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Waterloo Green in the News

Information about Waterloo Green apears in many news items and other places accross the REDWatch website. Below are the results of a search of news items on the site which may help you to find more information about Waterloo Green. The most recently posted articles should be at the top.
Waterloo South Post Exhibition Report & Proposal Amendments Guide
On 5 August 2022, the Department of Planning and Environment (DPE) advised submitters that the department had reviewed all feedback received during the exhibition period. DPE had undertaken some further studies and had made changes to the exhibited plan. Here REDWatch provides a guide to the documents, the changes and the new studies
REDWatch Waterloo Metro SSP and SSDA Submission
REDWatch made the submission below on the Waterloo Metro SSP and SSDA on 30 January 2019.
Waterloo option testing begins with new option information
Options testing has begun with the release of additional information on each options released on the first day of testing. Below is REDWatch's guide to options testing and our concerns about the process that was emailed to REDWatch's members and supporters lists.
Human Services in Redfern and Waterloo: A potted history listing of plans, interventions, activities, consultations and reports
This listing is prepared to provide an overview of key announcements and activities relating to Human Services in Redfern and Waterloo. It is not exhaustive and generally reflects what was known publically. Most projects were announced and not evaluated or ceased for one reason or another. Future Human Services planning should be aware of the earlier work in the area and learn as much as possible from it. Here we have not tried to draw out those lessons just construct an overview of what has gone before. Where reports or further information is available we have provided links or indicated that reports or resources are available.
Community gathers to remember Ross Leslie Smith (1941–2016)
Alexandria Town Hall was packed with tenants, friends, agency workers, bureaucrats and politicians for a celebration of Ross Smith’s contribution to his community on November 18 reported the South Sydney Herald of December 2016.
Ross Smith: A life spent in service to the community - by Garry Mallard
The public housing sector mourns the loss of one of its most colourful characters, long-time Waterloo resident, advocate and activist.
South Sydney Herald - Vale Ross Smith
Ross Smith SSH Distribution co-ordinator collapsed on Waterloo Green on October 4 as he was preparing to start distribution of the October issue of the paper. Sadly he could not be revived. Ross never spoke to anyone about his family and while he gave much of himself to others, he gave little away about himself. As yet police have been unable to locate any relatives. A public memorial celebration of Ross’s life will be held 9.30-10.45am on Friday November 18 at Alexandria Town Hall, 73 Garden Street (nearest cross street Henderson Road).
Sydney Metro Waterloo or Sydney University Options - Until 17th July
Sydney Metro has placed on exhibition until 17th july its proposals for the Metro including the options for a station at Waterloo or Sydney University. Proposals for the new Metro on public exhibition until 17th July 2015.
Positive relations between police and community
REDFERN: This month marks a special milestone for the life work of community member, Lesley Townsend – 15 years as the Aboriginal Community Liaison Officer with Redfern Police. On April 19, Lesley Townsend spoke with the SSH and reflected on the ground gained in developing a stronger community in the Redfern/ Waterloo area reports Kate Williamson in the May 2012 edition of The South Sydney Herald.
RWA Repeal Bill 2011 - Lower House Speaches
Following the Minister's introduction of the Redfern-Waterloo Authority Repeal Bill 2011 on 18 October 2011 a number of members debated the bill in the transcript below. Speakers included Linda Burney; Bart Bassett; Kristina Keneally; Mark Speakman; Clover Moore; Craig Baumann.
Housing NSW - Redfern and Waterloo Preliminary Masterplanning - Areas of Responsibility
Housing NSW released the following list showing the areas of responsibility of various people associated with the HNSW Redfern and Waterloo Preliminary Masterplan on 20 March 2012. This updated an earlier list of responsibilities from 21 September 2011. HNSW have undertaken to update details on the list as changes take place so residents are aware of the roles played by various staff and advisors involved with the project. The release of the updated list followed a request by REDWatch as a result of a number of changes over the last few months.
