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News articles concerning Redfern Waterloo from various sources. Click on the headlines below for more details.
Platform 3: A massive weekend of Hip Hop at CarriageWorks Redfern
Platform 3 Hip Hop Festival at CarriageWorks was the biggest yet, with a weekend of popping, locking, jamming and graff art, beat boxing and scratching reports Sydney Central 0n 24 March 2010.
NRL struggling to secure home loan, despite code being on upswing
Negotiations between the NRL and banks to secure a loan to build new headquarters have stalled because of the code's 10-year history of near-zero cash balances. Reports Roy Masters in the Sydney Morning Herald of 20 March 2010. [One of the possible locations according to the article is the Australian Technology Park at Redfern].
52 Suburbs - Suburbs Number 6 Eveleigh & 28 Redfern
My name is Louise. I've lived in Sydney for over 30 years but have never set foot in most of its 600 plus suburbs. Now I'm on a mission to explore and photograph one new Sydney suburb a week for a year in search of the beauty in the 'burb. Care to join me? [Eveligh & Redfern have already been covered].
Documenting illicit love, hopes and dreams
Set in a remote Aboriginal settlement, Warwick 1ornton’s critically acclaimed Samson & Delilah was said by many to have been the depiction of outback life Baz Luhrmann ought to have created. And while some may be surprised that this hauntingly intimate picture made it as far as the Cannes International Film Festival, local documentary maker Mary Monro knows a thing or two about why the Indigenous film industry is moving forward in leaps and bounds reports Laura Bannister in the The Review in South Sydney Herald of February 2010.
Local Arrested at Climate Blockade
Dr Miriam Pepper of Waterloo was one of four Uniting Church members among 130 people arrested in Canberra on November 23 reports the South Sydney Herald of February 2010.
Apology and Intervention – a contradiction?
On February 13, to mark the second anniversary of the Apology to the Stolen Generation, the Stop the Intervention Collective Sydney is participating in a national day of action beginning at La Perouse at 9am for a walk against racism and finishing in a rally at The Block at 1pm reports Neil Whitfield in the South Sydney Herald of February 2010.
Rovers, the “Premier” team
The Hon. Kristina Keneally MP, Premier of NSW gave up some of her precious time on Australia Day to drop by and lend a hand to the Alexandria Rovers who were running a food stand at Yabun 2010 at Victoria Park reports Perry Johnstone in the South Sydney Herald of February 2010.
Copenhagen Accord disappoints
Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has “more than underperformed” and “bullied” small nations at the UN climate talks in Copenhagen, according to Aboriginal and Islander activist Patricia Corowa who attended the troubled summit reports Melanie Kembrey in the South Sydney Herald of February 2010.
Reducing Homelessness: One year on
A capital grant of $16 million to build a specialist aged care facility for homeless people in Redfern was reported in Member for Sydney Tanya Plibersek’s advertisement in the South Sydney Herald of February 2010
Waterloo not the poor country cousin
There were two articles in the December 2009 SSH that perpetuated the practice of categorising Waterloo as the third-class suburb of the former South Sydney local government area writes Ross Smith from Waterloo in this letter in the South Sydney Herald of February 2010.
Access to Services easier for Indigenous residents
Trying to navigate around the services available to the community can be hard work, or in some cases like finding a needle in a haystack. Now it won’t be so difficult. Just calling James or Michael will start you on the right track. They can meet with you or answer your calls reports the South Sydney Herald of February 2010.
Yaama Dhiyaan’s growing family
Aunty Beryl Van-Oploo’s story is captivating in its own right, involving an improbable rise from working in the affluent Eastern Suburbs of Sydney as a nanny, to her status today as an Indigenous community leader and co-founder of Yaama Dhiyaan Hospitality Training College. While Aunty Beryl’s past represents a rich personal narrative, it is through her efforts at the Darlington-based hospitality school that she creates a future for her students reports Georgia Flynn in the South Sydney Herald of February 2010.
