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June 2011 - RWA Redfern Waterloo Update - Text Version

In this Update: Capturing Redfern with a smile / A message from our CEO / Over 850 jobs and counting / RWA welcomes new Minister / Draft BEP 2 update / The Big Issue moves to Redfern / New art space / Art is a load of rubbish / Underbelly comes to Redfern / New Director for CarriageWorks / Education pioneer wins award / New chef at Yaama Dhiyaan / Commitment to the community / RWA Board Member honoured / Connecting local families / Farm cooperative offers the tastes of the world / Local kids learn top tips about health / A Night Off the Grog Forum / Domestic and family violence forum / NASCA Gala Day / Contact Sydney Metropolitan Development Authority



In this Update:

Capturing Redfern with a smile

A message from our CEO

Over 850 jobs and counting

RWA welcomes new Minister

Draft BEP 2 update

The Big Issue moves to Redfern

New art space

Art is a load of rubbish

Underbelly comes to Redfern

New Director for CarriageWorks

Education pioneer wins award

New chef at Yaama Dhiyaan

Commitment to the community

RWA Board Member honoured

Connecting local families

Farm cooperative offers the tastes of the world

Local kids learn top tips about health

A Night Off the Grog Forum

Domestic and family violence forum

NASCA Gala Day

Contact Sydney Metropolitan Development Authority

Capturing Redfern with a smile

A new Redfern brand has been launched to help promote Redfern and the surrounding areas of Waterloo, Darlington and Eveleigh as a great place for both business and recreation.

The exciting Redfern brand was officially announced at the iconic Return to Redfern event on 5 February where the Rabbitohs took on the Newtown Jets.

The Redfern logo is in the shape of a smile to capture the welcoming spirit of the area and was painted on Redfern Oval on the day.

The Redfern brand is a significant and exciting community activity to promote the many business, sporting and cultural opportunities on offer in this area. All of the community can own the Redfern brand and be ambassadors to encourage people to the area and help shape the future of Redfern, Waterloo, Darlington and Eveleigh.

The Redfern brand is an initiative of the Roll Up Redfern Group comprising Redfern-Waterloo Authority, City of Sydney, South Sydney Business Chamber, REDWatch and South Sydney Rabbitohs.

Roll Up Redfern was formed in 2009 to work collaboratively on business and community issues in Redfern and Waterloo and to continue the journey of positive developments in the area.

Redfern brand merchandise including t-shirts and caps is available to purchase from the South Sydney Football Club Merchandise Store (Level 4, 265 Chalmers St, Redfern) or South Sydney Business Chamber (88 Pitt St, Redfern) or Park Café on Chalmers St at Redfern Park.

Visit www.ssbchamber.com.au to fill out an online order form.

To help promote the positive developments in Redfern, join the Facebook page at www.facebook.com/redfernwaterloo and on Twitter at www.twitter.com/redfern  

If you would like to find out more about using the Redfern brand, please contact Liz Wazer from City of Sydney at ewaser@cityofsydney.nsw.gov.au

Photo: The Redfern and Rabbitohs logo featured on Redfern Oval

Photo: Local community members wearing Redfern tshirts

A message from our CEO

The Redfern-Waterloo Authority would like to congratulate the new Government on its election win and to formally welcome the Hon. Brad Hazzard, Minister for Planning and Infrastructure to the Redfern-Waterloo area. The Minister has the responsibility for the Redfern-Waterloo Authority Act so is responsible for the NSW Government’s involvement in this area.

The Minister has been closely involved in the Redfern-Waterloo area as the Shadow Minister for Planning and Shadow Minister for Redfern-Waterloo and therefore has a detailed knowledge of the many facets that make up this vibrant and diverse community.

The launch of the Redfern brand in February is a major and significant development for the community to promote Redfern and the surrounding areas of Waterloo, Darlington and Eveleigh as a welcoming place for both business and pleasure. I encourage everyone in Redfern to get behind the brand; it is only with your help that we can change the perceptions of Redfern and let the wider public know that we are a dynamic community.

