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May 2008 – RWA Update – Text Version

DESTINATION EVELEIGH - $1.3 billion transformation over 10 years / North Eveleigh Concept Plan / Community Information Sessions for Concept Plan / North Eveleigh Rail Yard Site: Planning the future / ATP: New buildings and jobs / Eveleigh Community Markets / Redfern Station Upgrade and Pedestrian Bridge / Employment model links jobs to growth / Need Assistance?

DESTINATION EVELEIGH - $1.3 billion transformation over 10 years

North Eveleigh Concept Plan

Community Information Sessions for Concept Plan

North Eveleigh Rail Yard Site: Planning the future

ATP: New buildings and jobs

Eveleigh Community Markets

Redfern Station Upgrade and Pedestrian Bridge

Employment model links jobs to growth

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DESTINATION EVELEIGH - $1.3 billion transformation over 10 years

Redfern-Waterloo's urban renewal is taking some giant strides that will witness the Eveleigh precinct evolving over the next 10 years into a vibrant place to live, work and engage in cultural and recreational activities.

The suburb of Eveleigh, which once housed functioning railway workshops during the 19th and 20th centuries, is destined to become an exciting residential, commercial and cultural community in the new millennium.

The enlivened precinct will be facilitated by the sale and development of surplus lands at North Eveleigh, the marketing of remaining development sites at the Australian Technology Park, the construction of a major pedestrian / cycle bridge linking both sides of the rail corridor and a significant upgrade of the adjoining Redfern Railway Station.

More than $1.3 billion will be invested in Eveleigh's transformation, which will result in:

  • Up to 9300 people working permanently at the Australian Technology Park within 5-10 years as a result of land permitting the construction of 110,000 m2 of commercial floor space being put to market this year and progressively developed.
  • Up to 3760 people working permanently at North Eveleigh within 5-7 years following the Redfern-Waterloo Authority's concept planning and sale of surplus land on the site later this year.
  • 2400 residents living in 1260 new dwellings at North Eveleigh including a significant proportion of affordable rental dwellings.
  • Nearly 8000 construction jobs being created including about 800 jobs for unemployed Aboriginal people under the RWA's Indigenous Employment Model.
  • Environmental sustainability, new open space, community and cultural facilities and retention and adaptive reuse of important heritage buildings.
  • A major upgrade of Redfern Railway Station including a pedestrian/cycle bridge to improve access and create the essential connectivity between North Eveleigh and the ATP.

North Eveleigh Concept Plan

The RWA has lodged its Concept Plan application for the redevelopment of North Eveleigh with the NSW Department of Planning and it is scheduled to be placed on public exhibition on 1 May 2008.

Looking east past the CarriageWorks Performance Space.

The Department has agreed to the RWA's request to extend the period of public exhibition from 4 to 6 weeks to facilitate the opportunity for community input.

The project is estimated to have a capital development cost of $550 million.

The planning framework for the redevelopment of North Eveleigh was established by the RWA's Built Environment Plan which was the subject of extensive community consultation in 2006. The Plan's stated aim for North Eveleigh is to:

  • Create a vibrant cultural, business and residential precinct that provides jobs, quality housing, services and facilities and opportunities for artistic and cultural expression that integrates with the surrounding established area.
  • Encourage employment generating uses within proximity to Redfern Railway Station, to maximise the opportunities presented by public transport infrastructure and the Redfern Town Centre.
  • Encourage residential development on the western portion of the site in proximity to existing residential development, cultural and community uses in the middle of the site and a mix of residential and non-residential development at the eastern end.

The Concept Plan seeks approval for the achievement at North Eveleigh of a floor space equivalent to 181,127 m2 for the whole site, maximum building heights, street and building layout, associated road works and building envelopes in accordance with a preferred design concept. The project will include 92,139 m2 of floor space for residential development and 87,868 m2 of floor space for commercial, retail and cultural/community purposes.

The proposed development will result in less gross floor area than the maximum permitted under the site's planning controls.

The RWA proposes the adaptive reuse of 52,730 m2 of heritage buildings and buildings of historic interest - this amounts to 29% of the gross floor area of the site. More than 15% of the site is also proposed as publicly accessible open space.

A significant proportion of the 10.7 hectare site will be retained in public ownership, which includes the Yaama Dhiyaan Indigenous Training College, the CarriageWorks Performance Space, the Eveleigh Community Markets (Blacksmiths' Workshop) and the former Scientific Services building on Wilson Street which is proposed to be a community centre.

The Concept Plan contains reports dealing with numerous relevant issues including traffic and transport impacts, remediation, heritage impacts, economic and social impacts, archaeology and Aboriginal heritage.

