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Australian Technology Park — Community Meeting Update - 1 March 2010

The following letter was sent to interested resident concerning issues arising from the meeting of 15 December between Alexandria residents and the ATP. The letter advised the details of the Traffic Consultant engaged by the ATP to investigate issues raised by local residents.

1 March 2010
Dear Resident,

I refer to the Australian Technology Park Precinct Management Ltd (ATPPML) community information meeting held on 15 December 2009.

Following on from the commitment given by ATPPPML at the meeting to facilitate a resolution to the concerns regarding parking for Alexandria residents, I am writing to update you on our progress.

I wish to advise that we have appointed Mr Terry Lawrence from Transport and Urban Planning Associates as the parking consultant to assess the current situation regarding parking around the ATP and to consider appropriate strategies for the management of this matter, These strategies will be forwarded by ATPPML to the City of Sydney, who have jurisdiction on this matter, for their consideration.

The work by Mr Lawrence will commence shortly and community consultation will be an important part of this process.

Since the community information meeting we have also undertaken a number of activities both in response to your requests and through our own management in relation to the issues that were raised:

  • A letter to all tenants at the ATP, including the Ambulance services, has been sent by ATPPML asking them to consider the local residents when parking their vehicles for work;
  • We have confirmed that the West Link Road has been dosed off to vehicle access;
  • The investigation and reduction of a metal-on-metal noise emanating from air conditioning units at the 8 Central Avenue building;
  • The investigation of lighting of 8 Central Avenue and at the roundabout at 8 Central Avenue, resulting in the reduction of light emission between the hours of 7pm and 6am; and
  • The installation of bollards to prevent vehicles accessing the Park from Alexander Street;

We will be holding another community information meeting once we are in a position to discuss the potential outcomes of the parking study being undertaken by Mr Lawrence.

In the meantime you may wish to subscribe to the free ATP newsletter (www.atp.com.au/newsletters ) to keep abreast of key developments at the Park.

Yours sincerely

Roy Wakelin-King Managing Director

Australian Technology Park Precinct Management Ltd

Source: www.redfernwaterloo.nsw.gov.au/other/latest_news/atp_community_meeting.pdf