The Aboriginal Employment Program including the Koori Job Ready Program and Yaama Dhiyaan continues to train and find employment opportunities for hundreds of Aboriginal students. This program really does make an important difference – not only for the economy through the placement of jobs, but for the individuals themselves.

I would like to congratulate Aunty Beryl from Yaama Dhiyaan who has received a Seniors Week Award for her outstanding contribution to Yaama Dhiyaan and the local community. I would also like to welcome to Yaama Dhiyaan the new chef, Dallas Dodd.

To continue the momentum of achieving a successful and sustainable community, the draft Built Environment Plan Stage 2 (BEP 2) aims to revitalise the Redfern area through urban renewal. Following the recent draft BEP 2 community consultation process, I would like to thank the community for their very useful and constructive feedback and look forward to keeping you informed on this important project.

Redfern and the draft BEP 2 will be a focus for the Sydney Metropolitan Development Authority (SMDA) as well as the renewal of North Eveleigh and Redfern Station. The SMDA will continue to implement many of RWA’s functions and I am looking forward to working closely with the Redfern community as CEO of SMDA to continue positive change in this area.


Roy Wakelin-King

Over 850 jobs and counting

Over 850 employment opportunities have been created for Aboriginal men and women with the assistance of RWA’s Aboriginal Employment Program including the Koori Job Ready Program and Yaama Dhiyaan hospitality training.

Part of the Aboriginal Employment Program involves brokering deals with large construction companies through the Koori Job Ready Program and mentoring potential Aboriginal employees. With hundreds of jobs created since 2006, this number is set to increase with the recent development of 80 positions for Aboriginal employees at the Central Park development on Broadway, Sydney.

Luke Sainthill has been helped by the program and is well on the way to reaching his dream of becoming a project manager by studying a Bachelor of Construction Project Management at the University of Technology Sydney.

“The Aboriginal Employment Program helped me get in to university,” Luke explains. “My study is part of a cadetship that I am doing with FDC Construction and Fitout Ltd and once I finish, I will be qualified to design, manage and construct a building site.

“There is so much to do in construction so you’re never bored – I’m always learning and trying to do a better job than before. It always makes me feel great when I walk out of the office knowing I put in 100 per cent.”

Denny Hall, Principal Project Manager of the Aboriginal Employment Program at RWA, says that confidence plays a huge part in the success of training and finding employment for Aboriginal participants. She has also noticed a significant shift in the approach by organisations that are now driven more by corporate social responsibility, rather than just contractual agreements.

“The Aboriginal Employment Program has benefits for both the community and the construction industry as graduates are equipped with the immediate skills they need to work on site,” explains Ms Hall.

“Through the eight week course, students start to build their confidence and start believing that they have a right to a future, with many going on to do apprenticeships and cadetships, like Luke.”

The program continues to create and negotiate employment opportunities for Aboriginal people. This includes developing relationships with many large construction companies such as Watpac, Abi Group and Multiplex. Hundreds of further construction job opportunities are currently being negotiated with UTS and Barangaroo with Yaama Dhiyaan hospitality graduates going on to work for international hotels, catering companies and restaurants.

Photo: Luke Sainthill is studying construction with the help of RWA’s Aboriginal Employment Program

RWA welcomes new Minister

The RWA is looking forward to working with the Hon. Brad Hazzard, Minister for Planning and Infrastructure and the Minister assisting the Premier on Infrastructure NSW, to continue to identify and promote Redfern as a thriving and sustainable community.

