide the renewal and redevelopment of the Redfern North Eveleigh Precinct. Exhibition has been extended until April 23 2021.
REDWatch Letter to DPIE and other key Stakeholders regarding Waterloo South
Below is the text of a letter sent by REDWatch on 25 March 2021 to DPIE Secretary Jim Betts and key stakeholders regarding the Minister's decision that DPIE would take over control of the planning proposal for Waterloo South. The statement was sent to all the key stakeholders including the independent panel members. The letter sets out some of REDWatch's key concerns resulting from the decision.
Independent expert advice to steer future of Waterloo
THis is a copy of the statement that appeared on the DPIE website on 17th March 2021 advising the names of the advisors to the departmental Secretary who will determine the Planning Proposal to be exhibited for Waterloo South.
Waterloo stalemate must not Continue - Minister Stokes
This is the text of the Media Statement Rob Stokes Minister for Planning and Public Spaces released on Twitter on Tuesday, 23 February 2021
REDWatch Preliminary Analysis of Councils Waterloo South Planning Proposal
The Analysis below was produced by REDWatch and circulated by our email distributiuon lists on 19 February 2021. This analysis seeks to explain some of the key issues arrising from the Council Planning Proposal and some of REDWatch's concerns.
City of Sydney's planning proposal for Waterloo South - 11 February
The City of Sydney (CoS) Council released its proposal for the planning controls to govern the proposed Land and Housing Corporation (LAHC) redevelopment of Waterloo South on 10th February 2021. The Council proposal is part of the papers for the Transport, Heritage and Planning Committee on Monday 15 February 2021 where Councillors will consider the proposal from Council staff. The proposal is also considered by the Central Sydney Planning Committee (CSPC) at 5pm on Thursday 18 February 2021 before going to the Council Meeting on Monday 22 February and then to the Department of Planning Infrastructure and Environment for approval for public exhibition later this year. Below is some information on the proposal documents and the original Land and Housing Corporations proposal made public by the Council.
Council's Consideration of controls for LAHC’s Redfern Build to Rent
Council has considered the rezoning of the site proposed for Land and Housing Corporation’s (LAHC) Redfern Build to Rent project at its Transport, Heritage and Planning Committee before it went before the full Council on 29 June 2020. Below is what REDWatch sent out in its email Update on 19 June 2020 with some notes on subsequent changes.
Waterloo Metro over Station Development Submissions Guide – Until December 2nd 2020
On 5th November 2020 the Department of Planning Industry and Environment (DPIE) put the State Significant Development Applications (DAs) for the Waterloo Metro over Station Development (OSD) on exhibition until December 2nd 2020. There are five different DAs that the community is expected to digest and comment on within the 28 days exhibition period!
More social housing for inner-city
The NSW Government is delivering a record 4,250 new homes across the City of Sydney LGA, with the addition of two new housing renewal projects at Franklyn Street Glebe and Explorer Street South Eveleigh said the LAHC and NSW Government on 11 November 2020 when announcing the Explorer Street South Eveleigh redevelopment.
REDWatch Co-ordination Group Report for 2019-2020
LAHC Reply on behalf of Ministers re support for tenants and human services
On behalf of Groundswell agencies Counterpoint, Inner Sydney Voice and REDWatch wrote to Minister's Pavey and Ward regarding a number of matters including the defunding of the support positions for the Waterloo Redevelopment and the future of the promised Waterloo Human Service Plan. The agencies were also involved in a follow up meeting with Alison Frame, the Deputy Secretary of the Housing and Property Group within the Department of Planning, Industry & Environment where LAHC is located. The email below received on 18 August 2020 is the formal reply on behalf of the Ministers to the issues raised.
Redfern North Eveleigh Place Design Forum - 26-27 August 2020
2020 Planning for Redfern North Eveleigh will kick off with a Place Design Forum - 26-27 August 2020 that REDWatch has been asked to attend akong with other community. business, education and government stakeholders. REDWatch has been involved in discussions about the redevelopment of North Eveleigh since 2004. You can find the history of this precinct up a level on this website. Below is the initial information about the Place Design Forum.
REDWatch Correspondence with Council regarding release of Waterloo South Documents
Following the June 2020 REDWatch meeting, REDWatch wrote to LOrd Mayor, Clover Moore regarding the release of Land and Housing Corporation's proposal for Waterloo South. Below you will see our letter to Clover and her response which has addressed the concerns that we have raised with her about the lack of transpaency of the Waterloo South proposal, for which Council was being blamed.
LAHC's Waterloo South Plan released by City of Sydney
Following representations from REDWatch, Agencies and public tenants, the City of Sydney has released a plan showing proposed heights and layout of Land and Housing Corporation's proposal for Waterloo South. In releasing the plan the Council has reworked their web page to show the LAHC proposal alongside the 2019 LAHC Preferred Master Plan and the Councils's own 2019 proposal. Council has made it clear that "It is likely changes will be made to the proposal the corporation has submitted as the process of review will continue during the assessment phase."
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