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A Real Heritage Walk

Here we are not talking about the RWA's "Heritage Walk pedestrian and bike bridge" we are interested in what someone visiting Eveleigh might be able to see and visit on either a self guided tour or with a tour guide. This paints a picture of what the site has to offer to an overseas train enthusiast visiting Australia's global city as well as what it might offer to a local visitor or school seeking to understand the former rail yards and their significance to the area, the state and Australia's labour history.
A Tour of the Twelve Listed heritage items
This is an extract from Brian Dunnett and Robert Haworth's paper "The fate of Eveleigh: more of ‘Ugly Sydney’ or an enhancement of the greatest rail heritage site in the world?" The paper looks at the twelve sites recognised by the RWA accross Eveleigh as a walking tour.
File ATP Eveleigh Heritage Trail Walk
This is a copy of the ATP's Eveleigh Heritage Trail produced in 2004 as a self guided heritage tour arround the Technology Park. File is 601 PDF.