The Minister is responsible for planning in Redfern and Waterloo and the Redfern-Waterloo Act and has a strong interest in the area, having worked as Shadow Minister for Redfern-Waterloo from 2007-2011 and Shadow Minister for Aboriginal Affairs from 1996-2007. The Minister brings with him a wealth of experience, having held over 18 portfolios as a Shadow Minister including Housing, Community Services, Sport and Recreation and Education. He graduated from Macquarie University as a science teacher thereafter undertaking a law degree (UNSW) and Masters in Law (Sydney University) before practicing law. In 1991 he entered the NSW Legislative Assembly as the MP for Wakehurst. He is involved in numerous local community organisations and has indicated to the RWA that he is looking forward to working with us to achieve more positive outcomes for Redfern-Waterloo.

Photo: The Hon.Brad Hazzard Minister for Planning and Infrastructure

Draft BEP 2 update

The draft BEP 2 went on public exhibition from 27 January to 28 February 2011 to provide the community with an understanding of key issues and to encourage feedback.

Draft BEP 2 is a proposed planning framework to continue the renewal of Housing NSW sites in the Redfern and Waterloo area, including South Eveleigh, over a 20-25 year timeframe.


RWA worked extensively with Housing NSW and independent consultants to inform the community and key stakeholders about draft BEP 2.

Through the street corner sessions over 750 social housing residents were consulted which represents over 14 per cent of public housing tenancies, while around 70 people attended the information sessions at Redfern Town Hall. ‘Thank You’ barbeques were held in March for social housing residents as a token of appreciation for the feedback received.


The RWA would like to thank the community for submitting their feedback. To date, 513 feedback forms and 37 written submissions have been received. An independent specialist consultation firm is reviewing and collating this feedback. Following its finalisation, there will be further opportunities to provide your feedback on this important project.

For more information please visit www.redfernwaterloo.nsw.gov.au/bep2

Photo: Thanking residents for their feedback at the draft BEP 2 barbeque

The Big Issue moves to Redfern

The Big Issue has set up a new office space at Little Eveleigh St, Redfern to enable it to expand its operations and to continue to help homeless and marginalised residents of NSW.

With 27,000 homeless people in NSW, the new premises, officially opened on 4 February, will help people who are disadvantaged, particularly homeless people, by providing opportunities to improve their social, health and financial circumstances.

The Big Issue has being helping vulnerable people for 16 years.

The Big Issue magazine aims to reduce homelessness by sellers receiving half the profits from sales of the magazine.

Photo: The Big Issue sellers at the launch of the new office in Redfern

New art space

Weave Arts Centre officially launched on 11 May by holding its inaugural exhibition ‘Breakout’ featuring the work of artists who are recovering from mental health issues.

The new arts space in North Eveleigh, granted by the Sydney Metropolitan Development Authority, provides a creative area to produce art and to exhibit and sell work to create an income for the group.

The space is run by a professional artist, Camille Masson-Talansier, and offers an open studio space, classes, workshops and materials, equipment and opportunities to exhibit and sell work. “For some of the artists who engage with the new Weave Arts Centre, it will be an opportunity for them to sell their art and increase their income above the poverty line and be recognised as accomplished artists,” explains Shane Brown, Director of Weave.

The Weave Arts Centre is a social enterprise project of Weave Youth Family Community Inc (formerly South Sydney Youth Services) and is managed by Julieann Breese. The space will provide a much-needed space for the for the organisation’s mental health team and for people who are marginalised or experiencing a range of issues related to mental health, drug or alcohol issues, social exclusion, unemployment or domestic violence.

Photo: Bernard Vartuli shows off his work at the Weave launch

Art is a load of rubbish

The construction of a sculpture made entirely of rubbish was completed at ATP as part of a unique environmental initiative.

The art installation was constructed by artist John Dahlsen using hundreds of pieces of polystyrene collected from Clean Up Australia Day. The poles were built using the pieces of polystyrene foam to create a series of towering totem-like structures.

The work received some finishing touches in ATP’s Exhibition Hall in March before being displayed at the Commonwealth Bank’s new headquarters in Darling Harbour.

