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RWA Overview Attachment

The following attachment on the Redfern Waterloo Authority (RWA) was supplied with some of the letters sent out about the RWA in December 2004. The letter makes comment on The Redfern Waterloo Plan, Advisory Committees, Heritage, The RWPP, Aboriginal Housing and the Block, Public Housing and the Sydney City Council.


  • The Redfern-Waterloo Plan - an outline of the RWA's intentions for sustainable development, urban design, land use, human services, jobs, transport, public land and affordable housing. To be progressively released from 2005. Each phase to be publicly exhibited and input invited.
  • Advisory Committees - committees will be convened which will include residents, the Aboriginal community and State and local public servants, to advise the Minister or the Authority on issues such as the built environment, employment and human services. Nominations for community membership will be publicly invited.
  • Heritage - changes will only affect State significant sites, and only after consultation with the NSW Heritage Council, and only if it essential to sustainable improvement in Redfern-Waterloo
  • The Redfern-Waterloo Partnership Program (RWPP) - to continue for the medium term, co-ordinating various government services in Redfern-Waterloo and implementing the findings of the Human Services Review.
  • Aboriginal housing and the Block - It is intended that the Block remain in Aboriginal ownership as a place of significance to the Aboriginal community. The number of Aboriginal tenancies in Redfern-Waterloo will not be reduced. The Government is seeking to negotiate a new vision with the Aboriginal Housing Company and the Aboriginal community.
  • Public housing - All tenancies are secure, and the amount of public housing in Redfern-Waterloo will not be reduced.
  • Sydney City Council - The Council remains the consent authority for all premises not listed as State significant sites. The RWA will work with Sydney City Council in developing plans for improving public amenities in Redfern-Waterloo.