Illustration: Looking across the new public space created by a heritage interpretation of the fan of tracks.

Community Information Sessions for Concept Plan

The RWA's Concept Plan will be determined by the Minister for Planning under Part 3A of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979.

The Department of Planning is placing the Concept Plan on public exhibition from 1 May to 12 June 2008.

On and from 1 May, the Plan may be viewed on the RWA's website at www. redfernwaterloo.com.au or by visiting the City of Sydney's Neighbourhood Service Centre at 158 Redfern Street, Redfern (Monday to Friday 9arn to 5pm and Saturday 9am to 12pm).

It is understood that the Plan may also be placed at other City of Sydney centres.

All public submissions must be sent to the Department of Planning by the 12 June 2008 (addressed to the Director, Urban Assessments, Department of Planning, GPO Box 39, Sydney NSW 2001 or email information@planning.nsw.gov.au ).

To coincide with the Department of Planning's public exhibition, the RWA is holding 8 Information Sessions to provide the community with the opportunity to ask questions to RWA staff about the proposal and the planning and submission process. The information sessions are informal and will last 2 hours. People can attend the session at any time during the 2 hours. At the information sessions community members will be able to view:

  • The Environmental Assessment prepared for the Concept Plan.
  • Drawings and plans detailing what is proposed on the site.
  • A model of the plan.
  • A 3-D animated computer model allowing the viewer to travel through the site.


Yaama Dhiyaan, 255 Wilson Street, Eveleigh (next to the CarriageWorks viewing platform and entrance)


  • Tuesday,           6 May   4-6 pm
  • Saturday,          10 May 2-4 pm
  • Tuesday,           13 May 4-6 pm
  • Tuesday,           20 May 4-6 pm
  • Wednesday,      28 May 4-6 pm
  • Wednesday,      4 June  4-6 pm
  • Saturday,          7 June   2-4 pm
  • Wednesday,      11 June 4-6 pm

Any questions regarding these sessions or requests for further information should be directed to Mohini Nair or Yolanda Gil at the RWA on 9202 9100 or by emailing redfernwaterloo@rwa.nsw.gov.au

North Eveleigh Rail Yard Site: Planning the future

The map below illustrates the Concept Plan's proposed land use distribution for the site and includes building heights, street and building envelopes. Much greater design detail will occur at Project Application stage following any determination of the Concept Plan application -this will involve a further process of community consultation.

(see original PDF for illustrations including map of what id proposed for North Eveleigh)

Photo: The western end of the site as it currently looks.

Illustration: The historically significant clothing store will be retained as an important feature of the residential development at the western end of the site.

Photo: The eastern end of the site as it currently looks.

Illustration: The heritage Paint Shop will be adapted and retained with retail and commercial space at ground level and residential dwellings within the existing structure.

ATP: New buildings and jobs

Key Employment Driver: The RWA has recently completed its $7.5 million Roads and Infrastructure Project designed to facilitate the Park's future development.

Work is also nearly complete on the RWA's $47 million development of a new 12,000 m2 research facility to house National ICT Australia and the Defence Science and Technology Organisation and both tenants are currently undertaking their respective fit-outs.

Early works on the $123 million Seven Network development commenced last year and the main works construction on the 43,500 m2 project is expected to commence in May and be completed by late next year. The total cost of this media investment in ATP, including fit-out, is about $150 million. With the Seven Network, Pacific Magazines and Global Television establishing themselves in Eveleigh, the ATP is set to become one of Australia's most dynamic media hubs.

Even with more than $200 million of capital investment already in train, the 13.5 hectare ATP site has far more development potential under its planning controls. Accordingly, the ATP will this year commence the staged marketing of its 4 remaining development lots which will allow the further construction of 110,000 m2 of commercial floor space. The future capital investment is currently estimated at $460 million and the aim is for the Park to be fully developed within 5-10 years.

An ultimate workforce of more than 9000 permanent employees will make the ATP the main driver in Redfern-Waterloo's economic growth over the next decade.

Eveleigh Community Markets

An important element of the redeveloped North Eveleigh will be the Community Markets in the RWA's proposed $3 million refurbishment of the heritage Blacksmith's Workshop.

The project has received development consent and the RWA has now completed a competitive tender process to award the construction contract.

Located directly opposite the magnificent CarriageWorks Performance Space, the Eveleigh Market will house 109 undercover stalls with a retail emphasis on well-priced fresh food and produce.

Arts and crafts will also be a feature and significant local employment opportunities are expected to be created. The markets will commence operation on a weekend basis.

