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RWA, Council & Chamber Letter to Redfern Waterloo Businesses

In a letter dated 22 October 2009, to local businesses in the Redfern-Waterloo area, the RWA, City of Sydney and the Redfern Chamber of Commerce joined forces to inform business of the exciting developments in the area, and the opportunity to take part in Redfern's promising future. The text of the letter is provided below.


We are writing to inform you of the exciting development happening in the Redfern Waterloo area and to highlight the emerging opportunities in this important part of Sydney. In doing this, we hope to engage in a dialogue and process that will encourage you to become a key player in this journey.

As you may be aware, the Redfern Waterloo area is going through a positive transformation, linking its significant cultural past with the exciting prospects for the future. This transformation is being brought about by an urban renewal process that is being delivered through a strong partnership involving all levels of Government, the local business community and key non-government organisations.

Over the last two years, Council has expended $48 million on Redfern and Regent Street upgrades and improvements to Redfern Park and Oval. This has brought both immediate and lasting benefits to the area and has laid the foundations for Redfern Street to become one of the best retail strips in the inner city.

The NSW Government, through its Built Environment Plan, has led the development of a number of old disused State sites, transforming these into outstanding development opportunities which are now starting to be realised and will ultimately result in the creation of 18,000 new employment opportunities. This includes the transformation of the old Rachel Forster Hospital into a modern residential complex, the establishment of a Concept Plan for the disused North Eveleigh rail yards and further enhancement of the Australian Technology Park. Importantly, the tens of millions of dollars arising from these developments are being funnelled back into the Redfern Waterloo area, further enhancing the opportunities for economic and social growth.

The Federal Government is investing over $30 million into the National Centre for Indigenous Excellence (NCIE), which is due to open later this year. This will be the first facility of its kind in Australia and will represent a major contribution to fostering and promoting significant cultural and historical links of the Aboriginal people in this area.

The Block, the heart of the Aboriginal Community in the Redfern Area, has been approved for redevelopment. The Pemulwuy Project Concept Plan was recently approved and this has resulted in a tremendous uplift of pride and hope for the Aboriginal community in the area. 2

One of the greatest opportunities on the immediate horizon for the Redfern Waterloo area is the opening of the new Channel 7 building at the Australian Technology Park in January 2010 – this is less than 6 months away. This will see over 2,000 new workers coming to the Redfern Waterloo area who will be looking to explore and engage in the retail and cultural aspects of the Redfern Waterloo area. These workers will want to eat lunch, meet over a coffee, buy from local stores and enjoy what the area has to offer. It is a massive opportunity for Redfern Waterloo to embrace and benefit from.

We are looking to you to join us in the journey and help the area realise the opportunities that are going to arise from this transformation. We need to open the shutter doors, promote business development in the area and provide a place where people coming to this area will discover for themselves what a tremendous place it is to work and live.

We know that the shutter doors have long been a feature of this area but they do not promote what Redfern is. They detract and deter people from coming to the area. This just cannot happen in these exciting times of transformation. We also know that a lot of building owners place an importance on the shutters for possible security and insurance benefits. We want to enter into a dialogue with you about options for the future of these barriers. We know that regulations govern the use of these devices but it is innovation and engagement that will really address this matter.

Business has a growing voice in the Redfern Waterloo area; one that speaks directly with all levels of Government and is committed to embracing opportunities that are upon us. The Redfern Waterloo Chamber of Commerce, under new leadership, is actively engaged in this process and is representing the needs of business through this transformation.

We ask that you give strong consideration to the message we are conveying in this letter. Redfern and Waterloo represents the future and the opportunities are endless. We need to embrace this together. Your involvement is essential if we are going to succeed in completing this journey.

If you wish to find out more information about the exciting opportunities in the Redfern Waterloo area and discuss the way forward, please contact

Elizabeth Waser City of Sydney Ph 9265 9850

Denny Hall Redfern Waterloo Authority Ph 9202 9100

Mary-Lynne Pidcock Redfern Waterloo Chamber of Commerce Ph 0419 657 888

We hope that you will join us in these exciting times and help realise the full potential of this important part of Sydney.

Yours sincerely,

Roy Wakelin-King Chief Executive Redfern Waterloo Authority

Monica Barone, Chief Executive Officer, City of Sydney

Mary Lynne Pidcock President Redfern Waterloo Chamber of Commerce