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Comments on North Eveleigh Issues - 29 March 2009

The following is an extract from an email from RWA CEO Roy Wakelin-King to Wilson Street Resident Bruce Lay following a walk round of the North Eveleigh site during which a number of iossues were raised about the site. We have reproduced the extract below, which was copied to us and the City of Sydney CEO, as it provides some useful clarification on some community concerns about the North Eveleigh and the RWA.

I need to say from the outset that the Minister for Planning has approved the Concept Plan in January of this year after an extensive submission, review and consultation process, the details of which I outlined at the CofS forum last week.  The development of North Eveleigh is a great opportunity for the Redfern Waterloo area in many respects and although I am very conscious of some of the concerns that have been raised by community members, the overall benefits to this key area of Sydney are potentially very significant. 

As advised during the site visit and at the forum last week, the sale process for the North Eveleigh site will commence in the short term.  Whatever the outcome of this process, the successful proponent will need to go through a further planning process for development approval.  The proponent also has the right to seek an amendment to the Concept Plan, or submit an entirely new Concept Plan.  This would be a matter for the successful proponent and, should they choose this course of action, such application would be treated on its merits in accordance with the proper process. 

You mentioned that the CofS may raise formal objections to some aspects of the Concept Plan subsequent to the submissions that they previously provided during the assessment process.  Again, should the CofS choose this course of action then this would be a matter for them and we would consider this if and when it arises.  I would like to emphasise the points I made at the forum last week, and reiterated yesterday, regarding our relationship with the CofS.  The RWA and the CofS need to have a good working relationship.  We are two very important stakeholders in the Redfern Waterloo Area and it is in the interests of the Community that we continue to work closely together.  I wish to emphasise that this is a key priority of mine, and as such I have cc'd my response to you to the CEO of CofS. 

As advised yesterday, I will continue to look into the traffic issues raised in the various reports and submissions on North Eveleigh, including those provided by you and Chris Stapleton, to gain a detailed understanding of these matters. 

In relation to the issue of the set down/pick up areas for the Carriage Works site, we are happy to raise this with the CofS to see what can be done to address some of points you have raised. 

I can also advise that in regard to the signage for the Eveleigh Markets, the RWA consulted with the Heritage Council who I understand did not raised any objections to the proposed arrangements.  One of the intended outcomes for this signage is to promote the markets that have hitherto been successful.  Again, the markets provide an outstanding opportunity for the Redfern Waterloo area by providing a great community asset of which we can all be proud.  The turn-out and response from the Community thus far has been great and we hope this continues into the future.

Again, thank you for your time yesterday. 


Roy Wakelin-King

Chief Executive Officer

Redfern-Waterloo Authority