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Exisiting Planning Controls

Under the Redfern Waterloo Authority (RWA) controls were put in place for much of Redfern and Eveleigh. Here you will find copies of the controls that were current when the NSW Minister announced that the future of these controls would be determined as part of the Central to Eveleigh Global Precinct Opportunity.
File RWA Land Application Map (325 kB)
This map shows the land covered by the RWA's planning controls. File is 325 kB
File RWA Land Use Zoning Map
This map shows the Land Use Zoning for the RWA area. File is 344 kB PDF
File Heritage Map
This is the RWA Heritage Map covering Redfern amd Eveleigh Heritage. File is 338 kB.
File Additional Permitted Uses
This map deals with Additional Permitted Uses on Railway lands. It specifically allows for a range of information and education facilities and rail infrastructure facilities on land shown. The intent was to allow uuses for the Large Erecting Shop that would permit its use for some Rail Heritage and public access uses subject to Development Application. THe SEPP says “Despite any other provision of this Policy, a person may, with development consent, carry out development for the purposes of information and education facilities and rail infrastructure facilities on land shown hatched on the Additional Permitted Uses Map.” PDF 326 kB.
File RWA Height of Buildings Map
This is the RWA Height of Buildings Map. File is 346 kB.
File Floor Space Ratios
This map shows the Floor Space ratio's permitted accroiss the site. PLease note that no Floor Space Ratios are given for ATP. These are covewred by another map. File is 348 kB.
File ATP Gross Floor Area Map
The ATP Gross Floor Area Map allocates total gross floor space to specific ATP sites. It is an alternative to the Floor space ratios and is necessary because they were not included in the wider RWA FSR Map. File is 158 kB.