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The Human Services Advisory Committee has members from government (local, state and federal) and six members chosen by the Minister to represent the community. It also has a representative from NCOSS. The HSMAC is chaired by the CEO of the RWA.

The RWA only makes available on its website the details of the community representatives of its Ministerial Advisory Committees. The full list is made available retrospectively in the RWA Annual Report. The Membership list below has been constructed from the RWA Annual Report and where we are aware of changes from other sources the list has been altered. REDWatch hence can not guarantee that  the Government representatives listed below are currently those representing their Departments.

State Government

Mr Petar Vladeta, General Manager Redfern-Waterloo Authority (Chair)
Dr Phil Lambert - Regional Director Sydney Department Education & Training
Ms Kristy Masella - Department of Aboriuginal Affairs

Dr Greg Stewart - Central Sydney Area Health Service (CSAHS)
Mr Margaret Malkjovich - Inner City Department of Housing
M/s Anne-Maree Sabellico - Regional Director, DOCS (joined HSAC Oct 2005)
Supt Luke Freudenstein- Redfern Police Local Area Commander

Mr Steven Gal - Department of Disability, Aging and Home Care

Commonwealth Government

Ms Sally Trevena - Office of Indigenous Policy Coordination (OIPC)
Mr Paul Cramer - Manager Department of Family & Community Services (FACS)

Local Government

Ms Anne Hoban - Manager Community Living, City of Sydney Council

Non-Government Organisations (NGO) Representatives

Ms Alison Peters - Director NCOSS

Community Representatives Appointed by the Minister

Ms Lynette Stewart
Ms Mabel Chang
Mr Robert Perry (Appointed July 2007)
Mr Chris Carbin
(Appointed July 2007)
Ms Rebekah Torres (Appointed July 2007)
Mr Michael Shreenan (Appointed July 2007)

While Community representatives are appointed in their own right and not as representatives we have added information about known community involvements of community representatives so that the community has some idea of the community involvements of those chosen to represent them.

Two State Government and one Non-Government Organisation Representatives were members of the HSAC between March and October 2005. They were:

Ms Janelle Chapman - Director of Special Projects Department of Community Services
Mr Carlo Svagelli - Senior Project Manager Aboriginal Community Partnership Program Department of Aboriginal Affairs
Mr Rob Welsh - Organisation of Aboriginal Unity 

Community & NGO Representatives between October 2005 and June 2007 wer:

Ms Helen Campbell - Solicitor Redfern Legal Centre
Ms Shirley Lomas                        (appointed to HSAC)
M/s Jill Edwards
                         (joined HSAC Oct 2005)
Mr Howard Glenn                        (joined HSAC Oct 2005) (Executive Director, Rights Australia)
Mr Dominic Grenot                      (joined HSAC Oct 2005) (Northcott Estate Community Development Worker)
Mr Paul Knight                            (joined HSAC Oct 2005) (Director, Tranby College)

For further information on the RWA HSAC visit:

The RWA website at - http://www.redfernwaterloo.com.au/redfern_waterloo_plan/human_services.htm
and also see http://www.redfernwaterloo.nsw.gov.au/community_consultation/howyourvoicewillbeheard.htm

The REDWatch website at - http://www.redwatch.org.au/RWA/humanservices/