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Don Harwin Welcomes $5000 boost for Redfern Preschool

Additional funding to bolster the work of small preschools has been welcomed by Liberal Duty MLC for Heffron Don Harwin.

Mr Harwin said the NSW Government is providing a grant of $5000 to Poet's Corner Preschool for books and other educational resources for children.

"The benefits of early childhood learning experiences for a child's education, health and development at school and into adult life are beyond question," Don Harwin said.

"The NSW Liberal and Nationals Government is committed to. every child having access to preschool programs.

"Often it is small preschools serving disadvantaged communities that can make a big difference.

"These $5000 grants for educational materials will help small preschools across the State which are highly valued by children and families from Aboriginal backgrounds and on low incomes.

"I welcome the boost the grants will bring to these children s longer term learning and life outcomes."

"Preschool programs stimulate children's thinking, communicating, investigating. exploring and problem-solving skills," Don Hamill said.

"Through play and learning they help children form positive relationships with other children and develop self esteem.

"Early childhood education significantly improves outcomes for disadvantaged children by providing them with a chance to start school on a more equal footing with all children in NSW.

Source: Media Statement from Don Harwin President of the Legislative Council of NSW - 1 September 2011