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Waterloo Green in the News

Information about Waterloo Green apears in many news items and other places accross the REDWatch website. Below are the results of a search of news items on the site which may help you to find more information about Waterloo Green. The most recently posted articles should be at the top.
Department Acts to Equip Playground
A Central campaign to fix unsafe playgrounds in Waterloo public housing has succeeded after the intervention of the Housing Minister reports Robert Burton-Bradley in Central of 25 june 2008.
RWIU 25 June 2008
In this Update: ILC National Indigenous Development Centre Consultation – Thursday 26th June 2008 3.00-6.30pm / REDWatch – This Month’s Meeting Tuesday 1st July 2008 6pm / Inner South Community Forum (Redfern, Waterloo & Eveleigh) - Wednesday 2nd July 6.00pm to 8.30pm / RWA North Eveleigh Concept Plan Feedback / Sydney University’s Campus 2020 Masterplan Revealed / Darlington – Chippendale Urban Design Study – University Confusion / Redfern Community Health Centre Relocation Details / RWA Built Environment Update / RWA / ATP Address Noise Issues / RWA Development Applications / RWA Seeks to Close ATP Blacksmith’s Shop – Open Day 17th August 10am – 2pm / Large Erecting Shop on Federal Heritage Radar / RWA and the State Budget / RWA Human Services Update / Waterloo Green Landscape Consultation - Wednesday 9 July 2008 / Waterloo Green Action Plan Implementation / South Sydney Interagency looks at area’s forward budget needs / Making Connections - Changes and Events by 4th July 2008 / CoS Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Advisory Panel – Nominations Close Friday 1st August 2008 / CoS Plans for Aboriginal Cultural Centre and Eora Journey 2030 Proposal / NAIDOC Week 6 July 2008 – 13 July 2008 / Redfern Residents for Reconciliation Gathering Ground Photos / Art Galleries and Aboriginal Arts, Performance and Culture – Redfern Chamber of Commerce Proposed Initiatives / Concrete Culture - Ivan Dougherty Gallery until 5th July 2008 / Lights Camera Action - Information and registration Days 16th – 18th July 2008 / Underbelly Public Arts Lab + Festival looking for Support / Redfern and Regent Streets Retail Strip Sub-Committee tackles shutters / Business Awards Nominations Open / Live Green Stalls Available – Sunday 17th August / Developer Appeals Erskineville Supermarket decision / In the Media / South Sydney Herald June 2008 / Australia 2020 Summit Report Have your say – Summary of Current Consultations
RWIU 2 May 2008
In this Update: RWA North Eveleigh Concept Plan on Exhibition until 12th June 2008 / Some Initial Comments on the North Eveleigh Concept Plan / RWA Community Information Sessions on North Eveleigh Concept Plan / Next REDWatch Meeting to Discuss North Eveleigh Concept Plan – 6pm 7th May 2008 / North Eveleigh Concept Plan Darlington Businesses Briefing – 3 pm Thursday 8th may 2008 / Redfern Business – Towards the Future Forum – Forum Tuesday 6th May Frasers Broadway Update / Housing NSW Acts on Redfern Waterloo Playgrounds / MTV Awards and the ATP Noise Debate / RWA DA Approval for Signage and Cafe / Inquiry into Overcoming Indigenous Disadvantage in Redfern Coloured Digger ANZAC March / Friends of Eveleigh Updates / More Opera House for those on Government Benefits / Position Vacant: Coordinator Food Distribution Network Inc.- Closes 12th May 2008 / Larissa Behrendt – ‘Reconciliation after the Apology’ - 22nd May 2008 / Macquarie Street Ethics – Will things ever Change? – 25th May 2008 / Critical Pedagogy and Participatory Learning for Social Transformation : The Role of Higher Education Conference Nov 27 - 28 2008 / Connect Redfern – Children and Family Services Lists Updated for Term 2 2008 In the Media / May 2008 South Sydney Herald / Have your say – Summary of Current Consultations
Minister steps in to fix playgrounds
Last week Central ran an article about the poorly maintained Housing NSW Playgrounds putting children at risk. Following the article the Minister stepped in to address the issue. The following Article and Editorial by Lisa Capozzi in Central 30th April 2008 and a letter to the editor on the issue tell the story.
