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February 2010 - RWA Update – Text Version

February 2010 - RWA Update – Text Version - Redfern: A Centre for Excellence / A message from our CEO / Specialist Health Centre set to serve Redfern / Premier Keneally retains Redfern Waterloo ministry / World-class movies to be made in Darlington / Alexandria wins with Emu Astrology Banner / Seniors party like its Christmas time in ‘09 / Local graduates take out top awards / Redfern & Aunty Beryl, fit for a Prince / Heritage Taskforce underway / Family Violence Taskforce extends reach / Offering youth a clean slate / Mudgin-Gal on the up and up / Community Information Meeting on Technology Park / REDWatch meeting and Alexandria follow-up / Redfern Waterloo Business Advice / The girl has got skills / Redfern Police Chief steps into the ring / Aboriginal Men’s Group wears the logo / REDWater Community Market / Find out the latest from the Redfern Waterloo Authority: / What’s happening around the Australian Technology Park?

RWA Redfern Waterloo Update – February 2010

Redfern: A Centre for Excellence

A message from our CEO

Specialist Health Centre set to serve Redfern

Premier Keneally retains Redfern Waterloo ministry

World-class movies to be made in Darlington

Alexandria wins with Emu Astrology Banner

Seniors party like its Christmas time in ‘09

Local graduates take out top awards

Redfern & Aunty Beryl, fit for a Prince

Heritage Taskforce underway

Family Violence Taskforce extends reach

Offering youth a clean slate

Mudgin-Gal on the up and up

Community Information Meeting on Technology Park

REDWatch meeting and Alexandria follow-up

Redfern Waterloo Business Advice

The girl has got skills

Redfern Police Chief steps into the ring

Aboriginal Men’s Group wears the logo

REDWater Community Market

Find out the latest from the Redfern Waterloo Authority:

What’s happening around the Australian Technology Park?

Redfern: A Centre for Excellence

The National Centre of Indigenous Excellence (NCIE) opened its doors to the young Indigenous and the broader public at the start of January 2010.

The Centre is already thriving with activity as locals from all backgrounds flock to the Centre to take advantage of the premier facilities.

Sol Bellear, a director of the NCIE, said the Centre will help to build a more cohesive, more tolerant Redfern. “The idea being that the Centre is inclusive not exclusive. We are here for everybody, not just Indigenous people.”

More than 100 Young Indigenous people will be able to sleep, eat and learn in the Centre at any one time, studying in the fields of sport, art, culture and/or education.

“We will provide practical skills for young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who need guidance and support to realise their dreams and aspirations,” NCIE CEO Jason Glanville said. “We are aiming to have 5,000 people rolling through the doors annually,” he said.

Members of the public can also participate in the Centre and sign up for gym membership.

“We already have 900-plus members,” Jason Glanville said at the start of February. “We have whole generations coming here. Grandma is in the pool, dad’s in the gym, mum’s in the cardio hall and the kids are in the pool.”

The RWA helped in brokering the Redfern site for the Centre and committed $500,000 to its construction and operation.

Facilities include a 25-metre heated swimming pool, a YMCA-designed gym and cardio hall, sports field, dining hall and activity rooms, hostel accommodation, conference facilities, meeting rooms and a ropes course.

Jason Glanville said the NCIE was interested in working with local service providers and businesses such as Yaama Dhiyaan, gardeners, cleaners and other on-site service providers.

For more information contact the NCIE office on 9016 1069 or the health and membership office on 1300 866 761.

A message from our CEO

I hope you had an enjoyable Christmas and New Year and are ready for an exciting 2010.

We have seen the new facilities at Channel 7, the National Centre for Indigenous Excellence and the Community Health Centre all commence operations over the Christmas and New Year period.

This will result in a real boost to the area in terms of economic and social activity, which will lead to lasting positive change for the area.

This is the essence of the Urban Renewal program that the RWA has been actively involved in and it is also a reflection of the tremendous commitment of the many stakeholders who have been engaged in these projects.

