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Council Reports on UrbanGrowth – 20th November 2015

Council’s has produced its latest report on its dealings with UrbanGrowth NSW for the Transport, Heritage and Planning Sub-Committee on Tuesday 20th November 2015. The report includes what Council has publicly done / is doing relating to recent Central to Eveleigh consultations and regarding the ATP sale.

The link to the report from the meeting papers is UrbanGrowth NSW – Update on major urban renewal.

The paper refers to Council’s submission on the last round of C2E consultations. You can download this submission from Councils Sydney your say site Central to Eveleigh section. This site also contains the council MOU with UrbanGrowth and other C2E documents. Among recommendations in the submission Council is pushing UG C2E to adopt a housing policy with diversity targets - including an average target of 21 to 24 per cent for affordable rental housing across all UrbanGrowth NSW’s inner city projects.

The Council report also detailed some issues it is taking up with the Government regarding the ATP sale. UrbanGrowth are currently assessing offers to buy the ATP.

The Council report also mentions the UG report on the May consultation Report: Community Workshop. May 2015 (1.78 MB) (pdf). This report can be found with C2E presentations and reports on the UG Central to Eveleigh consultation site under documents in our online library.

The council report advises that “UrbanGrowth NSW is continuing to develop the Draft Urban Transformation Strategy and intend to publicly exhibit the Draft Strategy early in 2016. The Draft Strategy is also expected to be accompanied by draft implementation plans for community facilities, housing diversity, open space and heritage, culture and arts.

The council report makes no reference to the proposed Metro Line station at Waterloo or Sydney University. Media reports indicate a decision on which station will be chosen is expected later this year. Proposals to increase densities along the proposed Metro line south west of Sydenham have recently gone on exhibition  see – Frequent trains and taller apartments in plan for Bankstown line

Urbangrowth have produced their 4th Living Cities eNewsletter

This post has been adapted from an update to REDWatch members.