Risky State of Play
HOUSING NSW playgrounds in Redfern and Waterloo are no place for children, with rusty equipment, sharp edges, broken swings and missing bolts just accidents waiting to happen, mothers said. Owen and Samantha (pictured) just want a safe place to play, with equipment that works reports Robert Burton-Bradley with Pictures by Phil Rogers in a feature article in Central of 23 April 2008. The topic was also the subject of the editorial also below.
RWIU 4 Apr 2008
In this Update: North Eveleigh DGRs Issued – will be on DoP Website soon / RWA provides information on “Dry” Alcohol Support Service for Redfern Waterloo / Settlement Neighbourhood Centre seeks new Executive Officer / Sustainable Sydney 2030 and Redfern Waterloo / Redfern Waterloo Census Statistics for 2006 / The CoS study “Redfern Business Precinct – Towards the Future” / ATP Function Noise Complaints / Souths League’s Club DAs / RWA Staff Changes / RWA DA on Exhibition / Woolworths Stores Comparisons for Inner City / Chippendale News - Balfour Street Park – Frasers – History Week / Find a Bike Route / REDWatch Website Update / Housing NSW – Future Directions for Tenant Participation or Not? / Good Neighbourhood BBQs / Sydney Electorate ‘2020 Summit’ - Saturday 5 April 2008 / Waterloo Incinerator coming down & Green Square Town Centre Public Domain Exhibition – Until 13th April 2008 / What the Indigenous Land Council (ILC) is doing in Redfern – 16th April 2008 / “The Coloured Digger” March Ecumenical Service and exhibition – 25th April 2008 / Inquiry into Overcoming Indigenous Disadvantage – Submissions until Wednesday 30th April 2008 / In the Media / South Sydney Herald / Have your say – Summary of Current Consultations
Waterloo Green: not a safe place
Public housing residents near Waterloo Green are exhausted and fearful in their own neighborhood, having to confront drug dealing and public drunkenness every day reports John Williams in the South Sydney Herald of April 2008.
Community Harmony or Budget Sanctuary?
This opinion piece by Ross Smith responds to the media release: “Iemma Government Targets Illegal Graffitti in Waterloo” of Wednesday, March 12, 2008. It appeared in the National Tenant Support Network’s weekly opinion email Rimfire Review 31 March 2008.
RWIU 17 Mar 2008
In this Update: RWA Built Environment Update / CarriageWorks – Continuation of Hours DA until 18th March 2008 / Frasers Reworking Concept Plan for CUB Broadway Site / CoS Redfern Business Precinct Survey – Survey return by Friday 28th March / Elizabeth Street Land and Housing Corporation DA – Exhibition Closes 24th March 2008 / RWA DAs on Exhibition / What’s new on the RWA Website / The RWA’s State Plan Objectives – What would you have chosen? / Waterloo Green – Minister stickers Graffiti / South Sydney Interagency Meets / First Round of Local Action Plan Matching Grants / City Action on Homelessness / Redfern Legal Centre helping young tenants / In Living Memory – Photographs from the Aborigines Welfare Board / Living in Harmony - 8 March 2008 – 30 April 2008 / City South Community Forum – Monday 17th March 2008 / Good Service mob at Redfern Community Centre - Tuesday 18 March 2008 9.30am-3.30pm / Screening of “Waterloo” with Tom Zubrycki – Thursday 20th March 1pm at The Factory / HOPE VI and Chicago’s Public Housing ‘Transformation’ - Thursday 27th March 2008 / Overcoming Indigenous disadvantage (Inquiry) – Submissions extended to 31st March 2008 / Mind Ya Arts Showcase – Friday 4th April 2008 / Local Heroes – Volunteer Awards – Nominations until 7th April 2008 / Dr Judith Stubbs at Waterloo Gathering – Time to Talk – 9:30 am – 3:00 pm Thursday 10th April 2008 / CoS Grant Applications – Close Monday 21 April 2008 / Let's Talk Business - Seminar Series for small and medium sized businesses / Good Neighbourhood BBQs / In the Media / South Sydney Herald March 2008 / Have your say – Summary of Current Consultations