Photo: Art made of rubbish assembled at ATP

Underbelly comes to Redfern

The Block has been transformed in to a set from the 1920’s for the filming of the TV series Underbelly with local Eora Tafe student Damien Davis being given the opportunity to join the film crew to gain some experience.

“I am helping with props and special effects,” says Damien. “This could be anything from providing wheel barrows on set to helping with smoke machines.”

The Underbelly Razor story is set in 1927 with The Block transformed to capture the era. Seven buildings have been erected on site to mimic Darlinghurst Road and surrounding streets including 1920s cars and costumes.

Filming is set to finish in July 2011.

Photo: Lights, camera, action: Film student Damien Davis at the Underbelly set

New Director for CarriageWorks

Lisa Havilah has been appointed the new Director of CarriageWorks after five years as Director of Campbelltown Arts Centre. During her time at the Campbelltown Arts Centre, visitor numbers jumped from 30,000 to 190,000 a year. Ms Havilah is looking forward to developing a diverse and dynamic program at CarriageWorks. The RWA welcomes Ms Havilah to the Redfern area and wishes her all the very best for her time at CarriageWorks.

Photo credit: Luke Fuda - A change in direction at CarriageWorks: Lisa Havilah

Education pioneer wins award

Aunty Beryl Van-Oploo, a well known Redfern community member and trainer at Yaama Dhiyaan Hospitality Training School, has received an achievement award for her contribution to the local community.

Aunty Beryl received the Education & Long Life Learning Award at the NSW Seniors Week Achievement Awards in recognition for her instrumental role in setting up Yaama Dhiyaan, Australia’s first and only hospitality college specialising in Indigenous culture and cuisine.

“After all these years, it is great to get some recognition – even if I am a senior,” said Aunty Beryl with a smile.

“But on a more serious note, it is great to be recognised – especially as an Aboriginal person.”

Aunty Beryl’s teaching ability and use of bush tucker has been described as ‘truly inspirational’. Since the commencement of RWA’s Yaama Dhiyaan hospitality training program, she has trained and found employment for over 160 students.

Aunty Beryl is a Seniors Week Ambassador and joined 60 other members of the New South Wales community to receive her award at City Recital Hall in Sydney on 20 March 2011.

Photo credit: Pardalote - Aunty Beryl is honoured for her contribution to education

New chef at Yaama Dhiyaan

Yaama Dhiyaan welcomes a new chef, Dallas Dodd, who is excited about promoting contemporary Aboriginal cuisine.

“Working as the chef at Yaama Dhiyaan attracted me because of its strong message,” says chef Dallas Dodd. “I get to give people the opportunity to learn about Indigenous produce in a modern sense and I also get to pass on my skills to Aboriginal students to maintain traditional customs.”

Flavouring his dishes with native herbs and spices, Dallas’s influence in the kitchen comes from his mother who taught him about the importance of food gathering and using traditional cooking methods such as smoking foods.

 “Cooking is in my blood,” he says. “I love using Sydney wattles and teaching students how to identify the different seeds. We dry and ground these to use in breads, flours and to flavour beverages. It also has natural gums so it is great to use as a thickener in sweets.”

Dallas also loves cooking with seafood, explaining how to roll fish in local barks and blanching it. He makes bouillon from local shell fish and uses native herbs such as river mint, floating watercress and native ginger to flavour his food.

Dallas has had an extensive career including teaching hospitality and Aboriginal Studies. He has been cooking for over 30 years.

“To have formal training and qualifications is rare in the Aboriginal world so I love being able to share my skills – not only through training students, but by also offering the corporate world a unique Aboriginal food experience with a focus on health, nutrition and taste.”

Find out more about Yaama Dhiyaan at www.yaama.com.au

Photo: New chef Dallas Dodd joins Yaama Dhiyaan

Commitment to the community

Helen Campbell, former Executive Officer of Redfern Legal Centre, has received an Order of Australia Award in recognition of her significant contribution to law and the Redfern community.

