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ATP Heritage Statement - December 2009

This public statement on ATP Heritage was issued by Australian Technology Park Precinct Management Ltd (ATPPML) on 24 December 2009.


The Australian Technology Park (ATP) is a valuable heritage asset as listed on the State Heritage Register, and heritage is a major theme of the site. The heritage of the site is evident through a number of heritage show case buildings, a large collection of historic industrial machinery and the social influence of the site on the local community over time.

Australian Technology Park Precinct Management Ltd (ATPPML) recognises its role and responsibility as custodian of the site, and the ATPPML Board of Directors, management and staff are committed to ensuring the valuable heritage aspects of the ATP are appropriately preserved, maintained and promoted.

The ATPPML Board has taken an active interest in the heritage at the ATP, through overseeing the development of a range of plans on this issue. In this regard the Board has approved the following:

  • the development of a new Conservation Management Plan covering the whole site and providing recognition of the social influence on people who worked at the ATP, the indigenous community and the local Redfern Waterloo community;
  • the Section 170 Register that was approved by the Heritage Council in November 2008 being placed on the ATPPML website;
  • the development, implementation and ongoing review of the Heritage Asset Management Strategy (HAMS);
  • the ongoing implementation of the capital works and maintenance expenditure programs for heritage at the ATP, now totaling more than $2.6m in last 2 years (this work includes the Pump Room refurbishment, Innovation Plaza upgrade, locomotive building façade works, structural repairs, proposed heritage display area and pivot crane and steam crane refurbishment).
  • ATPPML actively participating in the recently established Redfern Waterloo Authority Heritage Taskforce
  • the procurement of professional heritage technical expertise to support the ongoing management of heritage at the ATP

The ATPPML Board has also recognised the need to engage with the many committed people who have worked and been part of the ATP heritage at the railway yards over many years. To this end ATPPML will shortly be seeking expressions of interest from the heritage community to establish an ATP volunteer group to be part of the team directly engaged with the preservation and promotion of the heritage at the Park.

Roy Wakelin-King

Managing Director

Source: Heritage Public Statement (206KB)

The ATP have also added the ATP s170 Register Summary Report and s170 item register by location on their website www.atp.com.au/atp-policies