Have you heard? - The fast news with Trevor Davies – February 2010
Trevor Davies in Have You Heard – The fast News in the South Sydney Herald of February 2010 has reported on a couple of Redfern Waterloo items which we have extracted below:
Tempers flare over M5 into Tempe
Tempe residents are outraged by NSW Government plans to build an arterial road through Tempe Reserve as part of the M5 corridor expansion. The arterial surface road was announced in an RTA paper in December and aims to connect the M5 East Tunnel to the airport and the industrial areas of South Sydney reports Melanie Kembrey in the South Sydney Herald of February 2010.
Indigenous Centre off to an excellent start
There was a buzz of excitement, with people meeting and greeting and looking around at the Open Day of the new National Centre for Indigenous Excellence in George Street, Redfern. The children were in the pool and watching in anticipation the arrival of the colourful inflatable which would challenge their balancing skills – all in good fun when you just fall into the water! reports Dorothy Mcrae-McMahon in the South Sydney Herald of February 2010.
Lion’s share of fundraising effort
The Redfern-Waterloo Lions Club raises money the old-fashioned way: with barbecues and bake sales, rather than hefty corporate donations. By mastering the art of the small gesture, the fledgling club has raised money for programs as diverse as the annual Yabun Aboriginal Festival, Lions Hearing Dogs Australia, and the Tribal Warrior Association. “It was about bringing people together,” says John Lanzky, co-founder of the Redfernbased outfit. That’s what it’s all about” reports Georgina Flynn in the South Sydney Herald of February 2010.
Saving the Settlement
The Sydney University Settlement, also known as the Settlement, has received State Government funding that will help begin the long-awaited redevelopment of the Settlement Neighbourhood Centre hall reports Joel Pringle in the South Sydney Herald of February 2010.
Souths pokies dispute “political”
It has been three years since members of the South Sydney Leagues Club have been able to enjoy a beer to the tinny drone of the Club’s 60 poker machines. Now in the twilight stages of a $13.75 million redevelopment, the Redfern-based club has been beleaguered by spats with City of Sydney councillors and the on-going question of whether it can survive without the revenue raised by pokies reports Georgina Flynn in the South Sydney Herald of February 2010.
Festival in Surry Hills, 2010
The Surry Hills Neigbourhood Centre has announced that the Surry Hills Festival is returning to the Crown Street area for 2010 reports Robert Morrison in the South Sydney Herald of March 2010.
Fighting for the village
An Erskineville community group says it will continue to campaign against over-development and big business, despite losing its battle against a new supermarket for the area. Friends Of Erskineville (FOE) member, Paul Howard, said: “Community groups are always formed around a specific issue ... but as a result of the passion that this community has shown to protect what they love, we will continue” reports Kelly Lane in the South Sydney Herald of March 2010.
Redfern’s purple patch
The new Purple Goanna café on Redfern Street in Redfern is an impressive establishment. Susie, Corey and Bianca offer first-class hospitality – and the coffee is smooth, delicious. I’m quite fussy when it comes to coffee, and I definitely recommend the Goanna blend reports John Lanzky in the South Sydney Herald of March 2010.
Editorial – SSH March 2010 - Homelessness
Twice a year the City’s Homelessness Unit conducts a Street Count. Last month 146 volunteers and 17 advisors worked through the night to count those in hostels and those sleeping rough throughout the City of Sydney area says the editorial in the South Sydney Herald of March 2010.
Have you heard? - The fast news with Trevor Davies - March 2010
Trevor Davies in Have You Heard – The fast News in the South Sydney Herald of March 2010 has reported on a couple of Redfern Waterloo items which we have extracted below:
Sydney housing “severely unaffordable”
Sydney has been ranked as one of the least affordable places in the world to buy a home, according to the latest Demographia annual international housing affordability survey. The results of the survey released in January rated Sydney housing as “severely unaffordable” reports Rita Mu in the South Sydney Herald of March 2010.