Helen has worked in community legal centres for over 25 years and has been campaigning for various law reforms, specifically improved access to legal services for women experiencing domestic violence. On receiving her Order of Australia Award, Helen was “very surprised” but pleased.

“I got in to law as a commitment to social justice,” says Helen. “I wanted to ensure a fair chance for everyone to have access to legal services when people can’t afford a lawyer.”

Helen worked at the Redfern Legal Centre for nine years, first joining the organisation as a volunteer back in the 1980s, then as Executive Officer. Helen was also a community representative on RWA’s Human Services Ministerial Advisory Committee from 2005-2007.

Helen enjoyed working with the Redfern community and seeing the significant developments in the area.

“The Redfern area has a terrific community spirit. They are proud of tradition and have strength and resilience. It is really a vibrant and diverse community,” she says.

During her time with the Redfern Legal Centre, incidents of domestic violence were reduced and Helen cites accepting the Human Rights Award as one of the Centre’s most significant achievements.

“Redfern Legal Centre coordinated the Redfern Women’s Domestic Violence Court Assistance Scheme which is now a state-wide program,” explains Helen. “The program aims to ensure women seeking a restraining order have access to legal assistance and other support services such as housing, income support and counselling.”

Helen continues to campaign to improve legal services for women, currently running Women’s Legal Services NSW, a position she took up a year ago.

Photo: Commitment to social justice: Helen Campbell

RWA Board Member honoured

Lucy Turnbull, Board Member of Redfern-Waterloo Authority, has been made an Officer of the Order of Australia (AO).

Ms Turnbull has been recognised for her distinguished service to the community, particularly through philanthropic contributions to, and fundraising support for, a range of medical, social welfare, educational, youth and cultural organisations, to local government, and to business.

As a member of the Redfern-Waterloo Authority (RWA) Board since 2004, Ms Turnbull has made a significant contribution to revitalising the RedfernWaterloo area through urban renewal, education and training, and human services.

Ms Turnbull also sits on the Board for the Sydney Metropolitan Development Authority and Australian Technology Park.

On top of her involvement with the RWA, Ms Turnbull is also currently a member of the Advisory Board of The Salvation Army, Board Member of the News South Wales Cancer Institute, Deputy Chair of the Committee for Sydney, and a member of the board of the Centre for Independent Studies, the Redfern Foundation Limited and the Turnbull Foundation.

Photo: Receiving recognition: RWA Board Member Lucy Turnbull

Connecting local families

A toy library, a range of playgroup programs and a thriving community garden: these are just some of the services available for families at Connect Redfern.

Facilitated by Jo Fletcher, who is in her 16th year working for the Schools as Community Centres program, Connect Redfern aims to reach out to all families in the area.

“We offer a range of services at the centre for children from birth to eight years,” explains Jo. “Services include music and movement classes, a multicultural playgroup, a pre-school playgroup, and training courses.”

With 250-300 families coming through the centre each term, the centre receives regular donations to run a Toy Library where parents can loan toys for their children. Many local families live in terraces and units so there isn’t always room to have toys. The library was set up in 2005 and is very popular.

“We also have a clothing pool that is available for families free of charge,” says Jo. “Families don’t have to ask, they can just take what they need but it is a nice entry point to start a conversation with parents.”

A more recent edition to the program is the Alexandria Community Garden which was set up in 2008. With many families in the area not having access to a garden, working bees are held on the first and third Saturday of the month which is open to everyone. The garden is thriving with produce such as pumpkins and strawberries.

“The best thing is that kids can see the garden every day, water it weekly, and are introduced to fresh, healthy produce,” Jo says.

Connect Redfern works in partnership with other organisations; this is described by Jo as “the best way to work”. Through the SDN Ngara Nanga Mai – Aboriginal Unit, certificate courses are offered to the Aboriginal community. This may include first aid, digital filmmaking and child care with some parents going on to university.

