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Ross Smith the Waterloo People's Precinct Rep

Below is the text of a sheet produced by Ross Smith for the 2016 "People's Precinct" Waterloo Neighbourhood Advisory Board elections.

Ross Smith as your Precinct Representative on your behalf has:

  1. Held six Precinct meetings per year since 2002 — requirement is for five per year
  2. Established a strong working relationship with Redfern Police Commander
  3. Established a strong working relationship with both Housing NSW and Lands and Housing Corporation at hierarchy level
  1. Established a strong working relationship with the City of Sydney Council
  1. Supported individual tenants to have maintenance work done in their flats
  2. Supported individual tenants to have anti-social behaviour that they were experiencing ended
  3. Supported individual tenants at the Tenancy Tribunal over the years
  4. Lobbied for the phone wiring throughout the Precinct to be upgraded — fibre optic cables now being installed
  5. Lobbied for new rubbish bin bays — now installed
  6. Lobbied for the Alcohol Free Zones and Alcohol Prohibited Areas to be declared in the Precinct — they are now in place and police are starting to enforce them
  7. Lobbied for the Health Department to provide a used needles pick up service
  8. Lobbied for the roofs and gutters to be fixed — FaCS retained the Department of Public Works to replace roofs and gutters throughout the Precinct
  9. Lobbied for regular Safety Audits of the buildings and surrounds since 2002 — 4 have been completed and safety improved as a result of work done
  10. Lobbied for the Security Guard service to be extended to cover the precinct and not just the high-rises — Roving Patrols now cover the Precinct
  11. Lobbied for the head maintenance contractor to meet the tenants and inspect/fix problems that same day — first session held in Precinct and then extended to other precincts
  12. Lobbied for the Mould Project to treat mould and associated damage inside flats — Mould Project delivered in Waterloo — first in State
  13. Lobbied the Council for an extra street light in Cooper Street and Housing NSW/FaCS to prune trees to improve safety — both delivered
  14. Given Evidence at the Parliamentary Inquiry into Public Housing Maintenance Contracts seeking better maintenance of public housing at request of the Inquiry Chair
  15. Made submissions to both NSW Parliamentary Social Housing and Public Housing Maintenance Contract Inquiries seeking better outcomes for the tenants
  16. Caused the Minister for the Waterloo Estate redevelopment to give a guarantee on national TV that all tenants have a right of return to Waterloo

Your vote for Ross Smith will enable him to keep working on your behalf to help you have a better lifestyle