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Letter from Minister Sartor regarding 3801 and Rail Heritage

The following letter has been received by a number of people who wrote either to Minister Sartor or to The Premier regarding 3801, The Large Erecting Workshop and Railway Heritage. This letter was dated 13th September 2006.


The Premier has asked that I respond to your letter to him. Thank you for raising your concerns regarding the 3801 and the Large Erecting Shed at South Eveleigh. I apologise for the delay in responding.

In respect of the locomotive itself, on 4 August the Deputy Premier, Minister for Transport, the Hon John Watkins announced a $20 million plan over five years to increase protection of the State's rich rail heritage that sets a new standard for industrial conservation in NSW.

The plan will be delivered by a new Office of Rail Heritage that will oversee the conservation and display of rail heritage assets and ensure that groups of volunteers are recognised, valued and supported.

The first $500,000 will be spent to overhaul the 3801 locomotive at the Hunter Valley Training Company at Maitland. The Government will provide this funding to keep the 3801 locomotive in first-class operating condition so that it can continue to provide a steam experience for the people of NSW.

In addition, a panel of independent experts has also been formed to determine how the 3801 should be best managed in future. I am advised that both 3801 Pty Ltd and the Rail Transport Museum at Thirlmere have been urged to work with the panel in securing a collaborative approach to the future operation of the 3801 locomotive.

As you may be aware, 3801 Pty Ltd occupies part of the Large Erecting Shed at South Eveleigh under a licence agreement with StateRail. I am advised that these premises require urgent repairs, and that to complete these repairs 3801 Limited will need to vacate the site. No timeframe has yet been set for this, but ultimate ownership of the premises will eventually be transferred to the Redfern-Waterloo Authority (RWA).

I note that you have raised concerns about the preservation of buildings of heritage significance within the Redfern railway precinct. Let me assure you that, since its inception, the RWA have been assiduous in protecting heritage buildings. In fact, there are currently 12 buildings listed on the heritage Schedule contained in the Redfern Waterloo State Policy, see attached schedule. This involves the preservation of some 6.7 hectares of buildings.

This represents an unprecedented preservation of railway heritage, even on a world scale.

I trust this information is of assistance.

Yours sincerely

Frank Sartor MP


Heritage items within the Redfern Railway Precinct (categorised in the Heritage Schedule)


Building or Structure                                                   Area (ha)

Locomotive Workshop - ATP                                            2.65

New Locomotive Workshop – ATP                                   0.36

Works Managers Office - ATP                                          0.18

Chief Mechanical Engineers Building - Nth Eveleigh        0.08

Large Erecting Shed - South Eveleigh                             0.54

Blacksmiths Workshops - Nth Eveleigh                           0.23

Scientific Services Building - Nth Eveleigh                       0.046

Portion of Fan of Tracks - Nth Eveleigh                           0.2

Telecommunications Equipment Centre - Nth Eveleigh   0.03

Paint Shop - Nth Eveleigh                                               0.6

Carriage Workshop- Nth Eveleigh                                  1.7

Redfern Railway Station Ticket and Booking Office         0.08

                                    SUB TOTAL                                  6.70