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November 2011 RWA Update - PDF Version

In the November 2011 RWA Update: Commitment to Redfern-Waterloo / A message from our CEO / Commuters receive a warm welcome / Shopfront Improvement Program / RSL development / BEP 2 Stakeholder Engagement Report released / Master Planning Expo / Aboriginal Employment Program joins ATP / Solar panels complete / Call for heritage volunteers / ATP Open Day / AIME high to help Indigenous youth / New Redfern home for community groups / Eveleigh Market wins Delicious Award / Redfern East wins award / Redfern Fire Station mural unveiled / Saturday in Design / Redfern has the right moves / Redfern takes to the stage in Turkey / Christmas Banner competition / Contact the Sydney Metropolitan Development Authority.

In this Update:

Commitment to Redfern-Waterloo

A message from our CEO

Commuters receive a warm welcome

Shopfront Improvement Program

RSL development

BEP 2 Stakeholder Engagement Report released

Master Planning Expo

Aboriginal Employment Program joins ATP

Solar panels complete

Call for heritage volunteers

ATP Open Day

AIME high to help Indigenous youth

New Redfern home for community groups

Eveleigh Market wins Delicious Award

Redfern East wins award

Redfern Fire Station mural unveiled

Saturday in Design

Redfern has the right moves

Redfern takes to the stage in Turkey

Christmas Banner competition

Contact the Sydney Metropolitan Development Authority

Commitment to Redfern-Waterloo

The Redfern-Waterloo Authority (RWA) will conclude its operations shortly but the renewal of Redfern-Waterloo will continue through the NSW Government’s commitment to future significant and positive developments for this important area of Sydney.

The NSW Government has announced the repeal of the Redfern-Waterloo Act 2004 but the revitalisation of Redfern-Waterloo will continue through the Sydney Metropolitan Development Authority (SMDA) and other agencies.

The SMDA is part of the Government’s commitment to urban renewal in the Sydney Metropolitan area to ensure delivery of the objectives of the State Environmental Planning Policy (Urban Renewal) 2010 (SEPP).

The purpose of the SMDA is to drive housing and employment in specific areas serviced by public transport and infrastructure. As a priority the SMDA will focus on the urban renewal of Redfern-Waterloo and Granville.

The Hon. Brad Hazzard, Minister for Planning and Infrastructure and Minister Assisting the Premier on Infrastructure, welcomes the change saying: “The RWA was set up as a temporary organisation and during this time, there has been many key developments in the Redfern area through improved redevelopment, job creation, health and community services.

“The NSW Government will continue to drive positive change in the Redfern area through the SMDA and other agencies and will continue to build on creating a more sustainable community.”


As a consequence of the implementation of the Redfern-Waterloo Plan, the RWA and its partner agencies, the following has been delivered in the Redfern area over the last five years:

  • The $53 million National Centre for Indigenous Excellence;
  • The concept planning and sale of the Rachel Forster Hospital for a 150 dwelling residential site valued at $70 million upon completion;
  • The development of Australian Technology Park (APT) including $123 million for Media City and the $47 million NICTA Building;
  • The set up of Eveleigh Market;
  • The redevelopment of Redfern RSL ($25 million) and Gibbons St Carpark ($35 million) for residential and commercial use;
  • The enhancement of the heritage in the local area through the Redfern-Waterloo Heritage Taskforce, the Heritage Interpretation Plan and at ATP with more than $3 million being invested;
  • More than 850 training and job opportunities for Aboriginal people via the Aboriginal Employment Program including Koori Job Ready and Yaama Dhiyaan;
  • The implementation of Phase One and Two of the Human Services Plan. Phase One focused on improving health services, services for Aboriginal people, mental health, alcohol services, youth services and services for children and young families. Phase Two looks at improving human services delivery for older people, people with disabilities, migrant communities and homeless people;
  • Over $1 million in community grants provided by the Redfern-Waterloo Authority;
  • Improved perception of Redfern-Waterloo by the wider community;
  • Assisting Redfern Police in the significant reduction of crime.


