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Repeal of Redfern Waterloo Authority

In an email to Ministerial Advisory Committee members on 19th October 2011, the RWA advised that the NSW Government introduced the Redfern-Waterloo Authority Repeal Bill 2011 on Tuesday, 18 October 2011. A link to the Bill can be found in the text of the email below.

Dear Ministerial Advisory Committee member,

This note is to inform you that the NSW Government introduced the Redfern-Waterloo Authority Repeal Bill 2011 on Tuesday, 18 October 2011 which will be presented to the Legislative Council accordingly.  The details of the Bill can be found here.

The objects of this Bill are to repeal the Redfern–Waterloo Authority Act 2004 and to dissolve the Redfern–Waterloo Authority (RWA) constituted by that Act. The Bill transfers assets, rights, liabilities and certain functions to the Sydney Metropolitan Development Authority (SMDA), which is constituted under the Growth Centres (Development Corporations) Act 1974 in respect of certain land in Redfern and Waterloo, where the RWA currently operates.

The RWA was established as a temporary organisation, however, the NSW Government will be continuing its commitment to the Redfern area with the transition of RWA functions to relevant agencies, mainly the SMDA.

The SMDA will be assuming RWA’s urban renewal and planning functions and has two precincts currently under review being Redfern-Waterloo and Granville. The SMDA’s role is to identify, plan and develop substantial new urban centres within greater Sydney.

Functions of the RWA not being transferred to the SMDA will be carried out by other key agencies as appropriate. This work has already commenced with the transfer of Development Applications to the City of Sydney and the Aboriginal Employment Program now being supported by Australian Technology Park Sydney Limited.

RWA will be working closely with all relevant agencies and the community to ensure the smooth transition of its functions.

Best wishes,

Julie Parsons

Senior Manager Social Inclusion & Stakeholder Relations

Sydney Metropolitan DevelopmentAuthority (SMDA)

Level 11, Tower 2, 1 Lawson Square, Redfern NSW 2016