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News articles concerning Redfern Waterloo from various sources. Click on the headlines below for more details.
Central Readers Respong on Redfern Story
The following letters have been either published in Central or on line in response to the Central's article of 26 August 2009 about the future of Redfern.
Young talent brightens the night life
It’s a wintery Tuesday night in Kings Cross and on the emptied dance floor of nightclub Candy’s Apartment 30 young men and women are getting a pep talk on the dangers of drugs. Far from addicts or delinquents, these talented and hopeful musicians are copping a lesson about what is expected of them as resident DJs of one of Sydney’s most popular clubs reports Angus Thompson in City News of 3 September 2009.
New cab zones in Sydney CBD including Baptist Street
Hailing a cab will now be easier with new taxi zones and extra one-minute pick up and drop off areas in No Stopping zones around the city reports Central on 2 September 2009.
Tired of lives ending in loneliness
WHEN one more elderly person in his care died a lonely death, the community health worker Bridge Andrews was saddened that yet another story had gone untold, wisdom taken to the grave. It was time to act. Andrews approached City of Sydney Council and secured funds to make a film about some of the elderly residents in the Redfern-Waterloo area reports Clare Morgan Sydney Morning Herald Arts Editor in the SMH of 4 September 2009.
Fix Redfern station: Sydney Council pleads
The upgrade of Redfern station is a “key driver in Redfern’s economic revitalisation over coming years”, according to the Redfern Waterloo Authority website. But on the same website, John Watkins is still Minister for Transport reports Central on 8 September 2009.
Waterloo dancer scholarship to Big Apple
Lucas Van Der Fect of Waterloo has won the prestigious Broadway Dance Centre Protege award to study dance full time in New York reports Central on 6 September 2009.
Corruption allegations against former NSW planning boss investigated
State corruption watchdog ICAC is investigating allegations of corruption involving the former head of the Redfern Waterloo Authority reports Robert Burton-Bradley in Central on 17 September 2009.
Redfern boxer fights in Canada
Indigenous Welterweight Champion Paul West (right) left for Canada on Monday to represent Australia at the Multi-Nations Cup reports Central on 16 September 2009.
Railcorp keeps Redfern station design under wraps
RailCorp has come up with a preferred design for the Redfern station upgrade but will not release it to the public reports Kim Shaw in Central of 16 September 2009.
Sydney’s supermarket sprawl under fire
The battle for grocery dollars in the inner city escalated this week after a Sydney Council committee considered an application for a new supermarket in Erskineville reports Robert Burton-Bradley in Central on 16 September 2009.
Redfern Waterloo Authority under fire
Central can exclusively reveal that two separate investigations by State Government corruption watchdogs have found problems with “policies and procedures” within the Redfern-Waterloo Authority reports Robert Burton-Bradley in Central on 30 September 2009.
Redfern’s stalled dreams
Five years ago, the people of Redfern and Waterloo were told that the State Government had a vision and a plan to transform the social disadvantage and urban decay that had gripped their suburbs for decades reports Robert Burton Bradley in Central on 30 September 2009.
Pokies plus supermarket equals no-go, Council tells Souths
South Sydney Leagues Club is considering its options for its Chalmers Street development in Redfern, after a Council meeting rejected its proposal to place an IGA supermarket underneath the rebuilt club, which is now envisaged to include poker machines reports Shant Fabricatorian in City news of 1 October 2009.
Garden gamers take time out from busy Sydney
While stressed-out, time-poor Sydney pedals madly just to stay ahead of the mortgage or the rent, few of us pause to smell the roses writes Michael Gormly in City News of 1 October 2009.
Sustainable living opens up
Sticky-beaking is the latest social activity to take on a green tint, with a record 160 properties opening their doors to the public for this year’s Sustainable House Day on Sunday, September 13 wrote Shant Fabricatorian in City News of 10 September 2009.
Farmers wanted for city markets
The success of Sydney’s farmers’ markets and strong consumer demand for access to fresh seasonal, local and artisan food sold directly by farmers and their families, has generated an unexpected outcome – a shortage of farmers breports FoodWeek Online on 14 September 2009.