The RWA is rolling out a transition plan to ensure the effective transfer of RWA’s services.

Many of the urban renewal functions of the RWA including planning and development will continue through the SMDA. Functions of the RWA not being transferred to the SMDA will be carried out by other key agencies.

This work has already started with the transfer of Development Applications to the City of Sydney and the Aboriginal Employment Program now being supported by Australian Technology Park Sydney Limited.

More detailed information will be available and updated regularly on the RWA website at www.redfernwaterloo.nsw.gov.au .

Photo: Positive development in Redfern: the National Centre of Indigenous Excellence

Photo: Eveleigh Market attracts thousands of visitors

Photo: Creating jobs for the Aboriginal community

Photo: Investing in business at Australian Technology Park

Photo: The National Centre of Indigenous Excellence

A message from our CEO

There have been many positive changes in Redfern with the area retaining its diversity and community spirit.

It is the community, government, and non-government agencies working together that is taking this area forward and the Redfern-Waterloo Authority is proud to have been part of the significant changes that have occurred over the last six years. I am looking forward to delivering more positive outcomes as Chief Executive Officer of the Sydney Metropolitan Development Authority (SMDA) to drive further urban renewal and planning in Redfern.

On a business and community level, it is exciting to see the Redfern brand gaining momentum to let the wider community know about the diverse opportunities on offer in this area. The campaign in August 2011 at Redfern Train Station with Reggie Rabbit welcoming commuters to the area was very successful and showed that Redfern really is an important and welcoming part of Sydney.

Recent awards for Eveleigh Market are also helping put Redfern on the map as a cultural and artistic destination with the Market being recognised at the Delicious Produce Awards and in the Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Guide 2012. The café scene is also thriving with new bars and restaurants opening in the area which is creating a fantastic community atmosphere - not to mention the popular retro furniture stores.

The Aboriginal Employment Program continues to achieve excellent outcomes and I am pleased that the program is now being supported by Australian Technology Park Sydney Ltd with the aim of the program becoming self-sustainable.

I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge and extend my greatest appreciation for the work of staff, past and present, from all government and non-government organisations as well as the community for their outstanding contribution to the renewal of Redfern.


Roy Wakelin-King

Commuters receive a warm welcome

Redfern commuters were given a warm welcome at Redfern Train Station on Tuesday, 9 August 2011 as part of a campaign to promote Redfern as a thriving destination for both business and recreation.

Reggie the Rabbit, the South Sydney Rabbitohs mascot, was there along with Redfern ambassadors to hand out Redfern goodie bags to promote the new Redfern brand. There was also music entertainment and some native Aboriginal treats freshly prepared by Yaama Dhiyaan.

Redfern cafes also threw their support behind the initiative with take-away coffee being served in Redfern-branded coffee cups.

The Redfern brand has been created to promote Redfern and the surrounding suburbs of Waterloo, Darlington and Eveleigh as a great place for both business and recreation. The Redfern brand is an initiative of the Roll Up Redfern Group comprising the RedfernWaterloo Authority, City of Sydney, South Sydney Rabbitohs, South Sydney Business Chamber and the community group REDWatch.

“The Redfern logo is in the shape of a smile to capture the welcoming spirit of the area,” explains Roy Wakelin-King, CEO of the Redfern-Waterloo Authority. “Redfern is home to a diverse and vibrant mix of people and there is a wide range of opportunities on offer for visitors including sporting, business and cultural activities.

“Redfern has a real sense of community and continues to grow as a creative hub. By promoting the brand, we hope to change the perceptions of Redfern and to promote the area to the wider community.”

Spread the word about Redfern at www.facebook.com/redfernwaterloo and www.twitter.com/redfern .

Photo: Promoting Redfern to the wider community

Shopfront Improvement Program

Redfern businesses are letting the world know that Redfern is open for business through the Shopfront Improvement Matching Grant Program.