Anger over M5 in Alexandria
Alexandrians are just as outraged as Tempe residents about NSW Government plans to build a new arterial road from the M5 east tunnel to the airport and inner-southern Sydney. Residents are unhappy about the lack of information about the new road and have said that there is “not enough time” for community feedback. The new arterial road, part of M5 corridor expansion, was announced last November reports Rita Mu in the South Sydney Herald of March 2010.
The backdoor privatisation of public housing
“We consider, however, that housing is essentially an expression of the way of life of the people, and that, therefore, it is impossible to separate housing from a consideration of the broader aspects of the life of the people – from such questions, as how and where they earn their living, and how and where they spend their leisure.” (Ben Chifley, 1944 Commonwealth Housing Commission Report) Ross Smith writes in a comment piece in the South Sydney Herald of March 2010.
Brothers, where art thou?
For some, it is difficult to imagine a distinct and perpetual disempowerment within one’s own community. Yet according to 62-year-old Donald Clark, a Darlington-born man who has dedicated the majority of his adult life to issues of social justice, many Aboriginal men are plagued by feelings of non-involvement and isolation. The SSH spoke to Mr Clark about social exclusion and what the Babana Aboriginal Men’s Group is doing to combat it reports Laura Bannister in the South Sydney Herald of March 2010.
Match of the day
Every Thursday afternoon, it all comes together at the Newtown Neighbourhood Centre reports the South Sydney Herald of March 2010.
Alexandrians fear giant car park
Alexandria residents fear their suburb is at risk of becoming “a giant car park” as Chanel Seven moves into its newly built offices at the Australian Technology Park (ATP) reports Flint Duxfield in the South Sydney Herald of March 2010.
Minister visits Centre of Indigenous Excellence
The Minister for Indigenous Affairs, Jenny Macklin, recently visited the new Centre of Indigenous Excellence in Redfern. It is, of course, a national project. Apart from some heckling by those present in relation to the continuing Federal Government National Intervention Programme, the Minister was well received reports the South Sydney Herald of March 2010.
Chicka Dixon funeral: State funeral for Aboriginal warrior
Aboriginal activist Charles “Chicka” Dixon’s state funeral today featured traditional Aboriginal body paint, the black power salute (made famous at the 1968 Mexico City Olympic Games) and a coffin draped in the Aboriginal flag and covered with messages from those left behind writes Raylene Bliss in the Southern Courier on 31 March 2010.
Off with his head: prince pledges to return warrior's skull
THE Aboriginal warrior Pemulwuy was a ''pest to the colony'' who led the first war of resistance against British settlers before he was shot, decapitated and his head sent to England. But now the future king of England has made it his personal mission to ensure Pemulwuy's remains come home writes Josephine Tovey in the Sydney Morning Herald of 1 April 2010.
Cannabis: It’s Not Our Culture exhibition
An Indigenous art exhibition, to be held on Tuesday, March 30 at 11 am – 12.30 pm at CarriageWorks will launch the National Cannabis Prevention and Information Centre’s (NCPIC) Indigenous project, ‘Cannabis: It’s not our culture’. The project entails a dedicated website:, the one-day exhibition, and development of resources for Indigenous healthcare workers reports The Southern Courier on 31 March 2010.
Sydney rain gardens clean up
Dozens of new rain gardens will be planted across Sydney as part of the City of Sydney’s plan to harvest and treat stormwater writes Robert Burton-Bradley in Central on 29 March 2010.
Central Clarification Regarding Robert Domm, ICAC & RWA
The following appeared under the heading “Clarification” in the Central of 24 March 2010.
Wide Support for weekly welfare payments
Redfern resident, Matthew Panny, receives his disability support pension every two weeks. Mr Panny may soon receive payment every week if new legislation introduced by the Federal Government is passed reports Melanie Kembray in the South Sydney Herald of April 2010.
Meet the Greens candidate for Sydney - Tony Hickey
Chippendale teacher and openly gay man, Tony Hickey, has won the Greens pre-selection vote to contest the seat of Sydney at the next federal election reports Melanie Kembrey in the South Sydney Herald of April 2010.