Steam team breathes life into an old boiler
ON A coal-black winter's night in June, deserted Central Station played host to an almost ghostly encounter: the secret trials of a newly rebuilt steam engine writes Steve Meacham in the Sydney Morning Herald of September 19, 2009 .
Sydney Children's Festival at CarriageWorks
FEATURING 20 enormous sculptural artworks made by children from Sydney schools, the InterSchools Sculpture Exhibition gathers together representations of local native flora and fauna for a show at the Sydney Children's Festival reports The Daily Telegraph on 25 September 2009.
South Sydney's shop, pokie plan under fire
South Sydney Leagues Club is facing a battle to have poker machines as well as a supermarket in its club in Redfern reports ABC news on 21 September 2009.
Karan's in vogue at Redfern
DONNA KARAN is associated with the fashion capitals of the world: New York, Paris ... Redfern? The US designer made a visit to the inner-Sydney suburb yesterday to meet children from the Aboriginal community and support Australian photographer Russell James at the launch of a reconciliation project reports the Sun Herald on 4 October 2009.
Trash and Trevor: Trevor Ashley - Travels with my Scooter
I think the main difference between myself and other boys at high school was obvious. Puberty kicked in and I realised that there was something that set me apart from others, something that made them "normal" and me not. In Year Seven it wasn’t so bad, because at that time it was something you dreamed about, but it wasn't legal. It was forbidden fruit. But, by Year Ten, the testosterone had kicked in and boys in my year were all buying motoring magazines, and I was reading Dolly. Yes, it's true. They all had a burning desire... to drive. And I did not. Most of them turned 16 and rushed straight to the RTA to get their learners, often on their birthday. I auditioned for roles at Rockdale Musical Society. By the time we reached Year Eleven and Twelve many of them drove to school. I was still stuck with my bus pass and a twenty minute walk from the stop. But it really didn't bother me. I eventually got my learners when I was almost 18, got in the car once to drive, hated it so much I never did it again writes Trevor Ashley in SX News.
Celebrate Sustainable Living at the 2009 Danks Street Festival
City of Sydney is celebrating sustainable food and living in Redfern and Waterloo this October with the fifth annual Danks Street Festival reports on 6 October 2009.
Indigenous opportunity in Redfern
THE Minister for Community Services and Women, Linda Burney, has officially announced the membership of the Youth Advisory Committee for the National Centre of Indigenous Excellence reports Central 0n 7 October 2009.
Tranby Aboriginal College Offers Course to Non Indigenous Students
Due to overwhelming demand, Tranby Aboriginal College is offering an Aboriginal Studies Evening Course to non-Indigenous people, starting later this month reports this media release from Tranby on 7 October 2009.
Commencement of Balfour Park Works
As you may be aware, Frasers Property Australia, as part of the development of the old Carlton United Brewery site, is committed providing the community several parks, both on site and in the vicinity of the site. We are pleased to announce that works for the Balfour Street Park, at the conjunction of Balfour Street and O'Connor Street, are due to commence shortly reports this media release from Frasers Property on 4 September 2009.
Chance to Dance
Now recognised as a not-for-profit organisation, Urban Dance Centre offers opportunities for students of varying abilities and backgrounds. As part of its outreach program and alliance with South Sydney Youth Services, co-directors Julie Williamson and Juliette Verne have created a program titled ‘Chance to Dance’ where students from low socio-economic backgrounds in the Redfern area are invited into the UDC family. Each Wednesday students are led through Hip Hop inspired routines by resident teacher Michael ‘Sisqo’ Francisco reports this media release from Urban Dance Centre on 23 October 2009.
Community workers ask Government to pay up
The pay gap between public and private sector community service workers in NSW is of increasing concern to the Australian Services Union (ASU), following revelations that public servants are receiving up to 30 per cent more for the same job reports Laura Bannister in the South Sydney Herald in October 2009.
How many homeless?
About 400 people are sleeping rough in the inner city each night – far too many, according to Liz Giles, Manager of the Homelessness Unit of the City of Sydney Council reports Kelly Lane in the South Sydney Herald in October 2009.
