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RWA Redfern Waterloo Plan - Stage One

This was the content of the initial Redfern Waterloo Plan - Stage One Page of the RWA Website on 7 October 2005
The Redfern-Waterloo Plan - Stage One


The Chief Executive Officer of the Redfern-Waterloo Authority (RWA), Mr Robert Domm, says that he is satisfied with progress that the Redfern-Waterloo authority has made since it commenced operation.

“It’s early days yet, but the staff at the new Redfern-Waterloo Authority are working hard to revitalise the Redfern-Waterloo area,” Mr Domm said.

“The RWA opened its doors on January 17 this year and it has a big job to do.“Its tasks include generating jobs for the people of the area, improving delivery of services to the community and promoting urban renewal that respects and strengthens the rich heritage that makes this community unique in Sydney,” Mr Domm said.

Current activities of the RWA include:

  • Development of job creation schemes for local unemployed, with a particular emphasis on the Indigenous community;
  • Developing a Human Services Plan that will improve the delivery of social services to the community;
  • Encouraging new anchor tenants and investors to build and bring jobs to the Australian Technology Park;
  • Facilitating urban renewal and heritage restoration opportunities at North Eveleigh and other surplus government lands;
  • Working on plans to enhance access to and refurbish Redfern Railway Station;
  • Seeking a sustainable solution for the Block and its environs;
  • Working with the RTA on improving traffic management/pedestrian safety/retail amenity on Regent and other major streets;
  • Implementing a community consultation strategy that will include regular newsletters to residents providing news of latest events and activities, setting up an interactive website, quarterly community forums and smaller community meetings on specific issues.

The Redfern-Waterloo Plan is being developed in stages by the RWA with priority being given to economic revitalisation, human services and job creation.

“A draft of Stage One of the Redfern-Waterloo Plan concerning the first 3 years of the RWA’s operations is expected to be released for further community consultation before the end of the year.” Mr Domm said.

The first stage of urban renewal will centre on a number of sites declared to be State significant Developments.

The Redfern-Waterloo Authority is investigating essential developments for an accessible, efficient railway station. A heritage Station with steep steps and no easy access for elderly or disabled people and parents with young children, it’s the eighth busiest Station in the NSW network - a role which will increase in activity as the population grows. Redevelopment will improve access to and the efficiency of RailCorp operations and include commercial activity.

Mr Domm also announced the finalisation of appointments to the three Ministerial Advisory Committees (link to Community Consultation web page)set up to advise the Minister Responsible for Redfern-Waterloo on matters relating to built environment, employment and enterprise and the delivery of social services in the area.

This text appeared on 7 October 2005 at http://www.redfernwaterloo.nsw.gov.au/redfern_waterloo_plan/stage_one.htm