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Minister for Transport on Redfern Station October 2009

At the Estimates hearing on 17th September 2009 The Transport Minister David Campbell took a question about Redfern Station on notice. The breif answer to the questions on notice includes that "a preferred option has now been identified and is being refined"!


1. Redfern Railway Station

a. In a RailCorp document on forward planning in a section titled "Capacity' and Service Improvement Delivery 2006" on p. 175, it is claimed that the Redfern Railway Station upgrade will be done by 2011. Will this still be possible and who will be responsible for bringing the plan to fruition?

b. Will it be a minor upgrade or will it be a major work including the use of airspace above the station?

c. If it is not a major upgrade will disability access be included on at least one platform?

d. How will an upgraded Railway Station provide linkages to all the new developments such as the new RSL and Gibbons Street buildings, the North Eveleigh development, the Redfern Town Centre and the existing educational institutions in the area?


I am advised:

The upgrade of Redfern Station was shown in the Urban Transport Statement as a 2011 project.

RailCorp has been working alongside the Redfern Waterloo Authority to develop the plans for the upgrade of Redfern Station to ensure it meets the needs of current and future development in the Redfern area. A preferred option has now been identified and is being refined.

The purpose of the upgrade at Redfern is to provide accessibility improvements and to improve capacity to accomodate development in the area.

David Campbell MP

Minister for Transport

Minister for the IIlawarra

Source: http://www.parliament.nsw.gov.au/Prod/parlment/committee.nsf/0/66949dfd5cb224aaca25765c007c4688/$FILE/091027%20Answers%20to%20QoN%20-%20Transport,%20Illawarra%20-%20taken%20during%20hearing.pdf