Plot for community garden in Erskineville
Community gardens are in bloom all over the city, but a group of Erskineville residents is still waiting to sow seeds reports Kelly Lane in the South Sydney Herald in October 2009.
South Sydney pets meet volunteer vets
On Saturday August 29, pet owners in Surry Hills, Redfern, Darlinghurst and Waterloo had the opportunity to take their pets along for a free pet health check at the Pets at Northcott event. It was held in Ward Park, next door to the Northcott Community Centre, Belvoir Street, Surry Hills reports Felicity Reynolds in the South Sydney Herald in October 2009.
Setback on road to Pemulwuy
SSH editors, Trevor Davies and Andrew Collis, are delighted with donations received in support of their running efforts on behalf of the Pemulwuy housing project on the Block. So far, just over $3,000 has been receivedreports the South Sydney Herald in October 2009.
Four easy ways to wreck your terrace
Victorian era houses such as those found in Darlington and Chippendale were built from relatively porous materials compared to modern building materials. The bricks, mortar and render of Victorian houses absorb small amounts of moisture which then evaporates into the atmosphere. In other words the house “breathes” reports John Berry in the South Sydney Herald in October 2009.
Carol McDonald – a remarkable survivor
We walked through Carol McDonald’s immaculate little house in Darlington and sat looking out into her beautiful garden on the rising land at the back. The dogs around our feet greeted us enthusiastically and the sun shone. Then I asked her about her beginnings in life. What a contrast! reports Dorothy McRae-McMahon in the South Sydney Herald in October 2009.
Kristina Keneally MP on NSW Govt Affordable Housing
Across NSW over 190,000 households with low or moderate incomes are paying more than 30% of their income on rent. In these troubled economic times, the NSW Government has delivered its promise to make it easier to build affordable housing – cheaper rental properties, granny flats and specialised social housing says Kristina Keneally in her advertisement in the South Sydney Herald in October 2009.
Chance to Dance
Now recognised as a not-for-profit organisation, Urban Dance Centre in Glebe offers opportunities for students of varying abilities and backgrounds reports Kristy Johnson in the South Sydney Herald in October 2009.
Elderflowers (a reading) By Alana Valentine
Jane Barton in the South Sydney Herald in October 2009 reviews the play reading of Elderflowers by Alana Valentine which had its initial reading as part of the Older and Wiser Festival.
Have you heard? - The fast news with Trevor Davies – October 2009
Trevor Davies in Have You Heard – The fast News in the South Sydney Herald of October 2009 has reported on a couple of items from the Redfern Waterloo area which we have extracted below:
RTA says no to go-slow zone
The NSW Roads and Traffic Authority has rejected calls from the City of Sydney to reduce speed limits in the Sydney CBD to 40 kilometres per hour reports Flint Duxfield in the South Sydney Herald in October 2009.
“You want a place that’s vibrant, you want a place that’s safe” - Interview with Nathan Rees (Part 1)
Having spent just one tumultuous year in office, NSW Premier Nathan Rees seems to be focused on achieving tomorrow’s goals rather than giving long-winded explanations about his government’s performance. Mr Rees sat down with the SSH on the top floor of the former TNT Tower. Despite a couple of grueling months in the press, he was happy to speak candidly about the future of South Sydney reports Kelly Lane and Nicholas McCallum in the South Sydney Herald in October 2009.
Green thumbs up for Kitchen Garden
Around 500 city locals flocked to Eveleigh in the last weekend of September, as CarriageWorks launched its Kitchen Garden Project reports Ehssan Veiszadeh City News on 12 October 2009.
It’s a matter of simple arithmetic. Some people have lots while others have little, in a so-called system of social equality that doesn’t really add up. The 1 House=1000 Homes initiative aims to balance the ledger by enlisting grass-roots NGOs, property-owners and the public to tackle the problem. One of the creators, Mathieu Gallois tells us more Angela Bennetts in City News 19 October 2009…
To Market, To Market
Farmers’ markets around the country are not all created equal say fair dinkum farmers who are keen to connect with their customers reports Carli Ratcliff on SBS Food on 20th October 2009.
