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The Built Environment Advisory Committee has members from government (state and local) and community representatives chosen by the Minister. It is chaired by RWA CEO. The current membership of the committee is:

 The RWA only makes available on its website the details of the community representatives of its Ministerial Advisory Committees. The full list is made available retrospectively in the RWA Annual Report. The Membership list below has been constructed from the RWA Annual Report and where we are aware of changes from other sources the list has been altered. REDWatch hence can not guarantee that  the Government representatives listed below are currently those representing their Departments.

State Government

Mr Petar Vladeta, General Manager Redfern-Waterloo Authority (Chair)
Professor Chris Johnson,  Department of Planning
Mr Reg Fisk, Department of State and Regional Development
Ms Kathy Roil, A/General Manager, Central Sydney Housing Services, Housing NSW
Mr Michael Bushby, Roads & Traffic Authority
Mr Richard Hemsworth, Executive Manager, Property Development, RailCorp

Local Government

Mr Andrew Thomas, City of Sydney, Director of strategic Planning & Project

Non Government - Non Community Members (RWA 2007-8 Annual Report)

Mr Richard Pembroke, Redfern Group (Ex -Secretary, Redfern Waterloo Chamber of Commerce)(Real Estate Agent) - Appointed 2005
Mr Michael Cummins, Waterloo Storm ARLFC Inc - Appointed July 2007

Mr Steve Tamas, PRD Nationwide Redfgern (Real Estate Agent) - Appointed 2005

Community Representatives

Mr Alex Kibble, Community Representative - Appointed 2005
Ms Denny Powell, Community Representative - Appointed July 2007
Mr Sol Bellear, Community Representative - Appointed July 2007
Mr Geoffrey Turnbull, Community Representative (Spokesperson, REDWatch) - Appointed 2005
Ms Norah McGuire, Community Representative - Appointed July 2007

While Community representatives are appointed in their own right and not as representatives we have added information about known community involvements of community representatives so that the community has some idea of the community involvements of those chosen to represent them.

Community Representatives 2005 -2007

Ms Ann Weldon, (Chair, NSW Government Aboriginal Housing Office) Appointed to RWA Board in 2006.
Ms Jocelyn Jackson, Community Representative
Mr Shane Phillips, Community Representative (Tribal Warrior)
Mr Jonathan Rez, Community Representative

For further information on the areas covered by RWA BEAC visit:

The RWA website at – http://www.redfernwaterloo.com.au/redfern_waterloo_plan/urban_renewal.htm

The list of Community Representatives is also listed on the RWA site at: