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RWIU 18 March 2011

In this Update: In this Update: Eveleigh Heritage Interpretation Strategy Exhibition - until 6 April 2011 / AHC gets $2m to Progress Pemulwuy Project from NSW Govt / BEP2 - The First Step to Reshape Redfern & Waterloo Public Housing / Housing Research Committee for Redfern & Waterloo / Housing NSW must ensure “reasonable peace, comfort or privacy of the tenant” / RWA Exit and SMDA Role / North Eveleigh – A People’s Planning Propositional / Branding with a Redfern Smile / Sydney University’s Abercrombie Street Proposal Concerns / Alexandria Residents Action Group Formed / Fraser’s CUB Central Park Community Information Session – 19 March 2011
In this Update:

Eveleigh Heritage Interpretation Strategy Exhibition - until 6 April 2011

AHC gets $2m to Progress Pemulwuy Project from NSW Govt

BEP2 - The First Step to Reshape Redfern & Waterloo Public Housing

Housing Research Committee for Redfern & Waterloo

Housing NSW must ensure “reasonable peace, comfort or privacy of the tenant”.

RWA Exit and SMDA Role

North Eveleigh – A People’s Planning Propositional

Branding with a Redfern Smile

Sydney University’s Abercrombie Street Proposal Concerns

Alexandria Residents Action Group Formed

Fraser’s CUB Central Park Community Information Session – 19 March 2011

Have Your Say - Summary of Current Consultations (looks at current consultations on the REDWatch website)

Coming Events (looks at the current events listed on the REDWatch website)

Eveleigh Heritage Interpretation Strategy Exhibition - until 6 April 2011

The RWA has placed on exhibition The Draft Interpretation Plan and Implementation Strategy for the former Eveleigh Railway Workshops. This is an important proposal coming from the Redfern Waterloo Heritage Taskforce and Eveleigh Steering Committee processes. The need for an Eveleigh Heritage Interpretation Strategy was one of the areas identified by heritage groups in calling on Minister Keneally to establish a Taskforce in September 2008.

Even if you do not plan to make a submission we encourage you to download the Draft Plan and read it as it contains a good overview of the heritage importance of the Eveleigh sites. Those with a particular interest in heritage should make sure that they raise any issues they see while this plan is on exhibition.

The proposed Strategy is important because the former Railyards are being broken up and will have a number of different owners. The site needs an overall Heritage Interpretation Plan that helps people in the future to understand the whole site and how it worked.

The Draft Interpretation Plan is on exhibition between 9 March and 6 April 2011 and you can download it from the RWA website here - DRAFT Interpretation Plan (3MB PDF). The specific aims of the Plan are to:

  • Guide and facilitate interpretation of the site’s heritage significance as a conservation process designed to sustain the site’s authenticity and character as the sites are developed;
  • Identify existing audiences and visitor experiences on the Eveleigh site, including workers, neighbours resident in the district, tourists and school groups, as well as to explore opportunities to enhance visitor numbers and experiences in each of these categories;
  • Achieve enhanced public understanding of the history of the area and its significance to residents, workers and visitors by fostering active links with the community, as well as with tourism, education and recreation activities;
  • Ensure interpretive devices and their content have the potential to engage and provoke public interest, are viable, accessible, sustainable (in relation to maintenance, evaluation and review) reversible (in relation to heritage fabric) and compatible with the sites for which they are chosen.

The Plan has been prepared for the RWA's Redfern Waterloo Heritage Taskforce by 3D Projects in association with Artscape and Only Human. As part of the preparation of the Interpretation Plan for the former Eveleigh Rail Yards a community consultation field day was held on 30 October 2010 at Innovation Plaza, Australian Technology Park.

Submission on the Interpretation Plan can be emailed to For further information contact Juliet Suich on 9202 9100 or by email on or visit the RWA Heritage Page.

REDWatch will host a presentation on the Eveleigh Heritage Interpretation Strategy on Thursday 7 April at 6pm at The Factory Community Centre 67 Raglan Street Waterloo. We have asked that submissions be left open a few extra days to allow those attending the presentation to raise any issues following the meeting.

A DA for ATP's Bays 1 & 2 North is expected to go on exhibition soon on RWA DAs on Exhibition. This DA will cover the area opposite Wrought Artworks the ATP Heritage Blacksmiths. It proposes to turns an area which has been used as a storage area into a more engaging heritage display. The ATP Conservation Management Plan, which will update the 1995 CMP which currently covers Heritage items at the ATP, is still being finalised.

AHC gets $2m to Progress Pemulwuy Project from NSW Govt

The Pemulwuy Project received a welcome boost on 10th March 2011 when it was announced that the NSW Cabinet had approved a grant of $2 million to the AHC to help the Project proceed to the next planning phase. The details of the announcement can be found in the Premier’s media release on the REDWatch website under $2 Million to Boost New Plans for The Block in Redfern. The announcement received almost no mainstream media coverage as it was announced during the election period, one of the few stories was City News Premier announces grant for the Block. Local officials from the RWA and Police were unable to attend because of the caretaker provisions.

On 30 June 2009 the DoP finally gave approval to a Concept Plan for the redevelopment of AHC lands on and around The Block in Redfern. You can still see all the documents for the original proposal on the DoP website under Pemulwuy Mixed Use Development Redfern. This approval followed a long battle by the AHC and the community to get approval for the building of a new housing development on The Block.

Having received concept approval the AHC has been working for the last year on the project and in particular on how to ensure that building the project can be funded and be viable in the long term. The AHC will retain control of the development and they have engaged Dei Corp, who is doing the Redfern RSL Redevelopment, to act as the Project Manager.

During the review process the AHC decided it needed to strengthen the income producing side of the development to ensure the affordable housing component will be viable in the long term.  As a result the area between Caroline and Lawson Streets is now proposed as much needed student housing above retail at street level. This, along with some commercial parking underneath the Pemulwuy Project and income from the commercial development alongside the railway line, is designed to provide an income stream for the AHC so it can provide affordable housing for Aboriginal families. By its very nature affordable housing is provided at concessional rents and needs either Government support or a subsidy of some sort to be viable in the long term.

The changes proposed from the initial Concept Plan are significant and there will be a need for the AHC and the surrounding community to work through the issues raised so that the Pemulwuy Project can be viable while minimising the impact on the Project’s neighbours.

As a result of these changes the AHC has submitted an outline of the modifications to the Department of Planning (DoP). The DoP advised the AHC of its requirements for the next phase of the process incorporating the proposed changes on 30 September 2010. In line with planning procedures the DoP has made available the Preliminary Environmental Assessment [Application] and the Department’s Requirements on their website under The Block: Pemulwuy Concept Plan MOD 1. The body of AHC Application can be downloaded from Preliminary Environmental Assessment.pdf (163.2 KB). There are a number of attachments which are not clearly labelled but on the REDWatch website Pemulwuy Project Modification Details Publicly Available you will find details about each file and links to the Major Project files so you can easily find other files of interest.

The AHC and Dei Corp have been preparing the documentation requested by the DoP so the amended proposals can be placed on formal public exhibition. There are however significant costs to prepare the studies required and in paying the Department of Planning to place the Project on exhibition and the AHC has been seeking finance of the next stage. The AHC found that while the Project’s financials were sound there was a reluctance by financial institutions to lend to Aboriginal organisations due to fear of possible bad publicity if there was a need to sell the land used as collateral for the loan. Given this problem the AHC approached the government to guarantee a loan and the NSW Cabinet instead provided a grant to assist the project move forward.

There has been some media criticism of the AHC serving notices to quit on the AHC’s tenants on The Block. It was not well understood at the time that the AHC issued notices to their tenants at The Block so they would qualify for priority housing. To receive priority housing with Housing NSW and other social housing providers the tenants needed to be facing eviction / homelessness. The AHC, housing providers, police, council and the RWA have all been providing assistance to the AHC and tenants to make the transition as smooth as possible. Most tenants have now moved and only a few remain that are still to move into appropriate housing. The AHC is also seeking expressions of interest in 5 terraces in Eveleigh Street outside the Pemulwuy Project area to help fund the Project.

The AHC is hoping to start demolishing the remaining buildings on The Block as soon as practical in preparation for the approval and construction of the project. In the meantime the Area bounded by Eveleigh, Vine and Louis Streets, Redfern is to be used as a film set between April and late July 2011 for a future Underbelly TV series and a Development Application for this is currently being assessed by the RWA.