I am also pleased to inform you of the recent appointment of Melissa Gibson as our Director of Human Services, familiar to some of you already. The establishment of this position reflects a clear commitment by the Authority to deliver on its commitments in this key area of our work. Melissa and her team will be actively working with all stakeholders in the community to assist in the long term delivery of improved human services for the aged and young alike, the disabled, migrants and the homeless.

A key focus of the Authority for 2010 is the delivery of key milestones for the Redfern Waterloo area, including the Built Environment Plan 2, the commencement of the Redfern Railway Station upgrade, the implementation of the redevelopment of North Eveleigh, and the many other tasks that we are engaged in. We will also continue our efforts in the development of our successful Aboriginal employment program and local business development.

I look forward to working with you in these and other community-benefiting endeavours.

Roy Wakelin-King

Specialist Health Centre set to serve Redfern

The specialist Redfern Health Centre formally opens to the community in March 2010. The site of the Health Centre, the Redfern Court House built in 1898, has been adaptively re-used to accommodate modern medical facilities.

The result is an attractive sandstone brick Court House façade designed in Federation Free classical style, complete with ironwork and lighting.

The Centre is being run by Sydney South West Area Health, a branch of NSW Health, and will be available for clients in the areas of mental health, drug and alcohol services, HIV services and health nursing. Typically clients will be referred by a doctor, health professional, themselves or an agent.

When it opens, the Centre will run from 8:30am to 5pm, Mondays to Fridays.

The RWA and NSW Health managed the sale of the Rachel Foster Hospital site to fund the $10 million re¬development of the old Courthouse building into the new Health Centre.

Photo: Entrance to the Health Centre at 103-105 Redfern Street.

Premier Keneally retains Redfern Waterloo ministry

Redfern Waterloo is at the top of government with the Premier electing to retain her Ministry of Redfern Waterloo after being sworn in as Premier on 4 December 2009.

Kristina Keneally has now held responsibility for Redfern Waterloo since 8 September 2008.

The Premier said the local area and the people of Redfern and Waterloo are very close to her heart.

In February the Premier reported falls in crime in the Redfern Waterloo area over the last two years, increases in Redfern and Waterloo house and unit prices over the last five years, as well as other key achievements by the RWA.

“What we are seeing in Redfern and Waterloo now are the results of a strong partnership between Government and community, including local Aboriginal leaders, creating thriving and safe suburbs,” Ms Keneally said.

House prices in Redfern have risen 38% since 2005, with a 22% increase for Waterloo. Falls in theft and robbery over the past two years ranged between 27% and 49%.

“The State Government’s long-term plan to turn around crime, education, employment and improve living conditions in Redfern and Waterloo is working, but there is still more to be done,” Ms Keneally said.

The NSW Government is investing $8 million in the Redfern Waterloo Authority during 2009/10 and 2010/11.

World-class movies to be made in Darlington

The Redfern Waterloo Authority has approved a development application that will see animation star George Miller and his company create world-class movies at CarriageWorks.

Miller’s production company Kennedy Miller Mitchell will make their new home in Bays 22-25 of CarriageWorks where the sequel to Happy Feet, and Mad Max: Fury Road will be produced in a purpose-built digital film studio.

“Big movies like Fury Road and Happy Feet are rare and competitively sought after in all the film-making regions of the world”, Mr Miller said.

Kennedy Miller Mitchell is a Sydney-based production company and one of Australia’s most successful, working on films such as Babe.

The Kennedy Miller Mitchell studio is expected to complement the near-by Fox Studios, adding to the attraction of Sydney and NSW for further film and animation projects.

Alexandria wins with Emu Astrology Banner

Alexandria Park Community School took out the first prize for the inaugural Christmas Banner Competition on 19 December 2009, with a vertical strip design honouring the traditional owners and modern celebrations.

Alexandria Park principle Robert Bruce accepted the $1,000 prize money on behalf of kids from classes 5–9 that took part in designing their unique school banner.