Have You Heard - The Fast News March 2008
Trevor Davies in Have You Heard – The fast News in the South Sydney Herald of March 2008 has reported on a number of Redfern Waterloo items which we have reported below:
Action Needed Now
Residents near Waterloo Green say the NSW Department of Housing is dragging its feet on a possible solution to antisocial behaviour reports Robert Burton-Bradley with Picture by Phil Rogers in Central of 27th February 2008
RWIU 21 Feb 2008
In this Update: Redfern Community Health Centre Plans on Public Exhibition – Until 6th March 2008 / Sydney University Major Project to Consolidate Abercrombie Street Precinct / Robert Domm meets Darlington Businesses over RWA Plans / Overcoming Indigenous Disadvantage Inquiry Submissions – still being received until Friday 29th February 2008 / The RWA Submission to the Inquiry into Overcoming Indigenous Disadvantage / Review and Evaluation of the progress of the Human Services Plan Phase One / Aboriginal Housing Company asked by DoP for $60,000 to assess Concept Plan / Planning for Dry Alcohol Facility for Aboriginal Men in Redfern is well advanced / Waterloo Green Safety still a problem in spite of Action plan / Supervised Accommodation can fix the Mental Health Crisis / Heritage Office changes cause concern / Redfern Residents for Reconciliation / Housing Community Assistance Programme (HCAP) Activities for 2008 / Village Bus timetable for new Redfern to Woolloomooloo Service / In the Media / After Sorry - Where to for Aboriginal Rights? - Monday 25th February, Redfern Community Centre, 6pm / Redfern Street - Mum Shirl Memorial Rededication and Decorative Lighting Launch – Wednesday 27 February 2008 7pm / Eveleigh Pocket Park Renewal - Community Celebration - Saturday 1 March 2008, 11.00am at Pemulwuy Park / REDWatch Meeting – 5th March 2008 6pm The Factory / Have your say – Summary of Current Consultations
Clean up this Mess
WATERLOO Green is unsafe and unclean, according to public housing tenants living near the park. They allege an action plan drawn up by residents and Redfern police has been ignored by the Department of Housing (DOH) reports Central of 6th February 2008 page 10.
RWIU 6 Feb 2008
In this Update: Happy New Year – The Turnbull Family of Redfern is back! / REDWatch Meeting - 6 February 2008 6pm The Factory / REDWatch Submission to Inquiry into Overcoming Aboriginal Disadvantage / Eveleigh’s Large Erecting Shop - Alive and Active / RWA sell Rachael Forster Hospital for $11.5 million / Proposed CoS - Rabbitohs Redfern Oval Agreement – Exhibition until 8 February 2008 / ILC lodge School Site Concept Plan Modification / Department of Arts pays CarriageWorks $1m for RWA Delay / Housing NSW Waterloo Green Statement upsets residents / Housing NSW starts work on Walker and Philip Streets Project / RWA Annual Report: not making information easily accessible / Questions over RWA Grants / AHC Optimism over Pemulwuy Project / Federal Parliament Convergence, Apology and Local Activities / Frasers get CUB DGRs for Remediation & Transitional Works / Erskineville Supermarket DA Campaign / Village to Village Shuttle Bus Expansion to Woolloomooloo / ISRCSD’s Inner Voice looks at the DoH Human Service Accord / 2006 Census figures now in CoS Community Profile / CoS 2030 Emerging Directions Report / RWA and REDWatch Websites Summer Holiday cleanup / RWA’s December 2007 Update / South Sydney Herald February 2008 / In the Media / Souths in the News / Exodus Centre Redfern Graduation / Connect Redfern - Updated Children & Family Lists / Vodafone Foundation Australia “Volunteers” Grant / Easy Cooking on a Budget – Starts 20th February 2008 / Have your say – Summary of Current Consultations.
