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Needle Van and Lawson St Health Center

One of the Governments first announcements at the time of the establishment of the RWA was that the Needle exchange on the Block would close and that a New Primary health Care Centre would be set up in Lawson Street. While the anouncement was initially welcomed by REDWatch, the government did not undertake the community education programme required and a significant community backlash saw a group called RED ALERT formed (no relationship to REDWatch) which managed to get the Lawson Street proposal stopped. Here we have some material about this issue.
File Lawson Street Media Release
A media release regarding Lawson Street
File SSWAHS letter
Letter and attachment from Sydney South West Area Health Service regarding the Lawson Street DA
File Lawson Street Community Health Centre Consultation
Details of the July 2005 Community Consultation conducted by the Miller Group. This document includes details of what was proposed for the consultation , the terms of reference and the consultation principles.