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Your views invited on community advisory structure

The following is a copy of a letter sent to residents in late December 2004 setting out what the Minister was thinking about a community advisory strucasking for the RWA and asking for input from the community. The the final decision mirrored the Minister's initial thinking and was widly considered inadequate by REDWatch and others.

Re: Your views invited on community advisory structure

As you know, the NSW Government has set up a Redfern-Waterloo Authority (RWA) to manage public infrastructure and achieve sustainable social and physical improvements.

The RWA will be established on January 17. I am now considering community advisory committees to consult on particular issues affecting Redfern-Waterloo - starting work from March 2005.

The current thinking is for three advisory committees of about 15 members each, comprising residents and State and local government, covering such areas as Human Services, Employment and the Built Environment.

I am also considering public forums for residents or representatives of community organisations, as well as working groups on specific projects.

In addition, the Redfern Waterloo Plan, which will probably be prepared in phases, will be subject to public exhibition and input at each stage.

What I, and the Authority, will be seeking is constructive input towards positive outcomes for the area. On this basis, we will be consulting extensively.

If you have suggestions for consultation and these committees, please write to me -GPO Box 5341, Sydney NSW 2001 (att: Owen Torpy) or 9228 4700. To allow time to consider submissions, please post by 31 January 2005.

I took forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely

Frank Sartor


PS See the attached fact sheet for more information about the RWA