Souths gambles future on promise of pokie-free club
SOUTH Sydney Leagues Club has revived plans for a poker machine free club in an effort to persuade the City of Sydney Council to approve its plan for a supermarket sharing the Redfern site reports Paul Bibby in the SMH of 20 October 2009.
How bread loaf could save Souths club without poker machines
THE sale of a fresh loaf of bread is the key to the future of South Sydney Leagues Club operating without poker machines reports the Daily Telegraph on 20 October 2009.
Alexandria rave scuttled
Police shut down a rave party at an abandoned warehouse in Alexandria on Sunday morning reports Central on 20 October 2009.
Redfern's ready for its close-up as developers set sights on the fringe
THE city fringe has been ready to move forward for the past few years but lack of funding and the world credit crisis meant many redevelopment plans were put on hold until the future looked brighter reports Keeli Cambourne in the Sydney Morning Herald of 24 October 2009.
Mad Max 4: Fury Road gets green light; Sam Worthington tipped to star
Much of the work will be done at Redfern's CarriageWorks reports Joe Hildebrand in the Daily Telegraph of 24 October 2009.
$5b metro counting on ghost passengers
THE State Government agency building Sydney's controversial $5.3 billion City Metro has vastly overestimated the number of people who will use the service [and change at Redfern – REDWatch], official figures reveal reports Andrew West in the Sydney Morning Herald of 26 October 2009..
Super battle over South Sydney supermarkets
Sydney Council is considering two proposed supermarkets which could bring an end to what many have said is a limited grocery choice in South Sydney reports Robert Burton-Bradley in Central on 28 October 2009.
Clover under fire for donation disclosures
Questions have been raised over the effectiveness of City of Sydney Council’s Code of Conduct, after suggestions Lord Mayor Clover Moore breached the code at last month’s Council meeting, during a discussion over two Development Applications relating to Souths Leagues Club reports Shant Fabricatorian in City News of 22 October 2009.
Crunch time for Waterloo supermarket
An impending Council vote on an ALDI supermarket in Waterloo has attracted the attention of Heffron state MP Kristina Keneally, who last week attended a committee meeting to push the case for the supermarket’s approval reports Shant Fabricatorian in City News on 29 October 2009.
NCIE GYM to open at 6am for one year trial
The Department of Planning approved on 16 October 2009 the Modification Application for the National Centre for Indigenous Excellence to operate the Gym from 6 am rather than the earlier approved 7 am for a one year trial reports REDWatch.
Federal Govt supports Indigenous Employment at NCIE with $477,000
Minister for Employment Participation Mark Arbib today confirmed $477,000 in Federal funding for the National Centre of Indigenous Excellence to employ an Indigenous Employment Co-ordinator and deliver training reports this media release from Senator Mark Arbib the Federal Minister for Employment Participation and Minister Assisting the Prime Minister for Government Service Delivery on 2 November 2009.
It's NOT Just ' moving your feet
Our ' Healthy Walking Breakfast ' is not just a case of 'moving your feet ' , during the walk , conversations are had and ideas exchanged , acknowledgements are made and advice given writes Mark Spinks. Examples of the ' walk in action ' are :-
Miller films to move into CarriageWorks
A MOTION capture studio at the CarriageWorks precinct in Eveleigh could boost the state's ailing film industry reports Jessica Mahar in the Sydney Morning Herald of 4 November 2008.
New Deputy Lord Mayor’s agenda
A conversation with Phillip Black, newly-elected Deputy Lord Mayor of Sydney by Dorothy McRae-McMahon in the South Sydney Herald in November 2009.
Strange plans to block streets
I have recently read about Sydney Council ’s proposed traffic plans throughout Erskineville, Newtown, Darlington and Chippendale but was unable to attend the recent community meeting writes J Sams in this letter to in the South Sydney Herald in November 2009.