“They 2009 was the year of astronomy,” Robert Bruce said. “We had our kids working on Aboriginal astronomy with an emu, and we tied that up with the Christmas theme for the banner.” The kids absolutely loved it. Each of the grades did their little part.”

Youth service group Life for Kids were awarded the runners-up prize of $500 for their busy representation of the Aboriginal flag.

“We had never done something like that before,” Life for Kids’ Ailsa Gillett said. “We must have had forty kids putting their hands on it. The kids got a real sense of belonging to the community. And it gave a wonderful sense of being part of the other youth services.”

A people’s choice award of $1,000 acknowledged Darlington Primary School’s banner depicting a “fruitful” Christmas tree decorated with fruits and vegetables.

The Premier and Minister for Redfern Waterloo Kristina Keneally congratulated the award winners and entrants Sydney University’s The Settlement, Glebe Public School, Redfern Community Centre and South Sydney Youth Services for their involvement.

“Every entry was wonderful and whilst there can only be three prize winners, each banner has brought even more colour and joy to the Eveleigh Markets,” the Premier said.

Banners were hung in the ceiling of the Eveleigh Markets from 5 December. The judging panel for the winner and runner-up prizes included Mary Lynne Pidcock from the Redfern Chamber of Commerce, Aboriginal Elder Aunty Beryl Van Oploo and Souths Rabbitohs players Fetuli Talanoa and Eddy Pettybourne. The People’s Choice Award was voted on by market attendees.

The Christmas Banner Competition is an initiative of the Redfern Waterloo Authority and the Australian Technology Park. RWA CEO Roy Wakelin-King said the competition will now run each year.

Photo: The Premier congratulates Darlington Primary School students on winning the People’s Choice Award.

Seniors party like its Christmas time in ‘09

In its fifth year, the Seniors Christmas Party on 8 December 2009 continued to live up to its neighbourhood reputation with around 320 Redfern and Waterloo seniors joining in the festivities.

“I thought it was a terrific day,” Paul Cavanagh, a 65-year-old Waterloo resident said. “I had a lot of friends that were there, and I will definitely go again.”

The Australian Technology Park Venue was almost at capacity as an accordion player and carollers from Sydney University welcomed visitors with warm sounds.

Seniors were then treated to a buffet luncheon and a surprise visit from the Premier and Minister for Redfern Waterloo Kristina Keneally, who passed on her warm wishes for the festive season and the New Year.

“I took photos with the Premier which was great,” Lidiya Tseytin, a Waterloo resident of Russian descent said. “It was so interesting, I really enjoyed this year’s Christmas party.”

Free buses picked up people from Poets Corner and Waterloo Green and dropped them home again.

“I caught the bus over and walked home,” Paul Cavanagh said. “It’s not that far from where we are here in Waterloo.”

The Redfern Waterloo Authority’s Julie Parsons, who managed the event, had her hands full and her phone ringing in the lead up in the lead up to the event.

“I have a lovely time dealing with the Seniors,” Julie Parsons said. “It’s the event of my year.”

Photo: Phillipe the accordion player rallies the Seniors into song

Local graduates take out top awards

Three special graduates from Yaama Dhiyaan and Koori Job Course were acknowledged at the My Gateway 2009 Apprentice and Trainee Awards at the end of 2009.

Tara Lett won the Yaama Dhiyaan Trainee of the Year. Tara is currently working at Café on the Park at Redfern Oval.

Craig O’Donnell won the Les Tobler Construction Training Centre Trainee of the Year. He is currently working as a first year apprentice plumber with Anvason Plumbing, the same company that worked on the Redfern Community Health Centre.

Another O’Donnell, Haydon, won the Aboriginal Apprentice of the Year. Haydon is working as a third year apprentice plumber with J R Keefe Plumbing, the same company that worked on the Channel 7 building development at the Australian Technology Park.

Over 200 graduates have now completed the two courses, 125 of those coming out of Yaama Dhiyaan, and 76 Koori people from the Job Ready Course. More than half of these graduates have gone on to gainful employment with others electing to undertake further study.

