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HAF funded non-public Masterplan?

Housing NSW has finished the advertised Preliminary Masterplan (PMP) design workshops for Redfern and Waterloo. HNSW will now take this material away and firm up the PMP in light of other research and studies that have happened away from the public discussions. No indication was given to those attending the final sessions about if and when the background studies and resultant work would be brought back to the community for comment writes Geoff Turnbull in the April 2012 edition of The South Sydney Herald.

REDWatch requested HNSW to undertake a non-statutory exhibition of the federally funded PMP, as was done for BEP2, so that the community can see how its input has been interpreted, see the detail of the expert background studies and make comments before the PMP is used to guide the development of further government policy. HNSW has declined and advised that “the preliminary masterplanning is an internal working document exploring options ... and is not suitable for sporadic release”.

HNSW staff say HNSW need to know the SMDA planning controls to finalise its report, however, both HNSW and the SMDA have earlier argued that the HNSW work will inform the SMDA planning controls. REDWatch has now written to the SMDA asking it to release the PMP material that informs the planning controls when the SMDA releases all the other studies.

Geoff Turnbull is Spokesperson for REDWatch.

Source: The South Sydney Herald April 2012 – www.southsydneyherald.com.au