Black Lace, Redfern Cellars, Labels on Sale and Michael Bremner Pty Ltd are the latest businesses to receive a grant to remove their roller shutters through the program that provides matched cash funding of up to $3,000 from the City of Sydney, with additional financial support from the Redfern-Waterloo Authority for the early adopters of this program.

The Shopfront Improvement Matching Grant Program provides an incentive to building owners or tenants to make improvements to a Redfern shopfront. The program aims to create renewed interest and vibrancy along Redfern and Regent Streets, Redfern and Abercrombie Street, Darlington. Through this program, the City of Sydney has partnered with the Roll Up Redfern Group comprising RedfernWaterloo Authority, the South Sydney Business Chamber, South Sydney Rabbitohs and REDWatch.

Labels on Sale is a significant building situated on the corner of Regent and Redfern St, thus forming a gateway to Redfern. This corner is viewed daily by up to 40,000 passing vehicles so the removal of the shutters will promote

a sense of vibrancy and business activity that reflects the improvements happening in the area.

For more information or to apply for a grant please visit: www.cityofsydney.nsw.gov.au/Business/CityEconomy/RedfernShopfront.asp 

Photo: Before and after: Black Lace on Redfern St

RSL development

The development of the Redfern RSL continues as the new building starts to take full shape.

157 Redfern ST ‘Deicota’

As part of this development, the Deicota site will be busy over the next few months with the building fit out to commence in November, 2011. Deicota will consist of 88 apartments, 800sqm of retail space, 1,500sqm of club space and 1,600sqm of commercial space. This project is expected to be complete in May 2012.

7-9 Gibbons – ‘Urba’

Demolition work at 7-9 Gibbons St including the car park is scheduled to commence in November 2011. The development of the site includes 135 apartments, 400sqm ground floor retail, 1,200sqm first floor retail, and 700sqm second floor commercial space.

Photo: The RSL redevelopment, Redfern

BEP 2 Stakeholder Engagement Report released

The Redfern-Waterloo Authority (RWA) released the Stakeholder Engagement Report for the draft Built Environment Plan Stage 2 (BEP 2) in July 2011.

Undertaken by an independent consultant, Mediate Today, the report outlines the community feedback on draft BEP 2, a planning framework for the renewal of social housing sites in Redfern-Waterloo and South Eveleigh over a 20-25 year timeframe.

Roy Wakelin-King, CEO of RWA, recognises the importance of feedback from the community in the draft BEP 2 process saying, “The Stakeholder Engagement Report concludes that a large number of respondents (across all stakeholder groups) generally support the potential changes that draft BEP 2 outlines. The feedback received will be used for the preparation of further studies in Redfern-Waterloo, and as a priority, BEP 2 areas.”


  • The built form;
  • Public domain and open space;
  • Crime prevention through design;
  • Traffic;
  • Transport and accessibility;
  • The social impacts of development including the need for additional community facilities;
  • Other issues raised by the community; and
  • The development of revised planning controls.

Community consultation will be an essential part of the project with studies and revised planning controls placed on public exhibition.

To view the draft Stakeholder Engagement Report please visit www.redfernwaterloo.nsw.gov.au .

Photo: Artist’s impression of BEP 2. The report captures valuable community feedback

Master Planning Expo

Housing NSW held a Planning Expo in August 2011 for the BEP 2 Preliminary Master Planning Project. The Expo included fun activities to encourage everyone to imagine how a Master Plan for the area could contribute to a better place to live.

Held at REDWater Markets in Redfern Park, Sydney Metropolitan Development Authority (SMDA) was also be there to meet with the local community to explain more about the role of the SMDA and the planning process for Redfern-Waterloo including:

  • the history of the Built Environment Plan Stage 1 through to the exhibition of the Urban Renewal Study and Strategy; and
  • a map outlining the study area of the Redfern-Waterloo Urban Renewal Strategy that indicates that the sites identified through the draft Built Environment Plan Stage 2 (BEP 2) are included in this area.

