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ATP Heritage Destruction by Neglect

The Conservation Management Plan in June 1996 provided a catalogue of all the significant heritage items (over 200). It detailed their significance, current condition and detailed a conservation policy and maintainence schedule for each item. The Technology Park was given a heritage grant to implement the the CMP but did not undertake the required work. This document from 2000 compared the Conservation Management Plan recommendations with the state of some of the equipment that had been moved outdoors and was being destroyed by neglect. The only change to date for some of the out door equipment has been that some of the items have been moved further away from where they should be to make way for the new Channel 7 building. A commitment to preserving and appropriatly presenting the items in the CMP would provide a significant heritage attraction at Eveleigh. (PDF Scan 2.2MB).

2000 Heritage Campaign.PDF — PDF document, 2269 kB (2323709 bytes)