BEP2 - The First Step to Reshape Redfern & Waterloo Public Housing

RWA’s Draft Redfern-Waterloo Built Environment Plan Stage 2 (BEP2) for the redevelopment of the consolidated public housing estates may no longer be on exhibition, but the discussions within the community need to continue. The initial exhibition was a non-statutory exhibition – it was aimed at getting the government plans in the public domain and getting initial feedback about them. Based on this input the Sydney Metropolitan Development Authority (SMDA), which is replacing the RWA, will do further work and start preparing the plan and the planning controls for a statutory exhibition. Housing NSW is awaiting these planning controls to be finalised so it can start the Master Planning for the estates which will go into much finer detail.

Our last Update came out not long after BEP2 went on exhibition and before there started to be much analysis of the issues. As the Draft BEP2 exhibition was only the first part of a process that will go on for quite a while it is very important that people get a good understanding of what is proposed so they can participate in the further discussions about the area’s future. A good summary of the issues Public housing not a “magic pudding” can be found in the South Sydney Herald who was unable to carry anything about the BEP2 exhibition until after submissions closed. The Sydney Morning Herald’s Crowded Redfern to spread its wings and City News Consultation concerns over Redfern-Waterloo plan are among the other media stories about the BEP2 exhibition.

REDWatch released its initial comments on 15 February 2011 in REDWatch - BEP2 Overview and Issues for Submissions and REDWatch BEP2 Issues : Open Space. REDWatch also undertook an analysis of the sites using details provided by the RWA at the REDWatch meeting to produce BEP2 infill around high-rise and re-development potential (78KB PDF). Just after this the RWA released its second set of FAQs (file size 0.06 Mb) which clarified some points raised by REDWatch including providing an undertaking on social mix across the refurbished high-rise and the new redevelopment.

You can read REDWatch’s final submission as a webpage at REDWatch Submission on BEP2 or you can download the full submission with appendices from REDWatch Submission on BEP2 PDF Version (642 Kb PDF).

REDWatch has been advised that a number of organisations were unable to prepare submissions in the short period of time allowed. The City of Sydney is making a submission but has not yet lodged it. REDWatch has collected the submissions from interested individuals and organisations and placed them on its website under the BEP2 Exhibition tab. We understand that following requests from a number of people the RWA is also planning to place submissions on its website – probably on the BEP2 page. For easy access we have provided the links to the main submissions we are aware of when putting out this update:

The Built Environment Ministerial Advisory Committee (BEMAC) on 9th March 2011 was advised that over 500 feedback forms and 28 submissions had been received and that they are still rolling in. The quick impression provided was that the main issues identified are open space, traffic and safety. It is apparently also clear from the submissions that there was confusion about density, planning issues with many had difficulty in visualising what the plans mean. More capacity building work is required for future rounds of discussions between SMDA, Housing NSW and the community. It was reported that there seemed to be no real opposition to increasing density although some questions about if it is too much. There was a general feeling from respondents that this was an opportunity for improvement in the area. A final report is being prepared by the RWA’s consultation consultants.

One of the most disputed issues about the BEP2 exhibition was over consultation. You will see this concern raised in many of the submissions above and get an idea of how contested the ground is by reading REDWatch Concerns Regarding BEP2 Consultation and the reply RWA Letter to REDWatch Regarding BEP2 Consultation. REDWatch in effect responded further in the first part of its BEP2 submission and the RWA has added a note after the exhibition about how it consulted to the foot of the BEP2 consultation web page.

A key concern is about the shortness of the exhibition period and the difficulty of consulting on a complex matter in such a large diverse community. While the RWA and Housing NSW asked workers and organisations in the area a number of times about what they thought should be done as part of the consultation and engagement strategy they never publically released their strategy nor did they explain why they did not accept much of the community advice.

The government clearly did do much more than is usually done when consulting on planning controls. For example, when issues were raised at the REDWatch meeting about older public tenants not being able to download the response sheet the RWA undertook to mail these out to all public tenants. Housing NSW also held curb side sessions around the estates which connected with over 750 people many more than the 70 who came to the 7 information sessions at Redfern Town Hall.

On the other hand the consultation did not use the local community centres like The Factory or the networks that local community workers in the area use to service the public housing community. They also did not get out into the many groups, churches and other organisations that meet around the area which were seen by community organisations as an important way to tap into the broader community of people that work and live in the area. There was also concern that the information dissemination and capacity building were inadequate and that tenants did not understand what was being proposed and were unable to respond in an informed and considered manner.

