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Australian Technology Park Tree Replacement Program - Henderson Road

The Australian Technology Park will begin removing sick poplar trees on Henderson Road and replacing them with healthy native specimens in August 2009 reports this media release from the RWA on 14 August 2009.

The poplar trees have been monitored for over a year and assessed by an independent aborist, Active Tree Services. The majority of the trees were found to be hazardous and in poor health.

"To ensure the safety of the community from the possibility of the poplar trees falling over they are being replaced with eighteen Brushbox and eleven Water Gums with planting commencing during August" said Roy Wakelin-King Managing Director of the ATP.

"The timing of the planting of the trees is ideal as it will allow the ATP to get the trees in the ground right at the start of the growing season."

The new trees will provide equivalent visual amenity and habitat for fauna with the Brushbox growing to fifteen metres with a ten metre crown and the Water Gums growing to ten metres tall with a five metre crown.

A Development Application to undertake the required works was approved on 13 February 2009. This process involved notifying the 870 adjoining land owners by letter and publicly exhibiting the proposal.

Source: www.redfernwaterloo.nsw.gov.au/other/media_releases/aug_2009_media_release.pdf