Graduates from the Job Ready course have found work on construction sites such as Channel 7, the National Centre of Indigenous Excellent and the Black Theatre site thanks to the RWA Aboriginal Employment Model, which has filled 321 jobs to-date.

Yaama Dhiyaan Graduates have been employed by hotels such as the ACCOR Group and the Sofitel Wentworth.

2010 Dates                    Yaama Dhiyaan             Koori Job Ready Course

TERM 1                        8 February – 1 April        8 February – 2 April

TERM 2                        3 May – 2 July               19 April – 11 June (information day: 7 April)

TERM 3                        26 July – 24 September  5 July – 27 August (information day: 22 June)

TERM 4                        11 Oct – 10 December   11 October – 3 December (information day: 28 September)

For more information about Yaama Dhiyaan contact Andrew Constantinidis on 9202 9100. For more information on the Koori Job Ready Course contact Wayne Dargan (9202 9100, 0423 414 643) or Rohan Tobler (9202 9100, 0414 137 816).

Redfern & Aunty Beryl, fit for a Prince

While much of Redfern turned out to greet a royal Prince for the first time in their lives, Yaama Dhiyaan’s Aunty Beryl Van Oploo was preparing food for a Prince for the second time in her life.

Her first time was around 40 years ago.

“We did a catering job down at The Rocks,” Aunty Beryl said. “I was training some girls from La Perouse to do a similar thing to what we are doing here at Yaama.”

The client was then Prince William’s father, Prince Charles.

“We served him kangaroo meat balls with bush tomato sauce,” she said. “He was a lovely man.”

His son, Royal Highness Prince William, touched down at the Redfern Community Centre on Tuesday 18 January 2010 in a sedate navy suit loaded with charm.

“It was exciting because he chose our community to come to,” Aunty Beryl said. “I reckon he has similar reasons to his mum to coming to Redfern. He wants to touch everybody in society whether you are rich, poor or otherwise. He is lovely man with similar traits to his mother and father.”

Aunty Beryl and the team from Yaama Dhiyaan served him and around 60 elders afternoon tea which included quandon and custard tarts, lemon myrtle butter biscuits, chocolate truffle and a fruit cocktail.

Photo: Prince Williams arrives to the Redfern Community Centre. INSET: Aunty Beryl served the Prince afternoon tea.

Heritage Taskforce underway

The Redfern Waterloo Heritage Taskforce held its inaugural meeting on 8 December 2009.

The Premier and the RWA established the Taskforce to enhance the understanding of the extent of local heritage in Redfern Waterloo and its significance to residents, workers and visitors.

“The purpose of the Taskforce is to identify opportunities for conservation and re-use in Redfern Waterloo,” Roy Wakelin-King said. “All heritage activity will operate in tandem with the revitalisation and renewal of the area.”

The Taskforce will meet four times in the year with sub-groups meeting in between, and will operate on a project basis. Anyone can nominate a heritage project, or express interest to take part in one up until 25 February 2010.

Representatives on the Taskforce include State and Local Government, community, special interest and heritage representatives.

The RWA is currently seeking to fulfil two Indigenous representative memberships. To find out more about these positions or the Taskforce, go to “Community” at www.rwa.gov.au or contact Juliet Suich on 9202 9100 or Juliet.suich@rwa.nsw.gov.au.

Family Violence Taskforce extends reach

The Redfern Waterloo Family Taskforce was re-ignited on 21 October 2009, with membership extended to non-government organisations.

New members include South Sydney Community Aid, Central Sydney Scarba Service, Relationships Australia, Hillsong City Care, Wirringia Baiya and St Vincent de Paul.

Maureen Hill of St Vincent de Paul Society said they joined because they run a family safety program.

“We are conscious of the existence of domestic violence in the area and we hope to see some kind of plan so we can address issues of both prevention and cure,” she said. “If there isn’t prevention, we are always working with the cure and it’s too late then.”

The focus of the Taskforce for 2010 is identifying service needs in the area, reviewing the effectiveness of current programs, looking into training for people working with victims, and developing ways to get more people into family violence courses.