If this problem is to be avoided in the next round of discussions, government and community groups should reach an agreement up front about what needs to happen to consult in a way that both believe to be appropriate. In the event that this cannot be agreed it is likely to be necessary for community groups to explore independent of Housing NSW and the RWA ways of providing residents with the support required to ensure public tenants can make an informed contribution.

REDWatch is interested to hear from people who are interested in donating some time to working with public tenants and local groups to help people better understand the proposals and their likely impacts on public tenants. If you are interested in being involved please contact REDWatch Spokesperson Geoff Turnbull on

The RWA is hosting barbeques to thank social housing residents for their input during the draft BEP 2 exhibition period. They will be held on Monday, 21 March at Poet’s Corner Redfern and Tuesday, 22 March, at Waterloo Green from 12pm-2.30pm.

Housing Research Committee for Redfern & Waterloo

The first meeting of the Redfern & Waterloo Research Committee was held at the Redfern Oval Community Room on 4 March 2011. The meeting was facilitated by housing researcher Dr Judy Stubbs and included Housing NSW staff, local residents and community workers. The committee originated from a meeting convened in October 2010 at which Judy Stubbs also facilitated a session see HNSW Report on Community Learning & Research Workshop for details of that meeting.

The recent meeting decided to set up a community website where the community can access readable summaries and research. The University of NSW Community Development Project is facilitating a working group to set up the website and look at how student may help with plain English summaries of the research papers. Some researchers, including Judy Stubbs, are looking at how the existing research can be graded for relevance to different aspects of Redfern and Waterloo.

The next meeting will look at how bottom up research about the area can be organised. If you have an interest in being involved in this committee please contact David Lilley and ask to be advised of future meetings.

Until a new community research website can be set up REDWatch will continue to include research relevant to BEP2 and the Housing Mater Plan on its website under the Public Housing Tab. You will find many research papers relevant to Redfern and Waterloo on the REDWatch website. Housing NSW has recently supplied some more of the information requested in REDWatch Information Required and Received for Consultation on Public Housing. This includes Housing NSW’s list of Research Articles on Social Mix and a list of Publicly Accessible Literature Relating to Social Mix.

Housing NSW must ensure “reasonable peace, comfort or privacy of the tenant”.

Our attention has recently been bought to an email circulated by Our House Swap on 11 March 2011 which reported that Tenant sues HNSW and WINS! The item refers to a Housing NSW tenant in Redfern area who has successfully sued the Housing NSW for failing to provide her with "quiet enjoyment" following an ongoing dispute with a neighbour over antisocial behaviour reports. The Consumer Trader and Tenancy Tribunal found Housing NSW had failed to act within Residential Tenancies Act 1987 - Sect 22, to ensure “reasonable peace, comfort or privacy of the tenant”.

Many tenants we speak to have stories about the disruption that they have to put up with and the about the lack of action by Housing NSW in addressing these complaints. It is hence not surprising that safety was one of the three main concerns identified in the RWA’s BEP2 returned questionnaires. This Consumer Trader and Tenancy Tribunal ruling opens up another avenue frustrated tenants can consider when trying to get action by Housing NSW. On Our House Swap you can find out How to make Housing accountable - the Basics.

RWA Exit and SMDA Role

In the last update we advised that the Sydney Metropolitan Development Authority (SMDA) takes on Planning for RWA Area. You can see some of this information on the Department of Planning website under Urban Renewal. Two documents, we had not seen at the time, provide information about the SEPP (State Environment Planning Policy (Urban Renewal) 2010) and how it is to work are the Better Regulation Statement Urban Renewal SEPP (589KB PDF) and Urban Renewal SEPP Guidelines (3.4MB PDF). The Department of Planning is still to issue the requirements for the growth centre study for Redfern, Waterloo, Darlington and Eveleigh to the SMDA.

The City Council however has already run fowl of the new SEPP when it went to make a change to its Development Control Plan for the Lachlan Street Precinct it received a letter Council to Consult SMDA on Planning Activities in Redfern-Waterloo Growth Centre from the Director General of Planning requesting "Council defer finalisation of the DCP amendment for the Lachlan Street Precinct until the SMDA have been consulted with, and their views have been considered. More broadly I encourage you to consult with the SMDA on other planning activities and amendments that you propose within their identified growth centre for Redfern-Waterloo".