Have you heard? - The fast news with Trevor Davies – November 2009
Trevor Davies in Have You Heard – The fast News in the South Sydney Herald of November 2009 has reported on a couple of items from the Redfern Waterloo area which we have extracted below:
Kristina Keneally MP – Eveleigh Markets Declared Best in Sydney
The Eveleigh Markets have won The Sydney Morning Herald 2010 Foodies Award for Best Markets in Sydney and more than 3,000 people a week are enjoying them says Kristina Keneally in her advertisement in the South Sydney Herald in November 2009.
Running for Pemulwuy – the rundown
On Saturday October 24, a group convened at Tripod Café in Darlington to draw to a close the Running for Pemulwuy fundraising campaign begun in training for the Sydney Running Festival (held on September 20) reports the South Sydney Herald in November 2009.
Start the day the short course way
Breakfast is essential for Chantelle Kemble. The 17-year-old discovered that when undertaking a short course in hospitality near where she grew up in the suburb of Waterloo, where more than 70 per cent of housing is public. The course was only for nine weeks, but they were a long nine weeks for Chantelle, on the back of four rough years reports the South Sydney Herald in November 2009.
Indigenous youth to advise on excellence
On September 25, the Hon. Linda Burney, NSW Minister for Community Services and Minister for Women, officially announced the National Centre of Indigenous Excellence’s Youth Advisory Committee (NCIEYAC) reports Dorothy McRae-McMahon in the South Sydney Herald in November 2009.
Aunty Beryl’s three-word dictionary
“My dictionary has just three words,” Aunty Beryl Van-Oploo says. “Communication, Education, Respect. That’s what I tell those students in there all the time.” Not a bad dictionary that, and there’s a story and a half behind it reports Neil Whitfield in the South Sydney Herald in November 2009.
Small business leaders watch the parking meters
In an effort to deter the use of vehicles on inner-city streets, Sydney City Council is pushing ahead with plans to carpet suburbs with paid meters and tighter parking restrictions. One suburb that will cop new meters is East Chippendale, situated between Abercrombie and Regent Streets reports Nicholas McCallum in the South Sydney Herald in November 2009.
Promoting health and independence
The Food Distribution Network (FDN) is a fresh food service, delivering quality fruit and vegetables to the frail aged, people living with disabilities and their carers reports Andrew Collis in the South Sydney Herald in November 2009.
Promising start for markets in the park
In just its second month of operation, the Redfern and Waterloo Community Markets, or RedWater Markets, attracted 14 stallholders, many bargain hunters and happy faces reports. The market, held in Redfern Park on Saturday, October 17, was a colourful sight Andrew Collis in the South Sydney Herald in November 2009.
Indigenous school in Redfern presbytery
The proposed redevelopment of an unused Redfern presbytery as an Aboriginal school has been met with some opposition reports Navot Rom in the South Sydney Herald in November 2009.
Behrendt’s novel launched by Germaine Greer
Larissa Behrendt's latest novel Legacy was launched by Germaine Greer last Friday at the State Library reports Central on 4 November 2009.
Erskineville split over new supermarket
Plans to convert the disused Hive building at 21-23 Erskineville Road into a new supermarket were approved at a DA meeting on Monday September 24. This has left a number of local Erskineville residents displeased with Lord Mayor Clover Moore and her Sydney City Council. However, just as many local residents applaud the decision reports Robert Morrison in the South Sydney Herald in November 2009.
“I expect the highest standards …” An interview with NSW Premier Nathan Rees (Part 2)
Last month Kelly Lane and Nicholas McCallum interviewed the NSW Premier. There were more questions that needed to be asked. So we sent them by email and the Premier has provided the following responses reports the South Sydney Herald in November 2009.
Seven rates poorly with Alexandria residents
As Channel Seven’s new Alexandria studios near completion, residents have criticised the local planning authority for failing to address their concerns about the development reports Flint Duxfield in the South Sydney Herald in November 2009.