 “School could’ve been a negative experience and some students may have had a long amount of time away from education,” says Jo. “This program introduces them back to study in a non-threatening environment.”

Connect Redfern is adapting to meet the evolving demographics in the area, while trying to reach out to families who may be struggling.

“We recognise that relationships and trust are really important – we want families to feel like we are a friend. One parent said: ‘It’s so nice that anyone can come to the centre.’ And it’s true, everyone is welcome.”

Photo: Servicing the community: Jo Fletcher of Connect Redfern

Farm cooperative offers the tastes of the world

A small multicultural cooperative of fruit and vegetables growers in the Sydney basin is supplying Eveleigh Market shoppers with seasonal and cultural specialties with the food picked and ready to sell within 24 hours.

Kemps Creek Farms produces a range of locally grown fresh fruit and vegetables with a multicultural influence from Chinese to Italian.

The farms cooperative is made up of family-run businesses. Alexandra Rivers, who is part of the cooperative, says: “Many of my neighbours are small-time, family-run food producers. I take the produce to Eveleigh Farmers’ Market every Saturday where it is proving very popular with customers.”

Kemps Creek Farms includes a diversity of foods such as rapa, a wild weed used in Italian cooking, and Chinese vegetables such as bitter melon and kai lan. They also supply other exotic produce such as okra and chicory.

Eveleigh Farmers’ Market is held every Saturday from 8am-1 pm at the Old Blacksmith Workshop, 248 Wilson Street, Darlington.

Photo: Kemps Creek Farms stallholders at Eveleigh Market

Local kids learn top tips about health

Over 900 children met their favourite Rabbitohs players to learn about the importance of a healthy lifestyle at an event at the ATP Performance Centre in February.

The One Community event for local schools in the South Sydney region took place in conjunction with the Eat Well, Play Well, Stay Well campaign. NRL players met with the children to educate them on healthy living and facilitated clinics to teach the children basic rugby league skills. The children were given the opportunity to get autographs from their favourite players and to chat about their dreams and aspirations. As the photo demonstrates, the kids had a ball!

Photo: The Rabbitohs teach kids about healthy living

A Night Off the Grog Forum

Alcohol – how much is too much and what effect is it having on the Redfern and Waterloo community?

‘A Night Off the Grog’ held on 15 March provided the opportunity for residents and service providers to have a say on the affects of alcohol on the local Redfern-Waterloo community and what can be done to improve the current issues.

The event was hosted by the Redfern-Waterloo Community Drug Action Team at Redfern Town Hall.

Many local representatives attended including NSW Police, City of Sydney, Aboriginal Medical Service, Housing NSW, Sydney Local Health Network, Weave Youth Family Community, and South Sydney Alcohol Accord.

Domestic and family violence forum

Over 75 service providers and community members attended Negotiating the Family Law System forum on 29 March to learn more about improving responses for women who are escaping domestic and family violence and who need advice and referral to family law services.

Organised by the Inner City Domestic Violence Action Group and the Redfern-Waterloo Family Violence Task Force, the forum identified a key barrier for women leaving violent relationships is their fear of what will happen to their children.

The forum provided service providers with more information and training on how to advise victims of domestic and family violence to improve their access to the family law system.

Photo: Forum: information on the family law system                  

NASCA Gala Day      

There was plenty of sporting activity, cheering and fun and at the National Aboriginal Sporting Chance Academy (NASCA) Gala Day on 30 March with baseball, basketball and touch rugby being played at Alexandria Park Community School. Members of the academy took part in the day as an opportunity to socialise and get to know each other while playing team sports. A barbeque lunch was also provided.        

Contact Sydney Metropolitan Development Authority

To contact the Sydney Metropolitan Development Authority (including inquiries for the Redfern-Waterloo Authority): email contactus@smda.nsw.gov.au or call 9202 9100 or write to PO Box 3332, Redfern NSW 2016.