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C2E Precincts

UrbanGrowth NSW proposed the Central to Eveleigh (C2E) Corridor be divided into five Precincts in their "Central to Eveleigh Corridor: Concept Plan" consultation in June 2014. Here you will find details for the proposed C2E Precincts.
File Draft Central to Eveleigh Corridor Concept Plan Precint Map
The draft map of proposed Central to Eveleigh Precincts was provided to focus groups in June 2014. The map shows the proposed precincts in June 2014 and a timeframe for work on those precincts. The location of the precincts covered below is based on the precincts in this map. Page 2 covers six themes UrbanGrowth also consulted on.
South Eveleigh Precinct
The South Eveleigh Precinct covers part of the public housing around Explorer Street and adjoining park and railway land. This site has also been the subject of RWA BEP1 zoning and the Draft BEP2 study of public housing. The Urban Transformation Study (UTS) limits the South Eveleigh Precinct to the public housing estate. At the launch of the UTS UrbanGrowth adviced that development of this site will be up to Land and Housing Corporation's Communities Plus progeamme for redevelopment of public housing estates.
North Eveleigh Precinct
The North Eveleigh Precinct under Central to Eveleigh only covers the western part or Newtown end of this site. This site have previously been the subject of RWA BEP1 zoning and an approved Part 3A Concept Plan. Some development has taken place on this part of the site with the construction of a new access road and an affordable hosing project. City of Sydney have also considered new parks proposed by UrbanGrowth for this site in keeping with the Approved Concept Plan. This site is flagged for early development in the final Urban Transformation Study.
Australian Technology Park Precinct
The Australian Technology Park Precinct covers the same area that was previously defined by the RWA for the Australian Technology Park. This site has also been the subject of RWA BEP1 zoning. With the sale of the ATP, the ATP disappears as a precinct in the final UrbanGrowth Urban Transformation Study.
Redfern Precinct
The Redfern Precinct covers from Cleveland Street to Carriageworks. This includes the Redfern end of the RWA's North Eveleigh and part of the RWA BEP1's Redfern Station Gibbons and Regent Streets precinct hence part of this site is subject to RWA BEP1 zoning. This is the most difficult of the UrbanGrowth Precincts including Redfern Station and land that Rail would like to retain. It will be a focus for precinct planning in 2017 by UrbanGrowth C2E.
Central Station Precinct
The Central Station Precinct covers from Bourke Street car park to Cleveland Street. This area was outside the operational area of the RWA. With the new Metro Station going into Central and expensive redevelopment options above the rail lines, the Urban Transformation Study indicates that this precinct has been passed back to Transport for NSW to progress.