22 June 2011
In this Update: Vale Trevor Davies – Funeral 23 June 2011 / Groundswell for Redfern Waterloo / Council BEP2 Presentation for REDWatch & Groundswell – 7 July 6pm Factory / USyd Abercrombie Precinct Business School Redevelopment Project - until Friday 24 June, 2011 / Redfern Waterloo will still be State Significant / SMDA gets its Precinct Outcomes Brief for Redfern Waterloo Eveleigh and Darlington / Update on BEP2 Issues / Housing NSW Masterplan and Tenant Engagement / What is happening around the RWA Sites / RWA Heritage Update / AHC Revises Pemulwuy / Alexandria Residents Action Group (ARAG) / It is almost Census time – Please Fill in The Census / Monthly Informal Gathering Friday – 24 June 2011 at 1 pm / Electricity Pricing Workshop for Community Workers – 18 July 2011
RWIU 18 March 2011
In this Update: In this Update: Eveleigh Heritage Interpretation Strategy Exhibition - until 6 April 2011 / AHC gets $2m to Progress Pemulwuy Project from NSW Govt / BEP2 - The First Step to Reshape Redfern & Waterloo Public Housing / Housing Research Committee for Redfern & Waterloo / Housing NSW must ensure “reasonable peace, comfort or privacy of the tenant” / RWA Exit and SMDA Role / North Eveleigh – A People’s Planning Propositional / Branding with a Redfern Smile / Sydney University’s Abercrombie Street Proposal Concerns / Alexandria Residents Action Group Formed / Fraser’s CUB Central Park Community Information Session – 19 March 2011
RWA Email Update March 2011
In This RWA Update - DEVELOPMENT NEWS: Draft BEP 2 consultation & thank you barbeques / Heritage Interpretation Plan NEWS : Join the Redfern brand evolution / Building a brighter future through Aboriginal employment / A Night Off the Grog Forum / Local kids learn about healthy lifestyles DEVELOPMENT APPLICATIONS: Internal fit out and additional flues - Biomedical Building, 1 Central Avenue, Australian Technology Park / Filming in the area bounded by Eveleigh, Vine and Louis Streets, Redfern / Modification - temporary Gardener's Compound, Australian Technology Park / Installation of a Solar Power System, NICTA Building, Australian Technology Park / Use of the former Clothing Store building, North Eveleigh WHAT’S ON: 21 and 22 March – draft BEP 2 Thank You Barbeques / 23, 27 and 30 March - Good Neighbourhood Barbeques / Farmers’ Market – every Saturday 8am to 1pm
RWA Email Update February 2011
In This RWA Update - DEVELOPMENT NEWS: BEP 2 open for community consultation NEWS: The new Redfern brand / The Big Issue moves to Redfern with $1.25 million / New art space for Weave Youth Services / Waterloo Green Neighbourhood Project / Local community organisation receives $135k grant / Redfern recognised in Order of Australia Awards / Eveleigh Market Christmas Banner Winners / Mural planned for Redfern Fire Station / Innovation Plaza transformed on film / New CEO for CarriageWorks WHAT’S ON: RWA BEP 2 Information Sessions / Housing NSW BEP Information Sessions / 19 February - Farmers’ Market – every Saturday 8am to 1pm / 6 March - Artisans’ Market – 1st Sunday of the month, 10am to 3pm
Public housing not a “magic pudding”
Community group, REDWatch, is concerned that Government has been working behind closed doors for over seven years on the Built Environment Plan 2 (BEP2) for the redevelopment of Redfern and Waterloo public housing estates and yet the Plan is only being placed on exhibition for a month comments South Sydney Herald in their March 2011 Issue.
South Sydney Greens Submission on BEP2
Below id the text of the South Sydney Greens Submission on BEP2
REDWatch Submission on BEP2
Below is the text of the REDWatch submission on the Draft Redfern-Waterloo Built Environment Plan Stage 2 (BEP2)
REDWatch - BEP2 Overview and Issues for Submissions
REDWatch has released its initial comments on BEP2 on 15 February 2011. The document below provides an overview of BEP2 and raises issues of concern to REDWatch that should be raised in submissions which close on 28 February 2011.
HNSW Report on Community Learning & Research Workshop
HNSW held a Redfern & Waterloo Community Learning and Research Workshop on 7 October 2010 at the Redfern Oval Community Room. Below is the HNSW Report on this meeting which was supplied on 18 November 2010.
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