The RWA is expected to be wound up by the middle of the year. The new SMDA is not a Consent Authority so as part of this transition the RWA’s functions for dealing the DAs under $5 million and other consent arrangements will need to be transferred elsewhere. The City of Sydney would be the preferred body to take over this role but this is not yet finalised. Other activities that will not be absorbed into the SMDA will also need to be transferred. In the last update we noted that Aboriginal training programmes were being left in the RWA. We have since been advised that funding has been secured to allow these projects to continue to operate but the structure for this has not yet been made public. It is not clear what will happen with the RWA’s human services functions even though existing staff have been transferred to the SMDA in Social Equity positions. The SMD website contains the current SMDA Organisational Chart (18KB PDF) and you can see where some of the current RWA staff fit in to the new organisation.

As the RWA draws to a close it is timely to look back on what the community was told the Government would do with the RWA and ask has it delivered? You can find the government statements on the REDWatch website from 2004 and 2005. In particular it is interesting to read Premier Carr Announces 10-year Redfern-Waterloo Plan, The Redfern Waterloo Plan Frequently Asked Questions, Government Announces Jobs Plan for Redfern Waterloo and Government Human Services Review to Reshape Redfern Waterloo Social Services.

North Eveleigh – A People’s Planning Propositional

A people’s planning exercise – The North Eveleigh Propositional – has been launched for the North Eveleigh site to stimulate ideas about what people would like to see on the site if they could do whatever they want with the site. “The Propositional aims to upend the typical process of city-making … The Propositional does not aim to find one perfect design, rather it seeks an accumulation of ideas, polished or rough, wild or pragmatic, heart-warming or spine-chilling, a permanently evolving catalogue of potential North Eveleighs”. Who knows some of the ideas might just get picked up!

Three dispatch boxes have been placed along Wilson Street where people can collect a propositional and deposit their ideas of what they would like to see at North Eveleigh. REDWatch has placed the Propositional also on the REDWatch website under People's Planning - The North Eveleigh Propositional - 2011. From here, if you can’t find one in a dispatch box, you can download The North Eveleigh Propositional Issue #1 (PDF 786KB). Articles in Issue #1 set out the general framework for a propositional City-Making - The Background to the Propositional and more specifically Towards a People's Urbanism - The North Eveleigh Propositional. The Propositional web site is

The future of North Eveleigh remains unresolved heading into the election. The City Relief line announced by the NSW Government necessitated an assessment of how this proposal would impact on the RWA’s Concept Plan for North Eveleigh and the government’s intended sale of the site. While the timetable for the new line is likely to change under a new government there will still need to be an assessment of the potential impact which is not expected for another couple of months.

In the meantime the RWA has allowed Weave Youth Family Community Services (formerly the South Sydney Youth Services) to use space in the North Eveleigh Clothing Store. The RWA has also allowed their Little Eveleigh Street premises to be used for The Big Issue - see $1.25 Million and Office in Redfern for The Big Issue.

North Eveleigh is covered by the Eveleigh Heritage Interpretation Strategy which is on exhibition until 6 April 2011 and those with an interest should see the first item of this update to look at what it proposes for North Eveleigh and provide any comments.

Branding with a Redfern Smile

The new Redfern Smile was launched by the Premier and Minister for Redfern and Waterloo, the Hon Kristina Keneally, and the Lord Mayor, Clover Moore on Saturday, 5 February at the Return to Redfern game at Redfern Oval. We have illustrated the media release Capturing Redfern with a Smile with a photo so you can see some of the merchandise for the launch. An Order Form for Redfern Merchandise (72KB PDF) can be downloaded from the South Sydney Business Chamber.

In addition to the word Redfern within the smile that is used on the initial merchandise there is a secondary version which in addition to Redfern in the Smile has the names of the suburbs Redfern, Darlington, Eveleigh and Waterloo which define the wider area around our most recognised landmark Redfern station.

The brand logo is designed to be used by businesses and residents it is not a logo someone else owns it belongs to the community. There are guidelines on how to use it, to try to ensure that it gets used in the way intended but where and if you use it is up to you. You can put it on your own t-shirts, your blog or product leaflet or not – it is up to you. If lots of people use the Redfern Smile then it will probably take off, if people don’t use it then the idea will probably fade away. For this reason REDWatch has been arguing that there needed to be greater effort by Roll Up Redfern to explain the branding process and get community acceptance of the concept and the brand. REDWatch is a member of Roll Up Redfern but has had some reservations about the process – for more explanation see REDWatch involvement with Redfern Brand. A coming communications strategy may reach out more to residents as well as business and generate greater community acceptance.