Waterloo Green
Housing NSW provides housing assistance to people in need. When there is antisocial behaviour in parks or common areas owned by Housing NSW such as Waterloo Green, Housing will pass on relevant information to NSW Police for their action reports this media release from Matt Brown Minister for Housing in NSW of 20 January 2008.
Summer on the Green: All the fun of the fair
The sounds of jazz, hip hop and rhythm and blues will echo around the residential tower blocks of Waterloo public housing estate will take place today as residents from Waterloo, Alexandria, and Redfern and beyond joined with more than thirty community, government and private sector organisations to stage summer on the Green. The event will be use to mark the achievements of the local community and celebrate the Factory community Centres 30 years of service to the Waterloo community reports this media release from the Factory.
Housing Minister avoids questions
The NSW Housing Minister’s media adviser appears to have misinformed the SSH about a meeting between the Minister and property developers in Waterloo, amid residents’ concerns for the future of public housing in the area reports the December 2007 edition of the South Sydney Herald.
RWIU 30 Nov 2007
In this Update: Inquiry into Overcoming Indigenous Disadvantage (including in Redfern Waterloo) – Submissions Extended to 31st January 2008 / NSW Minister for Housing visits Redfern Waterloo / DoH Funding for RedWater News at an End? / REDWatch Meeting on RWA / DoH Public Housing Redevelopment Plans – 5.30 Wednesday 5th December 2007 / Redfern Waterloo Eveleigh CoS Community Forum - Wednesday 5th December 2007 / Changes Proposed to Tenancy Law / More Information on Housing – City Futures and AHURI / New Light on the Redfern Waterloo Street Team Evaluation / Pemulwuy Project waiting on Department of Planning / Jane Bennett exhibition of Trains, Cranes & Ships - National Trust Centre from 1-14 December, 2007 / Can there be a place for Rail Artists in Eveleigh? / Gawura Campus of St Andrew’s Cathedral School Opens / Erskineville 2 Storey Supermarket Opposed – Meeting 6th December - Exhibition Closes 17th December 2007 / Frasers Broadway November Consultation and Demolition Plans on Exhibition until 14th December 2007 / Waterloo’s Summer on the Green – Friday 7th December 2007 / International Human Rights Day Welcome for African Refugees – Monday 10th December 2007 / Carers Fact sheets now in 15 Languages / In the Media – UTS Publications Precinct Issue 4/2007 (November) Articles of Interest / What we Missed in the South Sydney Herald / Crime Hotspots: is Redfern like Dover Heights? / Have your say – Summary of Current Consultations
Waterloo Green Action Plan has arrived !
RWN reported in our last edition that Waterloo residents and frontline workers with the assistance of HCAP formed an action group reports Redwater News of December 2007.
15 October 2007
In this Update: Inquiry into Overcoming Indigenous Disadvantage (including in Redfern Waterloo) – Submissions Close 30th November 2007 / “Creating a Culture of Work in the Redfern Waterloo Area” – RWA Study Now Available / Housing Forum for the Federal Electorate of Sydney – REDWatch Forum / The ILC’s National Indigenous Development Centre (NIDC) given Development Approval / Concept Approval for Rachel Forster Redevelopment / Frasers Broadway Exhibition / RWA October 2007 Newsletter / New Volunteer Activity at Eveleigh’s Large / RailCorp Rail Heritage Problem Update / Darlington Chippendale Urban Design Study Proposal Documents on Web / Green Square Design Workshop - 17 & 20 October 2007 / Redfern Waterloo and the Media / South Sydney Herald – October 2007 / Redfern Girl’s Basketball Team Needs Help to Get to Perth / New Village to Village Bus Time Table / Connect Redfern Family & Children’s Services Updated lists for Term 4 2007 / NCOSS Policy Conference - Perspectives on Poverty - 8.30am-5pm Wednesday 17th October 2007 / Danks Street Waterloo Festival – 21st October 11am to 5pm / Solar Hot Water Information Evening - 6:30pm 24th October 2007 – Redfern Town Hall / Waterloo’s Summer on the Green – Friday 7th December 2007 / Have your say – Summary of Current Consultations
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