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RWA wind up

The Planning Minister Brad Hazzard introduced the Redfern-Waterloo Authority Repeal Bill 2011 to the NSW Parliament on October 18 reports the November 2011 issues of the South Sydney Herald.

The Bill transfers certain functions of the RWA to the SMDA including the operation of the ATP. Planning consents below $10m will be transferred to the City of Sydney Council. The RWA website contains information on the transfer of planning consent powers and further detailed information about the changes will be posted there soon.

From the Minister’s speech, the SMDA will be responsible for implementing The Redfern Waterloo Plan and collecting developer contributions. The Repeal Bill removes the “switching off” of the Heritage Act provisions in The Redfern Waterloo Act and preserves the provision that requires the Aboriginal Housing Company and other relevant representatives of the Aboriginal community to be consulted in relation to the Block.

One requirement of the RWA Act was a five-year evaluation that was to be reported to both houses of Parliament. Inquiries have failed to turn up such a report. It is doubtful, given the bipartisan support of both parties for the RWA, that there will be any robust evaluation of the RWA that looks at whether it delivered what was promised in areas like improved human service integration. S

Source: November 2011 South Sydney Herald http://www.southsydneyherald.com.au/