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Background to Speak Out on RWA Human Services Plan

The information below was provided as background for the ongoing Speak Out on this topic.

The RWA conducted a consultation about a proposed Human Services Plan (HSP) for Redfern Waterloo until Friday November 11 2005. Following the close of submissions the RWA Staff, Ministerial Advisory Committee for Human Services (MACHS) and Human Services CEO's Group are to meet and go over any changes to the DHSP before it goes to NSW Cabinet (targeted for 22nd November).

Even though the period for consultation has now past we are told that the Plan and how it is implemented will be subject to input and review. So please share your comments and with us as well as passing them on to the RWA.

The DHSP consultation was based around people making their comments directly to the RWA and the RWA deciding what then needs to be changed in the Plan. REDWatch thinks it is also important that people share their comments, draft submissions and concerns within the community so others are aware of the issues being raised and can also make their comments on these matters. This page has been set up to allow people to post comments regarding the RWA's HSP and its implementation.

Information about the Draft Human Services Plan can be found from the following links:

The Draft Redfern-Waterloo Human Services Plan is available in printed form from the RWA office or a pdf file (288Kb) can be downloaded from is available from http://www.redfernwaterloo.com.au/other/draft_human_services_plan.pdf

The RWA also produced a “Redfern-Waterloo Update October 2005” which summaries some of the key elements of the Plan. It is available on the RWA site but as the file is very large there is also a smaller text version is on the REDWatch site at www.redwatch.org.au/RWA/humanservices/hsp051014/051014rwa.

The RWA have also posted what they think will be the Frequently Asked Questions at http://www.redfernwaterloo.com.au/faq/faq_human_services.htm . If you have suggestions for alternate FAQ’s you might like to let the RWA and us know.

The initial media release about the draft plan can be found at http://www.redfernwaterloo.com.au/other/media_human_services_plan.pdf

The Initial REDWatch Update about the draft plan can be found at http://www.redwatch.org.au/update/update051014  and during the consultation a number of updates mentioned DHSP issues these can be found at http://www.redwatch.org.au/updatestopic/topic_view .

Comments to the RWA on the Draft Plan can be posted at http://www.redfernwaterloo.com.au/feedback/draft_hs_feedback.php  .

The views expressed in this section of the site do not necessarily reflect the views of REDWatch. The views are those of the authors and are posted here to encourage debate and discussion about the RWA Draft Human Services Plan within the community. Please only post under your own name unless there are good reasons to post anonymously.

Please remember that you may not post material which is offensive, slanderous and against the law. REDWatch will have to remove any such material from the site.