Hospital site – a step closer to affordable housing target
After years in limbo, the old South Sydney Hospital site will finally be put to good use. The City of Sydney Council has endorsed City West Housing (CWH) to build up to 150 affordable housing units on the site. This will be one step towards the Council reaching its target of 15 per cent affordable housing by 2030 reports Rebecca LeMay in the South Sydney Herald of April 2010.
Androgyny de-certified?
Over the past month resident cartoonist for the SSH, known simply as Norrie, has had a unique and not sometimes unwanted experience. After becoming the first person in New South Wales to be registered as “Sex: Not Specified”, Norrie also became the first person to have such a non-distinction taken away reports Nicholas McCallum in the South Sydney Herald of April 2010.
In praise of difference, decadence and diversity
Elaine Pelot Syron was born into photography. Her father, John Crews Pelot, was an American WWI documentary photographer, and her own passion was ignited during the 1970s with the genesis of Aboriginal legal, medical and land rights. “History was happening around me. I responded with objective images,” she says. Report by Andrew Woodhouse in the South Sydney Herald of April 2010
Uber cool, with affordable comfort
A talent explosion is occurring in what is becoming Sydney’s hippest neighbourhood for interior design – Redfern! Known for some time by the more price conscious retro furniture cognoscenti, first Regent and now Redfern streets are home to several of the trendiest shops in the city. Leading the way in affordability and style is A Pair of Chairs, owned by local resident, Kim Stewart reports the South Sydney Herald of April 2010.
Voice of refugee youth
South Sydney Community Aid is celebrating the receipt of a $50,000 grant that will benefit young African Muslim refugees reports Philip Wen in the South Sydney Herald of April 2010.
Tanya Plibersek on Closing the gap on Indigenous employment
The following Advertisement from Tanya Plibersek, Federal Member for Sydney dealt with Closing the gap on Indigenous employment in the South Sydney Herald of April 2010
Kristina Keneally on the NCIE
The following Advertisement from Kristina Keneally, State Member for Heffron dealt with the opening of the NCIE in the South Sydney Herald of April 2010
Have you heard? - The fast news with Trevor Davies - April 2010
Trevor Davies in Have You Heard – The fast News in the South Sydney Herald of April 2010 has reported on a couple of Redfern Waterloo items which we have extracted below:
The NCIE now open!
Many of us had already visited the National Centre of Indigenous Excellence before it was officially opened by Prime Minister Kevin Rudd recently. However, that took nothing away from the great day. After all the planning, building, preparing of the great facilities and training of its enthusiastic and capable staff, the formal opening was still a very special celebration reports Dorothy McRae-McMahon in the South Sydney Herald of April 2010.
RWA optimism
The recent opening of the National Centre of Indigenous Excellence (NCIE), the new Redfern Health Centre and the one-year anniversary of the Eveleigh Farmers Market are three tangible examples of the good work being done to benefit Waterloo and Redfern, according to Redfern Waterloo Authority CEO, Roy Wakelin-King reports Kelly Lane in the South Sydney Herald of April 2010.
University campus at North Eveleigh?
The University of Sydney’s campus expansion plans have been disrupted for more than two years by the State Government, which has failed to make a decision about the sale of an Eveleigh site reports Melanie Kembrey in the South Sydney Herald of April 2010.
No uplifting news for Redfern
Redfern Railway Station still lacks a plan to make it disability friendly, despite the State Government’s pledge to spend $50 billion improving Sydney’s transport system. While every other major Sydney station from North Sydney to Sydenham is expected to be an Easy Access station by 2016, Redfern is still in the planning stages reports Flint Duxfield in the South Sydney Herald of April 2010.
Me-Mel: Goat Island though Bennelong’s eyes - Media Release
Aboriginal training and cultural organisation, Tribal Warrior Association, will hold a day of cultural celebrations and festivities on Sydney Harbour’s Goat Island on Sunday 18 April says this Media Release from Tribal Warrior on 12 April 2010.
