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On Friday 27 April, 2007 Minister for Housing Matt Brown issued a media release announcing that the redevelopment of the Elizabeth Street, Redfern public housing site would proceed as part of State Plan Priority E6: strengthening our social housing sector. The Text of the Media Statement and the fact sheet is provided below.

Minister for Housing, Matt Brown today green lighted the redevelopment of the Elizabeth Street, Redfern public housing site, which aims to revitalise the inner-city neighborhood and help turn it into a welcoming community for more young families, the elderly and those most in need.

"After years of community consultation and a tough competition between some of the best architects in the State, I am pleased to announce that the Elizabeth Street public and private housing project is going ahead – delivering better quality housing in a high-demand inner-city area," Mr Brown said.

"The new designs are modern, eco-friendly, sustainable and attractive. We're honoring our commitment to improving social housing - and this development aims to set a new standard in housing design in the inner city."

The old site, consisting of 106 walk-up units built in 1953, will be transformed into a total of 264 modern apartments and houses - land for 158 of these will be sold on the private market and the profits will absorb part of the $27 million cost.

Details of the redevelopment include:

  • 40 terraced houses with backyards for families
  • 66 purpose built accommodation for seniors
  • Common recreation and green areas
  • Environmentally friendly fixtures such as; rainwater tanks, water saving shower heads and cross ventilation design to reduce energy use

Member for Heffron, Kristina Kenneally, welcomed the redevelopment adding: "This is great news for the people of Redfern. This new, state-of-the art development aims to inspire this diverse, inner city neighbourhood that has remained relatively unchanged for over 50 years."

Mr Brown said the Department of Housing will now lodge a Development Application for the LFA Architect's design. Construction is set to begin in early 2008 and is due to be completed over the following 18 months.



Elizabeth Street, Redfern Redevelopment

  • Construction will begin on the $27 million, 264 dwelling estate on Elizabeth Street, Redfern in 2008.
  • It is expected to be completed in mid 2009.
  • Community consultation began in December 2002 when South Sydney Council approved the master plan.
  • The Department of Housing has met with almost all of the 106 current tenants in the development
  • They will continue to work towards addressing their concerns and meeting their needs during this change
  • The new dwellings will replace the older style apartments that were built in 1953.
  • The new development will comprise of terrace family homes and custom-made apartments for the elderly.
  • Part of the cost of the new public housing should be absorbed by the sale of the private housing land.
  • The private land to be sold is a footprint for 158 new dwellings.
  • The redevelopment saves the Department of Housing $5 million in maintenance every ten years.
  • All existing residents will be offered alternative housing in the area.
  • They will also be offered a guarantee of return to housing appropriate to their needs in the new accommodation if they so wish.

Further information is to be added to the Department of Housing Website at: