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HNSW Response to REDWatch Discussion Paper

Below is a response from Housing NSW to the REDWatch Discussion Paper "Planning for the Redevelopment of Redfern & Waterloo Public Housing - Some of the questions for discussion" in September 2010.

Housing NSW has been keen to encourage informed discussion about renewal, so we welcome your thoughtful contribution to the debate.

In that context, we have engaged a number of designers to do some early work. The ‘Cuppa with Designa’ event was intended to put these designers in front of the community in an informal setting, begin to give them some idea of residents concerns and to promote discussion.

We acknowledge that there could have been some confusion about the purpose of the event, in the absence of a clear engagement structure.

We are working hard on a paper to outline the community engagement process and structure, informed by Stakeholder Interviews (conducted over the last years by Bernie and Bruce), previous discussion at BEMAC and discussion at Stakeholder Forums to date. Roy [Wakelin-King RAW CEO] has already indicated that this document will be provided to BEMAC.

You raise a number of important design issues in your paper, including refurbishment of high rise buildings, the potential for tenure mix within buildings, densities, open space provision and affordable housing. These are all issues for BEP2 and for the masterplanning process and we will be addressing them as part of these processes, as appropriate.

You mention the need for service improvements (and the resources to support them) to make social mix work. We, like the RWA, understand the need for services to serve the needs of residents and that the social impacts of development need to be properly planned for.

Management is also an issue and the example of place management at Kensington I think you will agree is instructive.

Thanks for your comments and we look forward to continuing to work with you.


Bernie Coates

Director Community Building | Strategic Projects | Housing NSW