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AFZ Submission from one DoH Precinct

This submission was made by one DoH Precinct who did not wish to be identified.

7th April 2006.

The Councillors,

City of Sydney Council

re: Alcohol Free Zones creation in Waterloo and Redfern

Dear Councillors,

                   The GROUP is one of eleven precincts on the Department of Housing’s Waterloo Estate. It comprises some 206 households of the total of 2502 households on the estate. The combined precincts, along with various government agencies, form the Waterloo Estate Neighbourhood Advisory Board. This board meets on a regular basis to discuss, promote, and resolve issues and their outcomes affecting the lifestyle of the residents of the area.

The GROUP membership has been very concerned over the prevalence of Street Drinking in the area of Waterloo and Redfern and the effect it has, and still is, having on their lifestyles. This concern was first formally raised by the Precinct in May 2005.

The attached copies of letters sent to City of Sydney Council shows some of the history of the’s attempts to have the issues caused by street drinking impacting on their lifestyle resolved. The copies show the impact generated by street drinking on their lifestyle and the implied right to enjoy it.

The GROUP was, and still is, also in contact with the Redfern Local Area Command of the NSW Police, the local member of parliament, the Redfern Waterloo Authority, the Waterloo Neighbourhood Advisory Board, and the Department of Housing seeking resolution of these street drinking based issues. 

The GROUP membership is heartened by the Council’s decision to consider the creation of Alcohol Free Zones in the Waterloo and Redfern area. The membership actively support the creation of Alcohol Free Zones to provide a means of reducing the impact of street drinking on those who wish to go about their daily lifestyle routine without let or hindrance.

The membership is also concerned by the demonstrated lack of outcome achieved by the various human services agencies and bodies servicing the Waterloo and Redfern area. The observed area of concern of those agencies and bodies, if any, is centred on the physical wellbeing of the street drinker, not addressing and resolving the causes leading to the street drinking with its resultant impact on the individual and the community. 

Yours faithfully,


Attachments: copies of three letters sent to CoS not supplied to REDWatch