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CEO Steering Committee Anouncement

In the Redfern-Waterloo Human Services e-newsletter Issue 3 in May 2005 the RWA anounced the establishment of the CEO Steering Committee. The details of the anouncement follow:

The Minister with responsibility for Redfern-Waterloo has established a CEO Steering Committee to oversee the development of the Human Services Plan.  The CEO Steering Committee will advise the Minister on the content of the Human Services Plan. 

The CEO Steering Committee is chaired by Mr David Richmond, Chair of the Redfern-Waterloo Authority.  The draft Plan will be provided to the CEO Steering Committee once it is finalised by the Human Services Advisory Committee.  The CEO Steering Committee will then consider the funding implications of the Plan. 

The CEO Steering Committee includes representatives from the following agencies:
-     Redfern-Waterloo Authority
-     The Department of Community Services
-     Department of Health
-     Department of Aboriginal Affairs
-     Department of Ageing, Disability and Home Care
-     Department of Education
-     Ministry for Science and Medical Research.

Representatives from the Department of Housing and NSW Police will also attend future meetings.