Clover Moore Supports Sydney Uni Public Forum for 28 April
Clover More in her enews No 492 of Friday 16 April 2010 has welcomed Sydney University's initiative in exploring opportunities for working with the community for mutual benefit over the North Eveleigh site. She will attend the forum being run by the University at CarriageWorks on 28 April. The text from the enews is below:
That’s the way we roll
Many families in Sydney own a set of the shiny steel balls known as boules, but due to a lack of proper places to play most are only used at picnics for a game or two on grass. Redfern resident, Darin Evans, would like to change that. “The proper name for the game is petanque and the surface is hard dirt with some gravel. This allows the full range of skills and tactics to come out,” he explained reports the South Sydney Herald of May 2010.
Shades of red
Miriam Cabello, Reena Shein, Floria Tosca and Maria Villa are a diverse group of artists sharing a common bond through a focus on materiality as pertinent to their artistic practices. They have chosen “red” as their theme for this show. It is the beacon that highlights their individual concerns but also connects them to each other reports the South Sydney Herald of May 2010.
Question time
A while ago Dr Peta Seaton (the doctorate is in archaeology) sat around the table with a number of people in or on the edges of politics, among them former NSW Premier Nick Greiner, and asked a number of questions. Many were questions Peta Seaton had fielded from constituents when she was Liberal Party member for the Southern Highlands from 1996 to 2007. From this came draft notes, and then, 2010 to 2011 being election season in a number of states, and federally, it was decided to formulate questions and answers at greater length in a book reports Neil Whitfield in the South Sydney Herald of May 2010.
Help for problem gamblers
The recent Australian Productivity Commission Report shows that for every problem gambler, there are five to 10 others who are significantly affected. “Those who have a close relationship with problem gamblers are often the first to realise something is wrong,” says Sondra Kalnins from HopeStreet’s Inner City Gambling Counselling Service. “Because of that they have a vital role to play in ensuring that those gamblers get the help they need before the situation becomes critical.” reports the Editorial in the South Sydney Herald of May 2010.
Underground gardening
Dozens of new rain gardens will be built throughout the city as part of the City of Sydney’s plan to treat stormwater pollution reports Tara Clifford in the South Sydney Herald of May 2010.
Last month’s demo on The Block
Trevor Davies in Have You Heard – The fast News in the South Sydney Herald of May 2010 has reported the following Redfern Waterloo item extracted below:
New regulations for disabled
The Commonwealth Government has introduced a basic set of access standards for people with disabilities as part of a 10-year National Disability Strategy reports Laura Bannister in the South Sydney Herald of May 2010.
Learning to share
A Multicultural Playgroup has been established at the Alexandria Community Centre. The group started as an offshoot of the Alexandria Park Playgroup to meet the needs of local families from non-English-speaking backgrounds reports Brendan Wong in the South Sydney Herald of May 2010.
Gamarada – stronger, better
It is a Monday night, just after 7pm, and in a room to the left of the reception desk at Redfern Community Centre, a gathering of Indigenous men is taking place. Among their number are numerous guests, including Shadow Attorney General and Shadow Minister for Justice Greg Smith, who is eager to support the group’s work reports Laura Bannister in the South Sydney Herald of May 2010.
Saving community services
St Saviour’s Anglican Church in Young Street, Redfern, prides itself on providing various community groups with the opportunity to use its church hall in Ogden Lane. At least four community groups claim the mailing address of 9 Ogden Lane, Redfern, including the Food Distribution Network, South Sydney Community Transport, the Housing Access and Care Program, and the Uniting Care Home Maintenance Services reports Georgia Flynn in the South Sydney Herald of May 2010.
Kristina Keneally on Waterloo High Rise Initiative
Kristina Keneally MP Member of Heffron provided the following information about the HNSW trial in Waterloo High Rises in her Advertisement in the South Sydney Herald of May 2010.
