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HSMAC NGO Report Back - 16th August 2007

Helen Campbell the Executive Officer of Redfern Legal Centre made a formal report back to Redfern Waterloo service agencies and local residents on 16th August 2007 regarding her involvement on the HSMAC and the RWA's progress in reforming human services. The report back followed Minister Sartor's decision to drop Helen from the RWA Human Services Ministerial Advisory Committee and not to have a formal representative of local Non Government Service providers on the HSMAC.
RWA HASMAC Report Back to Community Services Sector - 16 August 2007
Report from Helen Campbell, Redfern Legal Centre 16 August 2007.
File Human Services Plan Implimentation Report - Community Sector - 16 August 2007
At her report back to the Community Sector on 16th August 2007, Helen Campbell provided the following assessment of the implementation of the Human Services Plan as it related to the Community Sector. File is MSWord 58Kb.
File Redfern Waterloo Index of Services - Helen Campbell 16th August 2007
The Morgan Disney Review of Human Services in Redfern Waterloo set out to map the Human Services in the area. The review came up with around 200 services. This was many more than the number of services that local service providers said actually operated in the area. In her report back to the Community Services Sector Helen Campbell on 16th August 2007 provided a list of 34 services as a more realistic Redfern Waterloo Index of Services. File is MSWord 106 Kb.
File Minister's Letter to Helen Campbell advising HSMAC non renewal - July 2007
This is a copy of the letter received by Helen Campbell advising that she was not being reappointed to the RWA HSMAC. This letter was circulated to Services at Helen Campbell's report back on 16th August 2007. The file is OCR over a PDF scan of the letter - please check text against scan before using the text. PDF 129 Kb.
Details of Changes to HSMAC Membership - July 2007
Helen Campbell provided the details supplied from REDWatch of the changes to the Human Services Ministerial Advisory Committee in July 2007. These changes can be seen at the link below.
Redfern Legal Centre Memorandum on Ministerial powers on MAC appointments
This Memorandum was circulated by Helen Campbell on 16th August 2007 to a meeting of community services. The memorandum deals with the Minister's powers to appoint to the RWA Ministerial Advisory Committees.