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RWST Literature and program review

This document has been supplied by the RWA to provide background reading regarding the basis for integration of services in Redfern Waterloo. This document is Appendix 1 of the Draft report on the Evalustion of the Redfern Waterloo Street Team (RWST). The current document is a scanned version of the printed section provided. We have ran the document throught an OCR programme so you can copy material from the report but please check any copied text against the original in case of any OCR errors. We have requested a text pdf from the RWA and when this is received we will replace this large document. REDWatch has also requested the RWA to release the full RWST Evaluation as what can be learnt from the evaluation of this program can inform future decisions by other youth service providers. This is a large PDF file 1.3MB.

— PDF document, 1317 kB (1349178 bytes)