The event was a good way for the community to learn more about planning in Redfern-Waterloo and to provide feedback on community consultation. The public was very interested to find out more about the draft BEP 2 and the role the SMDA will play in future urban renewal of the Redfern-Waterloo area.

Photo: SMDA staff working with the community

Aboriginal Employment Program joins ATP

The Aboriginal Employment Program that trains young Aboriginal people in the construction, rail, aviation and hospitality industries is now proudly supported by Australian Technology Sydney Limited (ATPSL).

The Aboriginal Employment Program, that manages the Koori Job Ready Course and the Yaama Dhiyaan Hospitality Training School, run eight-week training for students and assists them in finding employment.

The program was originally an initiative of the Redfern-Waterloo Authority but now sits under the ATPSL umbrella. Since the program began in 2006, more than 850 employment opportunities have been created for Aboriginal men and women.

Lawrence Kelly arrived in Sydney from Coffs Harbour seven years ago with just $20 in his wallet and a bag of clothes.

But after completing the Koori Job Ready course and an apprenticeship in carpentry, Lawrence is now working for Lend Lease as a leading hand.

“I have worked on a variety of sites such as the new Commonwealth Bank site at Darling Walk, Barangaroo and Royal North Shore Hospital, so I am always learning!” says Lawrence.

“I am really enjoying what I am doing and I am looking forward to one day becoming a site manager.”

For more information on the Aboriginal Employment Program visit www.atp.com.au/aboriginalemployment-program .

Photo: Building success: Koori Job Ready graduate Lawrence Kelly

Solar panels complete

A solar power system on the roof of the NICTA Building at Australian Technology Park (ATP) has been installed as part of ATP’s sustainability strategy.

The 61 kW solar panel system is generating approximately 93,000 kWh per year from the sun’s radiated energy and will provide around 13 per cent of the NICTA base building electricity requirements. This includes air conditioning for tenants during business hours as well as power to foyers, lifts and common areas.

In addition to generating electricity, the panels provide shading to a significant proportion of the NICTA Building roof area. This will deliver the benefit of lessening demand for air conditioning and electricity consumption.

Surplus electricity from the solar power system will be fed into the public grid.

The installation comprises 325 high efficiency solar panels. The system will produce free and clean electricity for a lifetime of 30 years or more.

Photo: Solar panels to reduce energy use at ATP

Call for heritage volunteers

ATPSL is inviting applications from people with a passionate interest in Australia’s industrial past to join a committed team of part-time heritage volunteers. ATP was once the site of Australia’s largest workforce for the manufacture of steam locomotives with much of the machinery still on site. ATP is looking for:


  • To assist visitors to the ATP with wayfinding and interpretation of ATP’s rich heritage and lead small group tours
  • Cataloguing of heritage assets


  • To work on heritage equipment, machinery and other assets. This will involve working with light hand tools, paint brushes etc
  • Cataloguing of heritage assets

For an information pack, please contact Gary Love, ATPSL’s Project Manager Sustainability & Volunteering on 9209 4426 or email g.love@atp.com.au .

Photo: Preserving and promoting ATP’s heritage

ATP Open Day

An Australian Technology Park Open Day is scheduled for Saturday, 25 February 2012 to showcase ATP’s services and facilities.

The event will include a range of fun activities including a rail heritage film festival. To find out more, contact Gary Love on 9209 4426 or at g.love@atp.com.au.

AIME high to help Indigenous youth

The Rabbitohs footy team were kitted out in blue hoodies in July 2011 in recognition of AIME National Hoodie Day – the Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience.

Now in its second year, AIME Hoodie Day encourages Australians to engage in a conversation around whether Indigenous success equals Australian success. AIME delivers a dynamic mentoring program that links mainly non-Indigenous university students one-on-one with Indigenous high school students. The ultimate goal is to see all participating kids finishing school at the same rate as every Australian child.