You can download Redfern Brand 100dpi logos (81KB MSWord) embedded in a word document for net use or you can obtain higher resolution RBG and CMYK jpg and eps logos by contacting Elizabeth Waser the City of Sydney Council’s Business and Community Development Coordinator on 9265 9850 or You can also download the Redfern Identity Guidelines Summary (223 Kb PDF), the larger style manual Brand Identity Guidelines (1.3MB PDF) and you can get some idea of some ways it might be used from Using the Redfern brand (688 KB PDF).

As part of the development of the brand Frost, the design company, sought to understand people's experience and perception of the Redfern area and engaged Environmetrics to carry out a survey of 300 people living within 10km of Redfern. The resultant Redfern Brand Study Report (460KB PDF) is well worth reading. This information along with desk research and meetings with local people fed into Frost’s identification of the brand values and the core brand idea of Welcoming Spirit. The Redfern Brand logo was just the last step of the process. You can get some idea of the process behind developing the brand prior to the logo from the 27 July 2010 Frost Presentation on Brand Development (1.1MB PDF) provided to a group for local people involved in providing input to the Redfern Brand process.

Sydney University’s Abercrombie Street Proposal Concerns

The expected exhibition of MP 07_0158 - Abercrombie Street Precinct, Syd Uni has not yet occurred. An interesting development has been a letter from a Darlington resident who is part of a group of Darlington residents concerned about Sydney Uni’s proposed developments. The resident has written to the Department of Planning arguing that Sydney Uni has not complied with the consultation requirements of the Director General’s Requirements for the proposed project. The text of the email in Resident Questions if Sydney Uni has followed Planning Requirements asks the Department to request the University to address the lack of community consultation before the Department allows formal exhibition.

The group is arranging a public meeting at Darlington School and has written to the Sydney University Vice Chancellor asking him to attend and talk to the community about the University’s plans and how community consultation can be better planned in the future. If you would like further information on this group or the meeting please contact Tim Brunero on 0405285547. REDWatch will also advertise it on their website events calendar.

Alexandria Residents Action Group Formed

Alexandria residents who have been complaining about the impact of the ATP and Channel 7 on their area convened a meeting at South Sydney Community Aid on 16th March 2011 to form the Alexandria Residents Action Group. Over 30 people turned up and a committee and working groups have been established. If you would like to join the new group, join its email list or find out more about it please contact Ben Aveling on

Parking issues, promoting Green Travel Plans to the ATP, improving public transport and pedestrian facilities, getting the lights in the Channel 7 building turned off, coal seam gas mining and the impact of the proposed increases in density from RWA BEP2 and Ashmore were among the issues discussed. With the ATP DA on exhibition for the Gardeners Compound ATP Garden and Cornwallis Streets - Extension of 2006 Temporary Arrangement there was a fair amount of discussion about the impact of the noise from this facility on nearby residents.

A Letter from the Lord Mayor to Residents on Parking in Alexandria has recently been received; the letter states that Council expects to start community consultations with Alexandria residents about parking in May 2011 and the group is working on how the residents wish to address this issue.

The IT Section of the Department of Education and Training is moving to 8 Central Avenue in April and this will involve over 500 new staff travelling to the ATP and is likely to impact further on parking in the area.

Fraser’s CUB Central Park Community Information Session – 19 March 2011

Fraser’s redevelopment of the CUB site at Broadway is proceeding apace. There will be a Community Information Session held at Central Park Display Pavilion at 80 Broadway Chippendale from 12pm to 3pm on Saturday 19 March 2011. FraserStudios on Kensington Street will also have an Open Studio and Exhibition between 2pm and 5pm also on 19th March.

You can find out more about what is happening on the Frasers CUB site redevelopment at We especially like the interactive 3D Master Plan on the website. We were not previously aware of the amount of retail space in this development until we say this highlighted on the map. The ‘Central Park Gazette’ for Autumn 2011 can be downloaded from the site. It contains updates of the progress in developing various parts of the site - Download PDF (590 KB PDF)


These Updates are also available as emails. Details about the Redfern Waterloo Issues Update Email list and how to subscribe can be found at: