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Top-Level Board Appointed to Steer Redfern-Waterloo Authority

This Media release was issued on 14th December 2004 and announces the Membership of the RWA Board and the appointment of the CEO of the Authority. An attachment provided Biographies of the Board Appointees. Clover Moore who was on the original list subsequently declined the possition after discussion with the City of Sydney Council.


Planning for the revitalisation of Redfern and Waterloo has taken a major step forward with the appointment of the Redfern-Waterloo Authority Board and Chief Executive Officer.

The Minister responsible for the Authority, Frank Sartor, says members of the ten-member board have been drawn from a wide range of professions.

"This is a board that is going to get things done. It has a strong mix of skills including planning, architecture, valuation, heritage and social justice," said Mr Sartor.

"The appointments cross over government and non-government agencies, including two of the state's most senior directors-general. The board's make-up reflects strong local government experience."

Mr Sartor has named David Richmond as the Authority's chairman. He is the former Director-General of the Olympic Coordinating Authority, and currently chairs the Sydney Olympic Park Authority and the Parramatta Road Taskforce.

Former City of Sydney General Manager Robert Domm has been appointed as CEO of the Redfern-Waterloo Authority, and will also serve on its board.

"Both David Richmond and Robert Domm have proven to be highly effective managers," said Mr Sartor.

"The appointment of such experienced staff reflects the State Government's determination to see a complete shake-up in Redfern-Waterloo, to improve the lives of residents."

The Board will also include:

  • Michael Collins, valuer and chair of the Heritage Council;
  • Marcia Ella-Duncan, chair of the ATSIC Sydney Regional Council;
  • Dr Col Gellatly. Director-General of the Premier's Department;
  • Richard Johnson, award-winning Sydney architect;
  • Clover Moore MP, Member for Bligh and Sydney Lord Mayor;
  • Sam Mostyn, Insurance Australia Group executive;
  • Lucy Turnbull, former Sydney Lord Mayor;
  • Jennifer Westacott, Director-General of Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Natural Resources.


Chair- Professor David Richmond AO

Professor Richmond is former Director-General of the Olympic coordinating Authority and current Chairman of the Sydney Olympic Park Authority, the Parramatta Road Taskforce and the Premier's Taskforce on Government capital Works procurement strategies. He recently provided strategic advice to the President of the Athens 2004 Olympic Games and is the Inaugural Director and Professor of the University of Sydney's Graduate School of Government. Professor Richmond is the author of the Richmond Report to the NSW Government, and In 1890 earned the National Council for intellectual Disability's Making the Difference Award.

CEO - Mr Robert Domm

Mr Domm was the General Manager of the City of Sydney from December 2001 to October 2004, after joining the council as Deputy General Manager and Chief of Staff to the Lord Mayor. During this period, Mr Domm successfully handled the City’s mergers with Glebe and Kings Cross in May 2003, and with South Sydney Council in February 2004. This involved significant organisational reform which saw the Council named as Australia's fourth best-performing government organisation by the Business Review Weekly. Mr Domm holds postgraduate qualifications in labour law and industrial relations.

Mr Michael Collins

Mr Collins is chair of the Heritage Council of NSW end served as National President of the Australian Property Institute from 2003-2004. He Is the Director of Michael Collins & Associates Pty Limited, a property consultancy service which advises private and public sector clients as well as undertaking feasibility studies for a wide range of development opportunities. Mr Collins played a key role in the redevelopment of Darling Harbour and the planning of Olympic Park, and served as Chief Property Consultant to the NSW Government for the Sydney Games. He served on the City of Sydney Development Advisory Committee from 1998 to 2002.

Ms Marcia Ella-Duncan AO

Ms Ella-Duncan currently serves as Chairperson for the Sydney Regional Council of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission. She has previously held several key indigenous advisory positions with the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA), the NSW Attorney-General's Aboriginal Justice Advisory Council and the Department of Juvenile Justice. A member of the La Perouse Local Aboriginal Land Council, Ms Ella-Durlcan represented Australia in netball and was awarded the Order of Australia medal for services to the sport In 1988.

Mr Richard Johnson MBE

An award-winning architect, Mr Johnson is Adjunct Professor of Architecture at the University of  New South Wales and a Director of Johnson Pilton Walker Architects. He is an Associate of the Royal Australian Institute of Architects and the Japan Institute of Architects, and a Member of the Design Institute of Australia. Mr Johnson is also responsible for designing the Australian embassies In Beijing and Tokyo.

He is the Chief Architect for the Sydney Opera House end in also currently working on projects including the Australian War Memorial, the Hilton Hotel and the Asian wing of the Art Gallery of New South Wales.

Ms Sam Mostyn

Ma Mostyn Is currently the Group Executive, Culture and Reputation at Insurance Australia Group (IAG), managing such areas as Human Resources, Corporate Affairs, Government Relations and Policy and Community Engagement. She is a qualified lawyer and served as a senior Policy Adviser to former Prime Minister Paul Keating. Ms Mostyn has also steered a pilot crime prevention strategy in the Redfern-Waterloo area, in partnership with police and local business, focusing on crime reduction and community development.

Ms Lucy Turnbull MBA

Ms Turnbull was Lord Mayor of the City of Sydney from 2003 to 2004 and Deputy Lord Mayor from 1999 to 2003. She has extensive experience in planning, business and investment banking. She Currently Chairs many companies, both private and public, including WebCentral Group Limited, Centrestone Wealth Management Pty Limited and Pengana Holdings Limited. Former chair of the NSW Government's Ministerial Advisory Committee on Biotechnology, Ms Turnbull has also served on the NSW Government's Information Industry Business Advisory Board. She is the author of Sydney- Biography ore City (1999) and a member of the Turnbull Foundation, which has provided significant financial support to the community-based Redfern Foundation.

Ms Clover Moore MP

Ms Moore has served as Lord Mayor of the City of Sydney since March 2004. She has held the seat of Bligh in State Parliament since 1988.

Dr Col Gellatly

Director-General of the Premier's Department.

Ms Jennifer Westacott

Director-General of the Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Natural Resources.