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Heritage Listings & Significance

The Former Eveleigh Rail yards were considered of world importance by the Smithsonian Institute and a number of listings on parts of the site appear on the NSW Heritage Register. In 2007 and 2008 attempts have been made to obtain National Heritage Listing for the Large Erecting Shop. In both these years the Large also featured in the National Trust's 10 most at risk heritage sites in Australia. Details of listings can be found here.
Letter From Smithsonian Institutie on Importance of Eveleigh - 1988
This is a letter from 1988 from The Smithsonian Institution - National Museum of American History Washington DC about the importance, and the great rarity of the machinery collection here at Eveleigh. The File is 927 KB PDF with OCR overlay.
Federal Heritage Listings
For the second year in a row The National Trust (NSW) and Friends of Eveleigh have nominated the Large Erecting Shop to try and gain a National Listing. Currently the Eveleigh Railway Workshops as a whole and the Chief Mechanical Engineers Office are registered. You can find the links to registered, nominated and rejected entries below:
NSW Heritage Listings for Eveleigh Railyards
The importance of the Former Eveleigh Railyards can be established by looking at the entries in the online NSW Heritage database. For ease of locating entries about Eveleigh we have provided the links to the various entries concerning the Eveleigh Railyards below:
National Trust (NSW)
The National Trust has an active concern for Eveleigh Rail Heritage, twice successfully nominating the Large Erecting Shop for the National Trust’s national top 10 Our Heritage at risk list. The National Trust (NSW) attended the Eveleigh Heritage Meeting on 28 October 2008 and outlined their concerns.
Historical Material on the Eveleigh Railyard Re-development
Here you will find some details on documents relating to the redevelopment of the Eveleigh Railyards. If you have a copy of any of the key reports REDWatch would appreciate a copy.
File Eveleigh 2008 - Railway Heritage Map
The Friends of Eveleigh have produced this map of the former Eveleigh Rail Yards to show what remains of the former Eveleigh complex. While much has been removed key elements remain that could provide the focus for both active rail heritage and for heritage tourism. File is 415 KB PDF.
The RWA Heritage SEPP Map
This is the official RWA Heritage Planning map which shows the buildings recognised by the RWA as of Heritage significance. Such a precinct has great potential for heritage tourism if a well thought out heritage interpretation strategy is put in place. Note file is 3MB PDF.
File 2005 ATP Conservation Management Plan
A scanned version 17,080KB of the 1995 Australian Technology Park Conservation Management Plan (CMP) could be found on the old ATP website. With the exhibition in 2012 REDWatch has posted this smaller version with an OCR overlay that makes it possible to search the document. Please note however that the OCR on an old document is not always correct and that you must check any text copied from the document against the underlying scan. REDWatch holds a copy of the larger scanned document if required. File is 7.5 MB PDF.
ATP Conservation Management Plan
A link to the 1995 Australian Technology Park Conservation Management Plan (CMP) can be found on the ATP website. This CMP is still current and provides the basis for Heritage Conservation decisions at the ATP. This is a scan of the original document and is a very large 17080KB.
ATP Eveleigh Moveable Items
The Moveable Heritage items at Eveleigh and their maintainence were originally covered in the "Eveleigh Workshops Management Plan for Moveable Items and Social History" by Godden Mackay in July 1996. Here we have posted Volume 1 and Volume 3 of the 1996 report. In September 2008 The Australian Technology Park undertook a Section 170 Register Overview Report by Futurepast Heritage Consulting P/L which was accepted by the Heritage Office. When the s170 report became publicly available on the ATP website in December 2009 some changes were made to the report. The original report recommended disposal of 13 of the items covered in the 1996 report. By making extracts of both these reports available it is possible to cross reference the proposed disposals. As the original 1996 document is a scan it is not searchable. To assist in the location of items we have constructed a text index. The Inventory number can then be matched to the rlevent PDF file with detailed information about the significance of a piece of equipment or an assemblabe in the 1996 Management Plan referenced in the 1995 Conservation management Plan which is available on the ATP website.
Eveleigh Railyards Nominated for National Heritage Register
Greater Eveleigh Railway Precinct has been nominated for the National Heritage Register by Friends of Eveleigh. Below you can see the details of the National Heritage Database. Supporters of the nomination in January 2011 included NSW's new Premier Barry O'Farrell and the new Planning and Infrastructure Minister Brad Hazzard who also becomes the Minister responsible for the RWA and SMDA.
ATP Conservation Management Plan (CMP) - Unitl 20 June 2012
The Australian Technology Park (ATP) comprises a portion of the former Eveleigh Railway Workshops, which are listed on the State Heritage Register. A draft Conservation Management Plan (CMP) for ATP has been prepared by Godden Mackay Logan and is on exhibition until 20 June 2012. The proposed CMP will replace the existing 1995 CMP. The draft CMP addresses the built heritage and setting of the site in accordance with the NSW Heritage Office Guidelines and the principles of the Burra Charter. It was prepared by Godden Mackay Logan, and is therefore based on the knowledge and experience of Australia ICOMOS (International Council on Monuments and Sites) members.
File Former Macdonaldtown Gassworks Heritage Interpretation Plan
A Heritage Interpretation Plan was prepared by City plan Heritage and updated in February 2011. The document was exhibited in May 2012 as part of proposed remediation works on the site - http://majorprojects.planning.nsw.gov.au/index.pl?action=view_job&job_id=3422. As this was an important part of the Eveleigh Railyards site and because the Heritage Interpretation Plan documents some of this importance we have made it available here. File is 1.2MB PDF.
Eveleigh Railway Workshops Interpretation Plan - March 2012
Eveleigh Railway Workshops Interpretation Plan was released in March 2012 following Public Exhibition in April 2011. This is an Interpretation Plan and Implementation Strategy for the former Eveleigh Railway Workshops. The Plan has been prepared for the RWA's Redfern Waterloo Heritage Taskforce by 3D Projects in association with Artscape and Only Human. The plan is complimented by a report on the 2010 Field Day Report which captured some Eveleigh worker stories. File is 3MB PDF.
The Heritage Library Catalogue
the Heritage Library is an essential resource which makes available to the public a wide range of specialist heritage materials. It offers a wealth of information for anyone working in the conservation field or interested in heritage issues. The major collection of over 13,000 items includes conservation management plans, heritage studies, thematic studies, Australian and NSW histories, heritage monographs and journals. If you enter Eveleigh into the serch you will bring up the titles held by the Heritage Library.