Academic body needs good neighbours
An uneasy alliance has formed between the residents of Darlington and their expansive neighbour, Sydney University. A community meeting at the Settlement in Edward Street on April 20 confirmed the University’s intention to build better relations reports Nicholas McCallum in the South Sydney Herald of May 2010.
University of Sydney Community Notice
The following advertisement appeared in the South Sydney Herald of May 2010 from Sydney University.
New Move for CarriageWorks CEO, Sue Hunt
CarriageWorks announces the resignation of its inaugural Chief Executive. Linda Gregoriou, Acting Chair of CarriageWorks’ Board, has this week announced the resignation of Carriageworks’ Chief Executive, Sue Hunt according to CarriagewWorks May 2010 News.
City Supports Sydney University Proposal for North Eveleigh
Council has provided in-principle support to Sydney University for their proposal to redevelop North Eveleigh. The proposal, which includes using the site for student accommodation and educational facilities, will ensure it remains in publicly owned land and that its heritage is protected reports CLOVER'S eNEWS - Friday 14 May 2010 - No. 496.
HNSW Community Renewal Events for Redfern Waterloo - June 2010
The letter below has been sent by Housing NSW to their Redfern Waterloo stakeholders with details of events HNSW are holding in June 2010 about community and urban renewal for residents and local organisations in Redfern and Waterloo.
Clover supports Sydney Uni plan for North Everleigh
Council last Monday passed a Lord Mayoral Minute endorsing Sydney University’s plan for the North Everleigh site reports Gareth Narunsky in City News on Thursday, 20 May 2010.
Eyes on your goal: a fresh place to love learning
The National Centre of Indigenous Excellence aims to transform a community, writes Vincent Matthews in the Sydney Morning Herald of May 17, 2010
Drug hidden in washing powder cartons: police
A man has been charged after nearly 50kg of the drug pseudoephedrine was allegedly discovered in washing powder cartons at an inner-Sydney property reports AAP in the Sydney Morning Herald of 16 May 2010.
Jackpot: struggling clubs find an ace up their sleeves
Struggling to remain relevant and profitable in the face of demographic changes and plummeting revenue, RSL clubs are looking to exploit their major asset: property reports Kelsey Munro Urban Affairs at the Sydney Morning Herald on 17 May 2010.
Centre helps students begin new chapter in life
UNTIL just a few months ago, year 6 Aboriginal student Aliesha Price was struggling to read. She tripped over tricky words and skipped whole chunks of text, making textbooks difficult to understand and lessons hard to follow. Since enrolling in the Exodus Foundation's intensive literacy program in Redfern, she can read aloud smoothly from a novel, only slowing occasionally to sound out longer words reports Megan Johnson in the Sydney Morning Herald of 13 May 2010.
Aboriginal Centre of Excellence Opens in Sydney
Described as a watershed moment in recent Aboriginal history, Australia's first Centre for Indigenous Excellence has opened in the inner-city district of Redfern in Sydney reports Phil Mercer on BBC News Thursday, 22 April, 2010.
Redfern Vine Street Factories for Sale
Real Estate agents McGrath are advertising by Auction on 31 May 2010 the sale of industrial land at 2 - 23 Vine Street Redfern. The site backs on The Block owned by the Aboriginal Housing Company and is covered by the RWA's Planning Controls. Development would be dealt with under Part 3A by the Department of Planning.
Rail tunnel plan threatens historic homes
JUST two months after the NSW government spared the heritage suburbs of Pyrmont and Rozelle by dumping the CBD Metro, another historic precinct is under threat from another controversial transport plan reports Andrew West in the Sydney Morning Herald of 4 June 2010.
Leamington Avenue Resumption Warning Leaflet - June 2010
The unsigned leaflet below was distributed to residents in Leamington Avenue in early June 2010. It warned residents of State Government Plans which may lead to the resumption of land in Leamington Avenue at MacDonaldtown adjoining North Eveleigh. THe text of the leaflet is below as is a copy of the map from a study in 2002 for RailCorp showing impacted properties. On June 4 Andrew West in the SMH ran a story "Rail tunnel plan threatens historic homes" on the issue.
Wanted: Good home for $1.5m art collection
If you are caught in Sydney’s housing squeeze, spare a thought for Gordon and Elaine Pelot-Syron who need a home for around 1,500 seminal Aboriginal artworks, most recently collectively valued at $1.5 million, Michael Gormly reports the latest about Gordon and Elaine Syron's collection in City News on 3 June 2010.
Discounts to lure buyers to public housing
PUBLIC housing estates in 10 Sydney suburbs will be rejuvenated, old buildings demolished, new roads built and first-home buyers enticed into communities with discounts reports Kirsty Needham Social Affairs Correspondent in the Sydney Morning Herald of 7 June 2010. [The story also announces "$3 million has been allocated for a masterplan to redevelop 1000 public housing dwellings in the Redfern and Waterloo areas"-REDWatch].
CEOs swap a day in the office to help local community centre
Decorating a playroom, painting a fence, and getting their hands dirty in the garden; these were just some of the tasks involved for a group of Sydney-based CEOs who spent the day at The Shop, Waterloo, a centre for women and children, as part of the CEO Day of Caring, organised by UnitedWay reports this media release from the Redfern Waterloo Authority on 27 May 2010.
Housing Affordability Fund to Deliver 10 Urban Renewal Projects in NSW
The following media release from Federal Minister for Housing Tanya Plibersek and NSW Minister for Housing Frank Terenzini anouced on 7 June 2010 the granting of $3.05 million to create a concept plan for the redevelopment of existing social housing precincts in Redfern and Waterloo. The full text of the media release is beloow
Keeping the Keeping Place
City of Sydney Greens Councillor Irene Doutney today echoed calls by the National Trust to set up an Indigenous art centre at Barangaroo, saying it could be an ideal location to permanently house the world renowned Aboriginal art collection known as The Keeping Place says this media release on 23 June 2010 from Sydney Councillor Irene Doutney.
Jesuit School Plans for Aboriginal Children in Redfern
A new, tuition-free Jesuit primary school for Aboriginal children is set to open its doors in Sydney in 2011, providing disadvantaged children with a quality, holistic education which responds to the needs of local families and draws from the students' own culture reports Catherine Marshall in the CathNews on 8 July 2010.
The end for The Block
RESIDENTS have begun being evicted from the notorious Aboriginal housing slum known as The Block, which will be demolished within months reports Yoni Bashan in the Sunday Telegraph of 19 September 2010.
ABC announces indigenous drama ‘Redfern Now’
The ABC and Screen Australia have announced the commencement of development on a new television series specifically designed to involve indigenous writers and film-makers reports Cyril Washbrook on 22 September 2010 in Media Spy.
Redfern Waterloo Authority sits on affordable housing money
Greens MP David Shoebridge has called on the Government to start spending money collected for affordable housing purposes in the Redfern Waterloo area reports this media relerase from David Shoebridge on 22 September 2010.
Correctional Centre DA to be Withdrawn
On Friday 29 October Carmel Tebbutt advised that she had "received advice that Corrective Services NSW has reconsidered the proposed Darlington site. The Community Offender Services Office will remain at its current Newtown location." This article provides background from REDWatch on the proposal to establish a Correction Services office at 145-151 Cleveland Street Darlington. There was community concern about the lack of information regarding the facility and the possible impact on the surrounding residential neighbourhood. The DA is currently still on exhibition but give the advice from Carmel Tebbutt it is expected the DA will be withdrawn.
Corrective Services drops Plans for Darlington site
"Today I received advice that Corrective Services NSW has reconsidered the proposed Darlington site. The Community Offender Services Office will remain at its current Newtown location." reports this statement from the Members for Marrickville Carmel Tebbutt on 29 October 2010.
Cabinet Approves New Urban Renewal SEPP
"State cabinet has approved a new State Environmental Planning Policy for urban renewal, which is designed to bring 770,000 new dwellings into urban areas, and provide 60,000 jobs in the next 25 years. The government has announced that it will apply to Newcastle, along with the previously announced suburbs of Redfern-Waterloo and Granville in Sydney" reports this news item from the ABC on November 1 2010.
New Chance for Young People at Risk - 90 Regent St
Homeless and disadvantaged young people will be given hope, help and opportunities to access education, training, jobs, counseling, and drug/alcohol programs when the Property Industry Foundation takes over City premises at 90 Regent Street, Redfern reports Clover's eNews of Friday 3 December 2010.
New Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras workshops open in Redfern St
The buzz is building for the Mardi Gras Parade 2011, with new workshops powered by Google, opening in Redfern St Redfern. Volunteers are sought to help build the community floats which will light up Oxford St on March 5 reports Kim Shaw in Central on 12 January 1011.
$1.25 Million and Office in Redfern for The Big Issue
Premier Kristina Keneally on 4 February announced the NSW Government will provide $1.25 million funding and new free office space [in Redfern] for The Big Issue to support homelessness initiatives in NSW reports this media statement from the Premier of NSW.
Glimmer of Hope for TJ Hickey Justice
This media release was issued on 10 February 2011 prior to 7th Anniversary March on 14 February 2011. It provides the news that that the Redfern Police no longer have any objection to the plaque being placed on the fence-line where TJ was impaled. Luke Freudenstein will explain this move, among other matters, when he addresses the rally/march on Monday. The text of the media statement is below.
Parking in Alexandria - Letter from Lord Mayor to Residents
The letter below was written on 11 March 2011 to an Alexandria resident regarding the Council's follow up to the ATP Parking Study. Given the general interest in Alexandria about this issue we are running the letter on the REDWatch website.
ATP Letter to Communters & an ATP Worker Response
Following concerns from Alexandria residents regarding ATP tenants parking in local streets the ATP in mid March leafleted cars parked in the area encouraging any ATP tenants to park within the ATP and offering concessional rates. Subsequently REDWatch received a copy of a letter from some workers at ATP responding to the ATP letter. Given some of the tensions between residents and commuters we thought it was worthwhile publishing the text of the original ATPPML leaflet and the reply from some commuters about the issue.
The Good, The Bad and the BE2
The Built Environment Plan 2(BE2) focuses on renewal of the two principal estates of public housing in Redfern and Waterloo writes Bruce Lay in The South Sydney Herald of April, 2011
Public Housing Sell-Off
REDFERN-WATERLOO: The Redfern Waterloo Authority released its blueprint plan for the future of public housing land in Redfern and Waterloo. After several years in development, The Draft Built Environment Plan 2 was made available for public comment reports South Sydney Herald in April 2011.
Inner-city fights to save its villages
This article in the Sydney Morning Herald of 11 April by Jonathan Chancellor covers the Ashmore estate at Erskineville where city and state planners disagree over the allowable density for its development. While this development is outside Redfern and Waterloo the extra traffic from such developments are likely to have an impact given the railway lines.
Questions for New NSW Government
REDWatch has set out a series of questions in has about NSW Government Policy as it relates to Redfern and Waterloo Issues. The list of questions below were part of an invitation to Premier Barry O'Farrell for himself or one of his relevant Ministers to attend a REDWatch meeting and brief locals about how his Government proposes to do to address a range of Redfern and Waterloo Issues.
Noisy garden shed at Redfern's ATP deemed "temporary''
NEIGHBOURS of the Australian Technology Park temporary gardeners’ compound are ecstatic it will finally live up to its “temporary” label now that the application to extend its use for another five years has been withdrawn reports Central on 30 April 2011.
Newest attraction leaves the platform
IT'S enough to make the Fat Controller jealous - and so it should, having cost the NSW taxpayer about $30 million. But when Trainworks, the state's newest tourist attraction, opens its doors for the first time tomorrow afternoon, Agris Celinskis hopes a new generation will be entranced by the magic of steam reports Steve Meacham in the Sydney Morning Herald of 2 April 2011.
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