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ATP Heritage and Developments

Since I last wrote, the Australian Technology Park’s busy program of civic and heritage works has progressed says ATP MD Roy Wakelin-King in this extract from the ATP electronic newsletter number 3 on 6 October 2009. One of the most exciting recent achievements has been to complete a refurbishment of the Pump Room. Located in the Locomotive Workshop, adjacent to Bay 4, the room contains two hydraulic pumps that are in excellent condition and were operating as late as 1988.

The project has preserved the full inventory of equipment and tools found in the space, and restored it in line with the heritage values of the park. I encourage all readers to have a look: the sight is as rich and rewarding as a walk through our much-admired Blacksmith’s Workshop.

Elsewhere, the amenity and landscaping of the ATP has been improved by replacing the diseased poplars on Henderson Road with established native trees.

A development application for upgrades to Locomotive Street has also been submitted to the Redfern-Waterloo Authority. The tender to extend the road right across the park, to the new Channel Seven building, will go out as soon as this process has been completed.

And the fit-out of studios inside the Channel Seven building started to take shape last month, with heavy vehicle traffic management plans in place. This major new piece of park infrastructure is on schedule to become fully operational in late December, this year.

Source: http://atp.com.au/newsletters/3/message-from-the-md