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Council Motion Re Central to Eveleigh

At City of Sydney Council on Monday 29 July 2013 the following motion was unanimously carried by Council regarding the Central to Eveleigh Corridor proposal. Interestingly it indicates Council is meeting the Metro Strategy targets for new housing but needs new commercial and jobs development. The motion was moved bt Councillor Christine Forster and amended at the meeting before being passed unanimously.

It is resolved that Council:

(A) note that:

  • (i)  the NSW State Government has called for expressions of interest for the renewal of the railway line corridor between Central Station and Eveleigh, a project that has the potential to provide thousands of new homes and jobs;
  • (ii)  the Draft Metropolitan Strategy for Sydney to 2031, released in March, highlights that "Central Sydney' needs 102,000 new jobs and tens of thousands of new homes. Based on approved projects, the City of Sydney is meeting its targets for delivering new housing under the Government's Metropolitan Strategy but requires new commercial and jobs development;
  • (iii) the homes, parklands and workplaces developed along the corridor would all be on existing transport links, but additional transport and infrastructure requirements need to be assessed and addressed;
  • (iv) the NSW State Government has promised heritage buildings along the railway corridor will be protected and given new life through adaptive use;
  • (v) building above the corridor could allow more crossings to reunite Redfern and Ultimo, providing connections within the precinct including the University of Sydney, the UTS and the Ultimo College of TAFE NSW;
  • (vi)  the supply of new housing will not only be for the broad community but also for students who attend the nearby colleges and universities;
  • (vii) the City of Sydney identified the potential for redevelopment over the railway line at Central in its Sustainable Sydney 2030 plan for major public facilities, including a Convention Centre; and

(B) Request the CEO to organise a briefing from the NSW State Government on the proposal;

(C) Request the NSW State Government conduct a transparent and consultative process including the Community and City of Sydney, when developing and delivering plans for the Central Station-Eveleigh railway corridor.