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SMDA planning glimpse - BEP2

BEP2 will return with an SMDA exhibition of planning controls and an Urban Renewal Studies Overview Report about mid-2012 writes Geoff Turnbull in the South Sydney Herald of March 2012.

The HNSW Preliminary Masterplan along with the RWA’s Draft BEP2 will be reviewed by the Government Architect’s Office. Other Urban Renewal Studies summarised include a Communications and Consultation study; an Urban Design and Built Form Review; Transport, Traffic and Accessibility Review; Social Impact Scoping and Assessment; Economic Analysis; Sustainable Servicing and Supporting Infrastructure Assessment. See details on www.smda.com.au.

REDWatch is concerned more detailed studies are being left to the Developers rather than undertaken in determining the BEP2 proposals. REDWatch would also like to see all SMDA and HNSW studies publically released prior to any planning control exhibition so the community can digest the studies and comment on them prior to commenting on the consequent planning controls.

Source: South Sydney Herald March 2012 - www.southsydneyherald.com.au