The Taskforce met again on 3 December 2009 to hear from specialist parenting educator Jane Hankel.

The NSW Department of Community Services is chairing the Taskforce with the RWA providing secretarial support.

For more information about the Taskforce, contact Julie Parsons on 9202 9100 or Julie.parsons@rwa.nsw.gov.au .

Offering youth a clean slate

Redfern Police are taking the lead in crime prevention, starting up an intervention program for young people in the Redfern Waterloo area at risk of offending and incarceration.

Over the six-month program, 10 selected youths will be taken through a range of health and nutrition, training and employment, and sport and recreation activities.

Many of the participants come from difficult home environment and family situations. The program will assist the relocation of families for those living in crime and abuse sensitive environments.

The program, which commences in March 2010, supports the objectives of the Redfern Waterloo Authority Human Services Plan.

For more information contact the Youth Liaison team of Redfern Police on 8303 5130.

Mudgin-Gal on the up and up

When asked about the year ahead CEO of Mudgin-Gal Aborignal Women’s Corporation Dixie Link-Gordon said “It’s all on the up and up. They year ahead is going to be a lot of hard work, but I think we are well established.”

The hard work will be relocating from their current terrace home at 231 Abercrombie Street, the original home of the South Sydney Women’s Centre, to the refurbished building next door at 233 thanks to the Indigenous Land Corporation.

“I have been signing off with a ‘3’ at the end already,” Dixie said. “I like the new number.”

The move will benefit the women’s centre offering of drop-in and support services, and educational and empowering programs.

“We just don’t have the facilities here to cope,” Dixie said. “Next door we will be able to offer reading spaces and some privacy for women who want a shower or get some clothes.”

While the Healthy Family Circle program rounds up in June, their Black Out (Domestic) Violence Campaign will continue to reach out to both men and women around the State and the Redfern Waterloo community.

“We’re not an education centre against violence,” Dixie said. “We don’t have the money for that. But we’re just as effective. It’s about keeping the conversation going.”

In addition Mudgin-Gal (meaning “women’s place”) will continue its outreach program for drug users, and place women in housing available in Marrickville.

Photo: Mudgin-Gal ladies Nadene Dixon, Angeline Penrith, Ashlee Donahue and Dixie Link-Gordon.

Community Information Meeting on Technology Park

More than 50 Alexandria residents attended the RWA community information meeting on 6 December 2009 concerning the ongoing operation of the Channel 7 building (8 Central Avenue) at the Australian Technology Park.

“We were very pleased to be able to meet with Alexandria residents and hear of their issues and concerns,” RWA CEO Roy Wakelin-King said.

The RWA arranged for representatives of Channel 7, Global Television (also tenants of the building along with Pacific Magazines), Sydney City Council and SDH & Associates (project managers of the building) to be present to answer questions from the community.

Issues raised ranged from better communication of future development to Alexandria residents, the need for the impacts on local parking to be further investigated, lighting after hours, public transport use, and the confirmation that no television transmission tower will be built in the area.

“I trust the information that was discussed helped provide a better understanding of how the building will operate with the surrounding area,” Mr Wakelin-King said.

In a letter of response to meeting attendees, Mr Wakelin-King said action was being taken on the lighting of the building and at the round-about at Alexander Street, the reported metal-to-metal noise from the air conditioning units, bollards to prevent vehicles accessing the park from Alexander Street, and parking options in consultation with the City of Sydney Council.

If you have any queries regarding 8 Central Avenue the contact details are:

For building related matters Chris Saunders, Manager ATP c.saunders@atp.com.au 9209 4431

For community related matters Ben Falkenmire, Communications ATP Ben.falkenmire@atp.com.au 9209 4426

Julie Parsons, Community Relations Manager RWA Julie.parsons@rwa.nsw.gov.au 9202 9117

The Panel included (left to right) Joe Gnomes (City of Sydney), Joanne McGuinness (RWA), Tim McDonald (Channel 7), Savvas Hadjimichael (SDH & Associates) and Roy Wakelin-King (RWA).