Phoito: Rabbitohs players wear their AIME hoodies with pride

New Redfern home for community groups

107 Redfern St, Redfern is set to be the new home for three local organisations with educational community classes in upholstery and woodwork already underway at the premises.

Thanks to the City Of Sydney’s Accommodation Grants Program, the organisations that will be located at 107 Redfern St include:

  • 107 Projects Inc to provide artists’ studios and associated cultural activities;
  • PLACE (Partners in Learning and Community Enterprise) to establish an education and creative enterprise centre for disadvantaged communities including The Bower Reuse and Repair Centre; and
  • Tribal Warrior’s Mentor Program to run its mentoring program for Aboriginal and Torres Islander youth.

The Bower Reuse and Repair Centre has already set up a workshop in the building offering training in upholstery and woodwork in conjunction with the TAFE NSW Outreach Program. The TAFE program also offers training in carpentry, painting and plumbing.

General Manager of The Bower, Maaike Pullar, is thrilled that the program is up and running saying: “We are so thankful to be located at 107 Redfern St so we can provide educational workshops for those who may need income support, disability support, or who may not have had access to mainstream education. The course runs for six months and covers furniture repairs, upholstery and woodwork, and with so many furniture stores in Redfern, we are hoping to provide restored furniture as well as employment opportunities for students. At the end of the course we are also planning to hold an exhibition.”

The City of Sydney’s Accommodation Grants Program supports non-profit, locally based organisations by giving them a new home in City-owned buildings at nil or below market rent.

Photo: Restoring furniture is one of the activities taking place at 107 Redfern Street.

Eveleigh Market wins Delicious Award

Eveleigh Farmers’ Market has won the national award for Most Outstanding Farmers’ Market at the Delicious Produce Awards held on 25 July 2011 in recognition of its fresh, locally sourced and high-quality produce.

Ariana Aljinovic, Eveleigh Market Manager, was thrilled to accept the award, saying, “Eveleigh Market has a strict charter to ensure our customers have access to some of the best seasonal produce. This award is a testament to our excellent producers who are committed to growing, raising and making their own produce for the community to enjoy.”

Food critic Simon Thomsen sums up Eveleigh Market perfectly: “It has a strong sense of community, fine produce direct from the people who grow it, chefs such as Alex Herbert and Kylie Kwong regularly cooking breakfasts and a family atmosphere.”

The Produce Awards is now in its sixth year. The judging panel included some of Australia’s leading chefs including Matt Moran, Phillip Johnson, Cheong Liew, Alla WolfTasker and Maggie Beer.

Eveleigh Market has also been recognised by the Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Guide 2012 with the Billy Kwong stall being awarded Best Street Food Stall.

For more information about Eveleigh Market visit www.eveleighmarket.com.au

Photo: Eveleigh Farmers’ Market offers delicious produce

Redfern East wins award

Housing NSW has been rewarded the national GreenSmart Residential Development of the Year Award for their Redfern East Development.

The 2011 HIA-Boral GreenSmart Awards recognised the Redfern East project for its environmental sustainability which the judges said, “comprehensively addressed environmental aspects - a big achievement for such a large development”.

The project provides 106 townhouse and unit dwellings for young families, seniors and people with disabilities. It achieved a 5 Star Green Star rating from the Green Building Council of Australia, and an average 7 Star Nationwide House Energy Rating (NatHERs) which demonstrates best practice in thermal design.

Sustainability features include the urban design, housing diversity, inclusion of open space and a community centre, grey-water treatment system, rainwater harvesting, solar photovoltaic (PV) panels, gas boosted solar hot water, compost bins and worm farms.

Photo: The Redfern East development wins national award

Redfern Fire Station mural unveiled

Redfern Fire Station has been given a colourful facelift with the unveiling of a new fire safety mural in June 2011 to educate the public about fire safety. Over 160 school students from across Australia entered the competition as part of a campaign aimed at reducing Aboriginal deaths and injuries from fires at home. Four winning designs were chosen.