The construction program is expected to be 18 weeks and will shortly commence to allow the Eveleigh Community Market to open before the end of this year.

Photo: The $47 million research facility is the latest addition to the ATP.

Redfern Station Upgrade and Pedestrian Bridge

Creating Connectivity and Improving Access: RailCorp and the RWA have been working closely together to achieve a major upgrade of Redfern Railway Station, to be funded from proceeds of the sale of surplus lands at North Eveleigh.

The capital works will provide easy access, improve passenger and staff safety, achieve a capacity upgrade to meet future passenger demand and facilitate commercial and retail development adjacent to the Station.

The upgraded Station will also enhance proposed development in the Eveleigh precinct and mitigate traffic impacts by promoting public transport usage.

It is currently proposed to incorporate the RWA's pedestrian/cycle bridge linking the Eveleigh precinct into the Redfern Station upgrade.

The Eveleigh Heritage Walk, as the pedestrian bridge is known, will be partly funded by a $6 million contribution from the RWA and its subsidiary ATP.

Illustration: Looking west from Platforms 6 and 7 at Redfern Station, the bridge extends from the entrance to ATP right up to the corner of Little Eveleigh St and Ivy Lane.

Illustration: The preferred design has a distinctive Aboriginal theme.

Illustration: The proposed upgrade to Redfern Station will incorporate an on-grade connection to the entrance to ATP and the ramp to the pedestrian bridge.

Employment model links jobs to growth

The innovative Indigenous Employment Model developed by the RWA has proved successful in ensuring that the most disadvantaged sector of the local community gains a beneficial stake in the area's urban renewal and growth. With many training and employment opportunities to be achieved under the proposed Eveleigh developments, the Model's applicability is also starting to spread:

  • The RWA Indigenous Employment Model has brokered employment opportunities in the construction industry for over 240 Aboriginal people across 25 trades from electricians to bricklayers, office administrators to crane drivers.
  • Based on the success of the Model the private sector, Local, State and Commonwealth governments are seeking the RWA's assistance in rolling out Aboriginal Employment Plans in projects across Sydney and regional NSW.
  • The Indigenous Employment Model was initially created and has been refined over the last 18 months to be replicated across the State. It has been developed around a place-based economic development model that brokers partnerships with the community and training organisations, Job Network providers, Aboriginal Employment services, Aboriginal subcontractors, the construction industry, unions and business development services.
  • The Model is led by the RWA Training, Enterprise and Employment team that drives the employment and enterprise outcomes and ensures the training and employment services are culturally appropriate. They provide the critical ongoing accountability and mentoring that is central to the success of retaining Aboriginal people in employment.
  • The Model provides a cost effective method of ensuring targets for Aboriginal employment in the construction industry are achieved as it is based on partnerships with existing communities, services and companies.
  • In addition to the companies using the RWA indigenous Employment Model on projects in Redfern, the City of Sydney uses the RWA to facilitate its Aboriginal Employment projects. On the Redfern Oval upgrade the RWA brokered 10 jobs with Hansen Yuncken and Coordinated Landscapes, the Redfern Street upgrade where RWA brokered 7 positions with Ford Civil and the Glebe Point Road upgrade where RWA brokered 5 positions with GMW Urban (this company is also using the employment model on its Kogarah site).
  • Private sector companies such as Lidcombe Plastering, Trivest Developments, Baseline Constructions and Ganangarra Developments are using RWA to manage their Aboriginal employment on sites across Sydney at Lidcombe, Redfern, Pyrmont, Liverpool and Alexandria.
  • The RWA also advises private sector companies such as Richard Crookes, Hutchinson Builders, Hanson Yuncken and Fulton Hogan on adopting Aboriginal employment strategies on projects in the wider Sydney area and across regional NSW.
  • The Model has been picked up by other NSW Government agencies such as Arts NSW, NSW Health and Housing NSW to meet Aboriginal employment targets.
  • The Commonwealth Government is using the RWA Model to manage the achievement of Aboriginal employment outcomes on construction projects in Redfern where the RWA has brokered 27 positions.
  • The RWA has also expanded the place-based economic model to other industries and enterprises capitalizing on the partnerships developed to support the community to take up the wealth creation opportunities available to them.

Need Assistance?

For more information or to send us your feedback please contact the Redfern-Waterloo Authority, Level 11, Tower 2, 1 Lawson Square, Redfern

Tel: (02) 9202 910() Fax: (02) 9202 9111 Mail: PO Box 3332, Redfern NSW 2016 redlernwaterloo@rwa.nsw.gov.au Internet: www.redfernwaterloo.com.au