REDWatch meeting and Alexandria follow-up

The RWA met with local community action group REDWatch on 5 November last year for a progress report.

RWA CEO Roy Wakelin-King provided a progress summary of the RWA’s activities which included:

·       a communications strategy for better communication with residents that includes a monthly electronic update (for details see the back page);

·       ramping up the Human Services Plan in 2010 with new staff to come on board;

·       working with CityRail for the upgrade of Redfern Railway Station;

·       the establishment of the Redfern Waterloo Heritage.

As an outcome of that meeting, Mr Wakelin-King met with local Alexandria residents towards the end of November to discuss matters concerning 8 Central Avenue at the Australian Technology Park.

Mr Wakelin-King has committed to attending future REDWatch meetings on a quarterly basis. REDWatch meetings are held on the first Thursday of every month at The Factory Community Centre from 6pm.

Redfern Waterloo Business Advice

Are you starting a new business or growing an existing business?


Confidential professional advice

BOOKINGS: Redfern-Waterloo Authority Ph: 02 9202 9100

The girl has got skills

The RWA is getting behind local basketball star-in-the-making Tatyanna Dumas. At only ten years old the young Darlington pupil has impressed enough eyes to be playing for the Sydney Comets’ U12 team.

“I play a bit of everything,” Tatyanna said. “But mainly I bring the ball up the court.”

The Waterloo local who fills out her weekends with games on both days, has a clear dream in mind. “To become a WNBL player,” she said, referring to the Women’s National Basketball League in Australia.

Her mum Monica has been inspired by her daughter’s efforts. “I’m starting to play myself this year, just to get more of an understanding of what she goes through,” Monica said.

Monica will be playing for the Inner City Mummas at the Alexandria Stadium.

The RWA extended a $600 grant to Tatyanna to help meet some of her ongoing costs.

Photo: Tatyanna Dumas has her thoughts on the WNBL.

Redfern Police Chief steps into the ring

On 18 December 2009 at the PCYC South Sydney, Redfern Police Superintendent Luke Freudenstein donned the gloves and took to the boxing ring to help promote the new facilities on offer at the club.

“He fought a hard fight with one of the guys from the tactical response unit,” PCYC Manager Brian Rule said. “There were some young Indigenous kids who Luke trains on the sidelines and they were cheering him on and giving advice.”

Superintendent Freudenstein has been training youths from the area in boxing at the recently re¬invigorated PCYC South Sydney on weekday mornings.

“There were a lot of different groups from the Redfern area,” Mr Rule said. “From that point of view it was a great success.”

Brian Rule said money raised from the event will go towards the PCYC and Superintendent Freudenstein’s support of a local child through private schooling.

The RWA granted money for the hire of the boxing ring on the day.

Photo: Luke Freudenstein (left) gets ready to box his opponent.

Aboriginal Men’s Group wears the logo

Continuing the RWA’s commitment to the men’s Aboriginal Group, Babana, the RWA has sponsored the distinctive red t-shirt of the group.

The RWA logo appears on the sleeve of the t-shirts. The RWA will continue its ongoing support of this important local organisation in the future.


REDWater Community Market

Established in September last year, REDWater Community Market is being held on the third Saturday of every month. A not-for-profit initiative, the focus of the Market is on sustainability. Commercial stall space costs $40. For more information contact 9698 9569.

Find out the latest from the Redfern Waterloo Authority:

The monthly RWA Update informs you of the latest news, development news and events from around the vibrant Redfern Waterloo area. To subscribe to receive the electronic RWA Update, email ben.falkenmire@rwa.nsw.gov.au with the word “Subscribe” in the subject line.

What’s happening around the Australian Technology Park?

Australian Technology Park Management publish a quarterly newsletter detailing the latest development, operational, event and management news on the Park. To subscribe head to www.atp.com.au, click on “Newsletters” and follow the prompts.

Source: Redfern Waterloo Authority Redfern Waterloo Update February (pdf ~ 795kb)