Redfern-Waterloo supermarket DAs approved
Two more supermarket DAs in the City of Sydney, this time in Redfern-Waterloo, were approved by Council this week. But while approval for a new ALDI was granted unanimously, the application for the fitout of the forthcoming IGA in Redfern encountered significant reservations from a number of councillors, and determined opposition from The Greens reports Shant Fabricatorian in City News on 5 November 2009.
Donation trepidation
Monday night’s City of Sydney Council meeting saw the application of a newly-conservative approach towards donations disclosures, with both Lord Mayor Clover Moore and Liberal councillor Shayne Mallard treading softly in light of questions raised over their adherence to Council’s Code of Conduct reports Shant Fabricatorian in City News on 5 November 2009.
Kinchela plan for healing
A new plan to help Aboriginal families in NSW who are suffering from the trauma of forced removal, was launched at Redfern Community Centre reports Central on 4 November 2009.
Sydney Council has approved an IGA super­market on the ground floor of South Sydney Leagues Club in Chalmers St at Redfern reports Kim Shaw in Central of 4 November 2009.
Winds of Change
A celebration of Col James's lifetime acheivements in social housing was held at Redfern Community Centre reports Central on 28 October 2009.
Chance to Dance
Through an alliance with South Sydney Youth Services, the Urban Dance Centre runs a program titled “Chance to Dance”’ where students from the Redfern area are invited into the school reports Kristy Johnson in Central on 8 November 2009.
Australian Technology Park signs two-year sponsorship deal with Souths Cares and Australian Technology Park Performance Centre at Redfern Oval
The Australian Technology Park today entered into a two-year agreement to sponsor local community service provider Souths Cares, as well as take on the naming rights to the Australian Technology Park Performance Centre at Redfern Oval reports this media release from South Sydney Rabbitohs on 13 November 2009.
Clarification on C7 & Global TV Marshalling prior to entering ATP studios
The following extract is taken from a letter from architectus on behalf of Global Television Services and Channel 7 in relation to DA number 051-08-09 to clarify the process of audience arrival and marshalling prior to entering the studios on 29 October 2009. As this letter addresses a number of issues which have been raised as concerns in the community during exhibition we have reproduced the clarifications here. The letter from which this has been extracted is part of the DA Application which is being exhibited until 2 December 2009.
Praise & Brickbats
PICK-A-PROJECT votes are in, but not eve-ryone is happy. The State Government's community building partnerships program asked residents to pick their favourite local project for funding writes Kate Carr in the Central of 11 November 2009.
More businesses interested in Indigenous Enterprise Partnerships
An organisation that brokers partnerships between some of Australia's biggest corporations and Cape York Indigenous communities in far north Queensland says more companies want to get involved reports ABC news on 13 November 2009.
Slammin' Sam's the man for Lang
Souths kicked off their preparations for 2010 yesterday by announcing their Redfern neighbour, the Australian Technology Park, had signed a two-year deal to sponsor the club's charitable arm, Souths Cares reports this extract from Leauge HQ's Slammin' Sam's the man for Lang on 14 November 2009.
Sydney city ``most exciting’’ place to live: Community Pulse Survey
Readers from 20 newspapers across Sydney, including those of the Mt Druitt Standard, all agreed the suburb was dull. Blacktown, Redfern, Campbelltown and Liverpool rounded out the top five most boring suburbs. At the other end of the scale the city, Bondi, Manly, Newtown and Parramatta were listed as the most exciting reports Central on 18 November 2009.
Unis push for land to build student housing
FIVE public universities are negotiating with the Premier, Nathan Rees, to relax planning laws and free up Crown land to help build housing for an extra 15,000 students in Sydney reports Heath Gilmore in the Sydney Morning Herald of 19 Novemner 2009.
It's last drinks at the Abercrombie and punters raise a toast
LAST drinks have been called at a historic Sydney pub on the former Carlton United Brewery site as construction of the $2 million residential and commercial hub approaches reports Josephine Tovey in the Sydney Morning Herald of 19 November 2009.