Donovan in Year 8 from Fairfield Patrician Brothers School based his design on the fire safety message: “Everyone should have an escape plan.” Byron in Year 5 from Lambton Public School and Abbey from West Wallsend School expressed the importance of not playing with matches, and Imogen in Year 4 from Lambton Public School, used the phrase ‘Stop, drop, and roll’ to put out a fire in her design.

Steve Russell, NSW Fire Brigades Aboriginal Services Officer, says the main aim of the campaign is to raise awareness of fire safety in the community with the mural “brightening up the neighbourhood”.

Redfern Fire Station is the fourth busiest station in NSW.

Photo: The Redfern Fire Mural is unveiled

Saturday in Design

More than 1,200 members of the design community descended on Redfern for the Saturday in Design annual trade event in August 2011 with Great Dane Furniture on Elizabeth St showing off its latest designs and collaborations.

This year’s event was the first time Redfern had its own designated precinct attracting architects, designers, students and design-savvy members of the public to the Great Dane showroom. International designer Benjamin Hubert was there running workshops and Eveleigh Market provided food. Activities on the day included using recycled objects to make on-off pieces and papercording.

Photo: Papercorder Rob Pink (left) and Benjamin Hubert, international industrial designer

Redfern has the right moves

More than 30 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students from across the country stayed at the National Centre for Indigenous Excellence (NCIE) in August 2011 for a NAISDA Dance College Dance Camp. NAISDA is a Pathway Partner of the NCIE and runs accredited courses in Indigenous Dance.

The intensive week-long dance camp saw the group performing for family and friends, NCIE staff and the South African International AFL team who were also staying at the NCIE.

Since opening in February 2010, the NCIE has grown to become a meeting place for the local Redfern community as well as visitors from across the country. Located on the site of the old Redfern Primary School in George Street, the NCIE offers a Sports, Arts and Recreation Centre, Campus and Corporate Conferencing Centre. Sports competitions include Men’s Futsal, Men’s Basketball, Women’s Basketball, Mixed Basketball and Mixed Touch Football. Visit the NCIE website for more information at www.ncie.org.au .

Photo: The NAISDA dance group rehearsing at NCIE

Redfern takes to the stage in Turkey

The Factory Community Centre’s Yurungai Dance Group returned triumphant from Turkey where they represented Australia at the 2011 Seventh International Ordu (Turkey) Youth and Children’s Theatre Festival in June 2011.

Performing two shows to large crowds, Yurungai Dance was rapturously received. The eight member troupe also performed twice to over 1,500 children and the general public in a central park in Ankara, in the presence of the Ambassador to Turkey, Mr Ian Biggs and his wife Christine. The first performance was streamed live to air on National TV.

Yurungai Dance is grateful to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Program Public Diplomacy Branch of the Commonwealth Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade through their award of funds towards the travel costs. Other funding support was received by the Redfern – Waterloo Authority, Barnardos Australia, Clubs Limited NSW, Housing NSW and the Factory Community Centre.

Photo: The Yurungai Dance Group perform in Turkey

Christmas Banner competition

Local school and youth groups will be showing off their artistic skills and spreading some Christmas cheer at Eveleigh Market by taking part in the Christmas Banner competition.

The colourful and creative Christmas banners will be on display at Eveleigh Market with the winners announced on Saturday, 10 December 2011. Market goers can vote for their favourite banner in the People’s Choice Award.

The winner and People’s Choice Award winner will receive $1000 each with the runners up winners receiving $500 each.

Visit www.eveleighmarket.com.au for more information.

This year, 11 schools and community groups will be taking part.

Photo: Alexandria Park Community School wins the People’s Choice Award in 2010

Contact the Sydney Metropolitan Development Authority

For more information please call 9202 9100 or email contactus@smda.nsw.gov.au or visit www.smda.nsw.gov.au.

Source: You can download the PDF version of this newsletter from: November 2011 RWA Update - PDF Version