South Sydney winger Nathan Merritt overjoyed after being named in Aboriginal All-Star team
NATHAN Merritt remembers the spot being right across the road from Souths Leagues. No barbed wire. No jagged metal, either. Just up, over and get stuck in. "Yeah, me and my cousins, we were always climbing that fence at Redfern Oval when we were little," Merritt recalls, grinning. "But back in those days it really was one of only two options ... footy or the PCYC." reports Nick Walshaw in the The Daily Telegraph on 20 November 2009.
Mixed Use Development, Redfern RSL, Gibbons Street, Redfern - Response to Submissions
The Department of Planning have made available the the respose from the Redfern RSL site developer to submissions from the public exhibition. The developers Preferred Project Report incorportates changes following public comment as well as submissions from bodies such as the RWA, Department of Planning and the City of Sydney.
Choice sites for cheaper housing
THE City of Sydney is considering selling more than $30 million worth of prime inner-city real estate to developers who will build affordable housing reports Paul Bibby Sydney Morning Herald Urban Affairs on 24 November 2009.
Wanted: housing for uni students
THE University of Sydney is seeking small-property owners to help solve a chronic student housing shortage brought about by the tough city rental market reports Heath Gilmore the Higher Education writer in the Sydney Morning Herald of 28 November 2009.
As one door closes…
Key College has avoided closure next year by finding new premises to rent in Redfern for the next two years writes Aaron Cook in City News on 26 November 2009.
Australian Technology Park—Conservation Management Plan—Feedback Requested
Following is the text of a letter sent out by Godden Mackay Logan on behalf of Australian Technology Park Precinct Management Limited (ATPPM) advising REDWatch and others of an Information and Consultation Session on the Conservation Management Plan for the Australian Technology Park on 7 December 2009. Godden Mackay Logan have requested feedback ASAP from anyone with an interest in the ATP CMP that might help them with the CMP revision. This can be made on the feedback form or by answering the questions at the foot of this page.
Str8 Ballaz un-rap their true talent
THE Str8 Ballaz have left behind their teenage past on Glebe’s streets to rap about their lives and loves writes Marie Sansom in Inner West Courier of 29 November 2009.
Jockeys with the hearts of Phar Lap
Daily Telegraph racing editor Ray Thomas talks about one of racings most heartwarming stories - Corey Brown and Hugh Bowman meet the kids at Redfern's Settlement and announce that proceeds from the NSW Jockeys' Calendar will be donated to The Settlement. The story is taken from the print edition of the Daily Telegraph 4 December 2009.
New bus for E-Bay loop?
SYDNEY Council’s “Village to Village” shuttle bus will expand next year to help fill the transport gap created when Sydney Buses cut the Elizabeth Bay loop from the 311 bus route reports Central 0n 4 December 2009.
Premier keeps Redfern Waterloo
Premier Kristina Keneally will retain the role of Minister for Redfern Waterloo in the new NSW Cabinet sworn in on 8th December 2009 reports Geoff Turnbull from REDWatch.
Premier to retain direct control over Redfern Waterloo
Premier Kristina Keneally will retain her portfolio over the Redfern Waterloo area as it is ``close to her heart’’ the new Premier told Central reports Kim Shaw in Central on 8 December 2009.
Top rider throws support behind calendar
A calendar featuring naked and semi naked jockeys proved almost as popular as the horseflesh on show at Wyong on Sunday reports AAP in the Herald Sun on 6 December 2009.
Jack Manning Bancroft Aims for the top
Jack Manning Bancroft has been named the NSW Young Australian of the Year for his work establishing the Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience. Angus Street caught up with the Balmain local to learn more about the program he founded as a university student reports Angus Street in Balmain Village Voice on 7 December 2009.
Redfern now Sydney’s Premier Suburb
Kristina Keneally, Redfern’s representative in the state parliament, is now the first female Premier of NSW writyes Aaron Cook in City News on 1o December 2009.
Darlington Pedestrian Cycling and Traffic Calming Plan Available - Goes to CoS Committee 16 Dec 09
The Final Report for the Newtown Erskineville Camperdown and Darlington Pedestrian Cycling and Traffic Calming Plan is now publically available. It is going to the 16 December 2009 CoS Traffic Committee before being endorsed by Council in 2010.
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